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Express Admin: User-friendly admin dashboards with NodeJS

Express Admin is a NodeJS tool for creating user-friendly admin interfaces for various SQL databases, including MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. It's built with Hogan.js (mustache.js), Express, MySQL, ...

Loading Buttons: Simple animated buttons

Loading Buttons are simple, animated buttons that show loading indicators that change to show whether the button action was successful or not.

57 Handcrafted Fonts, 230 Textures & 100s of Design Extras - only $29!

It's time for another exciting Mighty Deal Exclusive! This super mega bundle from Tom Chalky includes 57 hand-drawn fonts, 230 textures and brushes, and hundreds of extra design elements! ...

Structor: UI builder for React

Structor is a user interface builder for React. It’s a fast and handy tool for visual construction of UIs from pre-created components, and eliminates routine tasks.

Colordrop: Drag and drop coloring

Colordrop makes it easy to change the colors of UI elements using drag and drop. Use it as a bookmarklet or get the Chrome extension to see how ...

Fabricator: Build a custom UI kit

Fabricator lets you build your own custom UI kit. Organize your system however you want, and even generate a style guide from your toolkit code.

StickyStack.js: Create a stacking effect with jQuery

StickyStack.js is a jQuery plugin for creating a stacking content effect. Panels stick as they reach the top of the viewport to create the effect.

Paradeiser: CSS-only mobile navigation

Paradeiser is CSS-only mobile navigation that's only 1.3kb. It works on desktop, too, with no JavaScript required.

Rollerblade.js: 360º Interactive Image Rotator

Rollerblade.js makes it easy to create an interactive image rotator. It can be used to showcase products, images, and anything else you want.