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basicModal: Modern dialog system for your web apps

basicModal is a dialog system for your modern web apps. It's easy to use, includes support for text inputs, and includes drop-down elements, among other features.

jQuery  -  UI

Toolbar.js: Create tooltip-style toolbars

The newly-redesigned Tooltip.js is a jQuery plugin for creating tooltip-style toolbars. It's easy to customize with Font Awesome icons.

30+ Creative Auto-Calculating Invoice Templates - only $9!

Running a business takes a ridiculous amount of time and effort. Anything you can do to shave off even a few minutes is worth its weight in gold. ...

Tweetable: Make any text easily tweetable

If you run a blog or other website, and want to make it easy for your visitors to tweet your text, then check out the Tweetable plugin. If ...

Bind: A design tool for interfaces

Bind is an open source, experimental, native OSX tool for designing user interfaces. It lets you design using GSS, an auto-layout like language for describing an interface with ...

Dragula: Simple drag and drop

Dragula is a simple drag and drop script. It's easy to set up with no bloated dependencies.

jQuery  -  UI

jQuery Nested: Gap-free multi-column grid layout

jQuery Nested makes it easy to create a gap-free, dynamic, multi-column grid layout. You can use custom widths and gutters, and the grid will automatically adjust if you ...

Wheelnav.js: Animated JavaScript navigation

Wheelnav.js makes it easy to create animated, spinning JavaScript navigation. It's based on Raphael.js, works on all major browsers, and is simple to use.

Medium-style-confirm: Medium-style dialog boxes

Medium-style-confirm makes it easy to create Medium-style dialog boxes. Create simple dialogs, dialogs with subtitles, and more.