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First Aid git: Searchable git FAQ

First Aid git is a searchable repository of frequently asked questions about git. It includes dozens of topics, with more being added.

CommonMark: A strict syntax for Markdown

CommonMark is a strict syntax for Markdown that eliminates some of the ambiguity present in the original version of Markdown. It proposes a standard, unambiguous syntax specification, as ...

The Creativity Bundle - 170+ Mock-Ups, Headers and Design Essentials - $27!

Mock-Ups are such a wonderful way to showcase your latest designs. They practically put the client right there in the action. And with this amazing Mighty Deal from ...

CSS Guidelines: High-level advice for manageable CSS

CSS Guidelines: High-level advice for manageable CSS

CSS Guidelines is a thorough guide to crafting manageable, scalable, sane CSS. It includes information on syntax and formatting, commenting, naming conventions, CSS selectors, and more.

Eloquent JavaScript: A modern programming introduction

Eloquent JavaScript, now in its second edition, is a free ebook that offers up a modern introduction to JavaScript programming. It covers everything from program structure to regular ...

Can I use?: Up-to-date browser support reference

Can I use?: Up-to-date browser support reference

Can I Use? is a complete table of up-to-date browser support for various modern font-end web technologies. Search by keyword to quickly find what you're looking for, select ...

jQuery Cheat Sheet: A quick API reference

This colorful jQuery Cheat Sheet is your one-stop reference for the jQuery API. It covers selectors, attributes, CSS, events, effects, and much more.  

PHP Date & Converter: A handy reference chart

This PHP Date & Converter is a reference chart that displays common date and time formats used in PHP. It also includes a Unix timestamp converter.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: A free guide direct from Apple

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines is a free ebook from Apple that gives great insight into how Apple creates such a great user experience. It's nearly 230 pages ...