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SassMeister: Sass playground

SassMeister is a Sass playground that also works with Compass and LibSass. Just add some Sass and SassMeister shows you the CSS.

ContentTools: Open source WYSIWYG editor

ContentTools is an open source WYSIWYG editor that can be added to any HTML page. It's collection of libraries are designed to make it easy to edit your ...

19 Halloween Characters in 1900+ poses - only $24!

Looking to make your projects more attractive for the spooky holiday? Want to add a little fun? Or maybe you want to make your work more eye-catching for ...

Jaws: Server-less application framework

Jaws is a serverless application framework that aims to allow for infinite scalability, and is built entirely of AWS Lambda Functions. It's quick to get started and cheap ...

Pullbox: Dropbox alternative with Git

Pullbox is a simple Dropbox alternative using Git. It works on any Linux-like OS and OSX.

Git Remote Dropbox: A transparent bridge between Git and Dropbox

Git Remote Dropbox acts as a transparent, bidirectional bridge between Git and a shared Dropbox. It maintains the guarantees that are provided by a traditional Git remote, all ...

WebGLStudio.js: 3D dev environment for the web

WebGLStudio.js is a 3D development environment for the web. You can edit visually, code behaviors, and more, right from inside your browser.

Rocket.Chat: Open-source web chat

Rocket.Chat is an open source chat client that you can use for your own web chat. It was developed in JavaScript, using the Meteor fullstack framework.

Sibbell: Notifications for developers

Sibbell is a notifications platform for developers that automatically gives you GitHub project release notifications, straight to your inbox. Just sign up and you'll get notifications delivered straight ...