Typeahead.js — A fast autocomplete library from Twitter

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Typeahead.js is a fast, fully-featured autocomplete library from Twitter. It prefetches data, stores it in localStorage, and then searches it on the client. It can even be configured to prefetch multiple datasets.


  • BC

    How easy would it be to connect this to a sql database? For example, if I have a database full of foods, it would display the top Mexican or top pizza types.

    • It is very easy – you should look into how you can use Ajax to perform backend tasks like querying a database and then feeding the results back to something like typeahead.

  • i8paste

    Has anyone else had problems with Bootstrap’s javascript in .NET environments?

    Recently, I moved from a PHP dev team to a .NET dev team in another division of my company. My new .NET dev colleagues have found problems with Bootstrap’s javascript. Specifically, the plug-ins (such as Typeahead) do not work properly in the Windows environments we support (Win7,Win8,WindowsPhone). Due to our customer base, our work must be supported in IE7-10 within their respective OS. As a result, the team wrote their own version of Typeahead and others, which are less elegant and seem slower than the original, despite using xml and json. Granted, there are a lot of factors that could play into the performance issues. Still, I wonder….

    Has anyone found a Windows-friendly alternative that’s as good or better than Typeahead? Thanks in advance for any replies!

    • Typeahead won’t really care about what is processing the request, it is a front end tool, so I don’t think the .NET stack has anything to do with it.

      I haven’t testing extensively on IE7 but IE8+ seems well supported by typeahead.