Category → UI Directory of handpicked code snippets is a curated directory of code snippets for your projects. It makes it easy to find inspiration for things like CSS accordions, forms, and more.

Wallop: Minimal library for showing and hiding things

Wallop is a minimal (4kb) library for showing and hiding things. It adds helper HTML classes in the correct HTML elements and previous and next buttons, to let ...

Beautiful Full-Color Deck of Playing Cards Illustrated by 55 Artists - only $12!

Collaborative art projects are always a blast. And here's one you can actually hold in your hand! This amazing Deck of Playing Cards was designed by a group ...

HTML5  -  Mobile Dev  -  UI

Onsen UI: HTML5 mobile framework

Onsen UI is a mobile framework that includes Javascript and CSS frameworks for HTML5, PhoneGap & Cordova apps. It offers a large selection of Web-based UI components, and ...

Elemental UI: A UI toolkit for React.js

Elemental UI is a toolkit for websites and apps built with React.js. It includes CSS, buttons, forms, modals, and more.

Zui: Zource pattern library

Zui is the pattern library used by Zource. It includes patterns for layout, pagination, tables, badges, and more.

CSS  -  UI

ChewingGrid: CSS grid for card listing design

ChewingGrid is a CSS grid for card listing design, like videos, tiles, or article lists. It doesn't require media queries, but it adjusts based on the maximum number ...

jQuery  -  UI

jQuery.stacky: Easy stacking of panels with jQuery

jQuery.stacky makes it  easy to create UIs with panels that open horizontally using jQuery. Panels can be opened, closed, expanded, and collapsed.

Forms  -  Javascript  -  UI

Selectivity: Lightweight, modular selection library

Selectivity.js is a modular, lightweight selection library for Zepto.js and jQuery. Select boxes have rich functionality while remaining customizable.