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PatternPack: Easy pattern library creation and maintenance

PatternPack makes it easy to create and maintain pattern libraries. It's a static site generator that lets you document your UI using Markdown and just one grunt task.

Summernote: A WYSIWYG editor on Bootstrap

Summernote is a simple WYSIWYG editor built on Bootstrap. It's easy to install and customize, and integrates with any back-end technology.

Libertad, 14 Unique Fonts in 1 Versatile Sans-Serif Font - only $14!

Some fonts carry a lot of weight. In the case of the gorgeous sans-serif font family Libertad, that's actually 14 different weights! With this Mighty Deal, you'll get ...

Rome: Customizable date and time picker

Rome is a customizable date and time picker. It has an opt-in UI and doesn't require jQuery.

Supersonic: Data-driven apps with native performance

Supersonic is a UI framework that lets you build data-driven apps that have native performance. Everything is there for hybrid app development right out of the gate.

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O-grid: Grid for responsive layouts

O-grid is a grid system built just for responsive layouts. It's based on twelve columns and four different layouts, dependent on viewport size.

Ply: Modal/dialog system

Ply is a modal/dialog system that offers a number of options and customizations. You can use it for alerts, confirmations, forms, multi-step dialogs, and more.

Haystack: Modular Django search

Haystack is modular search for Django. It lets you write your search code once and then choose the search engine you want to run it on.

Formstone: Thoughtfully crafted front-end components

Formstone is a set of thoughtfully crafted front-end components, rather than a traditional framework. It's responsive, lightweight, modular, and automated.