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Lavish Bootstrap: Grab a color scheme from an image

Lavish Bootstrap is a Ruby app that lets you easily grab a color palette for Bootstrap directly from an image. It's built on the Prizm gem, and lets ...

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LivingStyleGuide Gem: Front-end style guides with Sass and Compass

The LivingStyleGuide Gem is an easy way to create front-end style guides using Sass and Compass. Just add Markdown to your Sass to create your guides.

Improve Your Mac with Intego Washing Machine 2014 - only $17!

Macs are really great computers, aren't they? Slick, easy to use and just all-around fun. However, over time, even a Mac can show signs of getting tired. Bloated ...

Galileo: Shell search for your GitHub repos

Galileo is a RubyGem that lets you search your starred GitHub repos from the shell. From there, it's incredibly easy to use, without a bunch of configuration options.

RubyMotion Query: A jQuery-like library for RubyMotion

Ever wanted to add fast, non-polluting, jQuery-like features to RubyMotion? RubyMotion Query allows you to do just that, including support for gestures and events, animations, stylers and stylesheets, ...

Rails Assets: An asset management solution for Rails

Rails Assets acts as a frictionless proxy between Bundler and Bower that automatically packages components into gems. They can then be easily dropped into your asset pipeline and ...

Watson: Inline issue management

Watson is an inline issue management app that lets you track bugs, tickets, and issues as you code, without interrupting your workflow. It's available in Ruby and Perl, ...

I18n-Tasks: Find missing and unused translations

I18n-Tasks finds missing and unused translations (and more) in your Rails apps. Tasks works with HAML, Slim, Coffee, and more.

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Prerender: Let search engines crawl your JS apps

Prerender makes it possible for search engines to perfectly crawl your JavaScript apps. There are Node.js, PHP, and Ruby on Rails versions available, and it's fairly simple and ...