Rhinoslider – A flexible jQuery slider/slideshow with multiple effects

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Rhinoslider is a flexible multiple effects jQuery slider/slideshow. It can be used as a simple fading or sliding jQuery slideshow or as a rich effects jQuery slider. Each effect can be applied to run in different directions and it is possible to create individual effects by changing the settings.Rhinoslider - A flexible jQuery slider/slideshow with multiple effects

  • http://bacsoftwareconsulting.com/blog/ Boutros AbiChedid

    I used Rhinoslider once, and it has lots of flexibility and options. Very nice tool.
    Not sure about the fallback strategy when JavaScript is disabled at the browser level.

  • Sebastian@Rhinoslider

    You have two options for fallback:

    1. All items are displayed below each other or
    2. You add an overflow:hidden and only the first slide will be shown

    See here: http://rhinoslider.com/tricks/prevent-content-overflow-for-disabled-javascript/