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Wait! Animate: Easily insert a delay between each animation iteration

Wait! Animate makes it easy to insert a delay between each iteration of your animation. It even includes a configuration tool so you don't have to code your ...

CSS  -  Framework  -  UI

Rebass: React stateless functional UI components

Rebass is a set of 57 React stateless functional UI components. It uses inline styles to avoid CSS dependencies and stop leaky global styles from affecting an application.

Slabs Condensed Font Family Bundle (10 Typefaces) - only $9!

Perfect for design presentations, as well as powerful headlines, the Slabs Condensed Font Family is an amazing typeface collection. Each of the 5 unique weights ranging from Thin ...

ActiveBootstrapSkin: A Bootstrap skin for Active Admin

ActiveBootstrapSkin is a Bootstrap skin for Active Admin. It's easy to install and configure.

CSS  -  UI

Driveway: Pure CSS masonry layout

Driveway is a pure CSS masonry layout aid. It was developed using stylus, and is exploring pure CSS masonry layouts.

CSS  -  UI

Flexbox Patterns: Awesome UIs with Flexbox

Flexbox Patterns gives you the tools you need to build awesome user interfaces using CSS Flexbox. It includes examples and source code.

Scrollbear: Maintain scroll position when images load

Scrollbear maintains your container scroll position when images load. It's great for blogs that use tons of images, among other uses.

Lavalamp.js: Infinite scrolling replacement

Lavalamp.js is a replacement for infinite scrolling. It works for both next and previous.

Morphy-Toolbar: An expanding/collapsing toolbar

Morphy-Toolbar is a morphing toolbar that can expand or collapse at any time. It's easy to integrate with several customizations already possible.