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HumHub: An open source social network kit

HumHub is an open source social network kit that's great for social intranets, enterprise social networks, and private social networks. It's self-hosted and has a powerful module system.

Simulacra.js: One-way data binding for web apps

Simulacra.js provides one-way data binding between JavaScript objects and the DOM. When data changes in your web app, it maps those changes to the DOM.

57 Handcrafted Fonts, 230 Textures & 100s of Design Extras - only $29!

It's time for another exciting Mighty Deal Exclusive! This super mega bundle from Tom Chalky includes 57 hand-drawn fonts, 230 textures and brushes, and hundreds of extra design elements! ...

Imba: A new programming language for the web

Imba is a new programming language for building powerful web applications. It includes language level support for defining, extending, subclassing, instantiating, and rendering dom nodes.

Appolo: Portfolios for app developers

Appolo makes it easy for developers to create portfolios of their apps. It's a set of plugins and themes for Jekyll, and is fully responsive.

OS.js: A JS cloud/web desktop platform

OS.js is a JavaScript web desktop/cloud platform. It includes a fully-fledged window manager, Application APIs, GUI toolkits, and filesystem abstraction.

Vuvuzela: Private messaging with hidden metadata

Vuvuzela is a private messaging platform that hides users' metadata. It can scale to millions of users while still keeping metadata private and secure.

Senna.js: Single page application engine

Senna.js is a single-page application engine that's fast, lightweight. and has no dependencies. It provides several low-level APIs for building modern web-based apps, including history navigation, transitions, cacheable ...

Toshi: Open source Bitcoin node

Toshi is an open source Bitcoin node that's built to power large scale web applications. It has a powerful API and is backed by PostgreSQL.