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Responsive HTML Email Template: A really simple HTML email template

If all you want is a simple HTML email template, then this Responsive HTML Email Template is perfect. It even works with services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

MJML App: An easy responsive email app

MJML App for OS X makes it easy to create responsive emails on your desktop. You can import and manage templates, edit emails with live rendering, and more.

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LettError: Responsive lettering

LettError gives you scalable, interpolating vector shapes that can make themselves fit in a range of rectangles. It depends on Snap.svg and jQuery.

UnMQ: Remove media queries from CSS

UnMQ removes media queries from your CSS while preserving rules that match a hard-coded viewport. It's useful for outputting CSS for older desktop browsers, like IE8.

Avalanche: Responsive, Sass-based grid system

Avalanche is a responsive, Sass-based CSS system with flexible, configurable naming conventions. It uses real-world breakpoint naming and integrated media query mixins.

Cerberus: Patterns for responsive email

Cerberus is a set of simple, solid patterns for responsive HTML emails. They even work in Gmail and Outlook.

ResponsifyJS: Make truly responsive images

ResponsifyJS makes truly responsive images while taking into account the content of photos. You can define the focus area or let it define it automatically.  

Wraith: Responsive screenshot comparison tool

Wraith is a responsive screenshot comparison tool. It's well-documented and easy to install.