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Teradata Covalent: UI platform built on Angular 2.0 + Material Design

Teradata Covalent is a UI platform that's built on Material Design and Angular 2.0. It will give you a jumpstart for building a modern web application UI and ...

Drizzle: A streamlined UI pattern library tool

Drizzle is a streamlined tool for the development, documentation, and presentation of UI pattern libraries. It's built on Node.js.

14 Unique Fonts in TT Cottons from TYPETYPE - only $9!

Talk about your cozy deals! This Mighty Deal from TypeType features TT Cottons, a font family that's sure to give you the warm and fuzzies. Add a touch ...

Holmes: Real-time page search

Holmes gives you real-time search inside your pages. It's easy to install and fully documented.

Wait! Animate: Easily insert a delay between each animation iteration

Wait! Animate makes it easy to insert a delay between each iteration of your animation. It even includes a configuration tool so you don't have to code your ...

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Rebass: React stateless functional UI components

Rebass is a set of 57 React stateless functional UI components. It uses inline styles to avoid CSS dependencies and stop leaky global styles from affecting an application.

ActiveBootstrapSkin: A Bootstrap skin for Active Admin

ActiveBootstrapSkin is a Bootstrap skin for Active Admin. It's easy to install and configure.

CSS  -  UI

Driveway: Pure CSS masonry layout

Driveway is a pure CSS masonry layout aid. It was developed using stylus, and is exploring pure CSS masonry layouts.

CSS  -  UI

Flexbox Patterns: Awesome UIs with Flexbox

Flexbox Patterns gives you the tools you need to build awesome user interfaces using CSS Flexbox. It includes examples and source code.