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HHVM: High performance Hack and PHP

HHVM is an open source virtual machine for executing programs written in Hack and PHP. It maintains PHP's development flexibility while using a just-in-time compilation approach for better ...

CLImate: Better PHP from the command line

CLImate is a vital tool if you run PHP from the command line. It lets you easily output colored text, special formatting, and more.

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Looking for the World's Sharpest Icons? Look no further than this pixel-perfect Mighty Deal from icon54! You'll get 2,100 Vector icons for iOS, Android, Websites and Apps. Each ...

Slim Framework: A PHP micro framework

Slim is a PHP micro framework that lets you quickly but simply write powerful web apps and APIs. It includes an HTTP Router, PSR-7 Support, Dependency Interjection, and ...

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP allows you to write native mobile apps using PHP. It uses PHP for the functionality, and HTML/CSS for the UI, making it easy to create apps that ...

Phred: Make PHP consistent and fully object-oriented

Phred extends PHP to a consistent, fully object-oriented coding standard. It includes Unicode support for OOP strings, components for i18n/L10n, and other features for creating modern web apps.

Snappy: PDF generation with PHP5

Snappy uses PHP5 for snapshots or PDF generation from URL or an HTML page. It uses the webkit-based wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage.

Hoa: An extensible set of PHP libraries

Hoa is a set of extensible, modular, structured PHP libraries. You can compose and extend libraries to create your own, or to use for your own web apps.

Whoops!: PHP error handling tools

Whoops! is a library that helps you better deal with PHP errors and exceptions. It has no required dependencies, a simple API, and includes handlers for different response ...