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Stack Overflow Documentation: Crowd-sourced programming language documentation

Stack Overflow Documentation is a comprehensive crowd-sourced programming language documentation site. It covers everything from CSS to PHP to MySQL and dozens of others.

Full Stack Python: Better resources for learning Python

Full Stack Python is a comprehensive resource for learning Python. It includes a section on building apps with frameworks, deploying web apps, and lists of the best resources ...

Script Fonts Bundle: 13 Fonts from QueenType (with extended license) - only $9!

There's nothing like a personal touch to give your designs that extra something. That's why this Handmade Fonts Bundle from QueenType is such a steal! You'll get 13 ...

HEAD: A reference for your document’s

HEAD is a reference for all the things that can go into the <head> of your document. It breaks down the bare minimum, plus all the extras you ...

Designing for the Web: Free web design ebook

Designing for the Web is a free online web design ebook from Mark Boulton. It includes sections on getting started, typography, research, layout, and more.

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet: A quick reference for Bootstrap 4

This Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet is the perfect quick reference for Bootstrap 4. You can even opt to highlight just the new features in Bootstrap 4.

The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins: The most popular WP plugins in one place

The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins is an excellent reference for the most popular WP plugins out there, in a fun and easy to use format. Plugins are ...

Cocycles: Open-source search engine

Cocycles is a search engine for open source projects and code. It currently supports JavaScript, but support for PHP, Java, Ruby, and more are on the way. Test CSS flexbox rules live lets you test CSS flexbox rules live. It's a great sandbox for figuring out how best to use flexbox.