Quake Slider – jQuery image/content slider plugin

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Quake Slider is a jQuery based image and content slider with some cool animations effects with some of them being very unique. Like SwirlFadeIn, SwirlFadeOut and more. With this slider you can combine images with short summary/caption that helps you optimize contents for search engines and make SEO easy for you. You can also link your images to open detail for particular slide/image. You have complete control over not just the orientation of each caption but you can also control the animation for each caption and provide different animations for each of the slides using callbacks.

Quake Slider - jQuery image/content slider plugin

  • nice post, thanks for sharing with it us

  • Jayashri

    Hi ,

    We have implement this image slider in our SharePoint site,
    which seems working fine.

    But as per the business requirement, we have to implement
    two changes in the slider.

    1. Show sliding images over another image with some
    animation in it.

    2. Text should be coming one after the another over a image.

    Please let me know is there any limitation of the slider
    which may not allow us to implement these changes?