The Opa Framework for JavaScript — Secure, rapid web development

The Opa Framework for JavaScript lets you simultaneously write front-end and back-end code all in the same language. It's fully compatible with tons of existing JavaScript libraries, including ...

Puppet — IT automation for repetitive system admin tasks

Puppet is an open source IT automation app that lets you easily automate repetitive tasks. It uses a model-based, declarative approach.

Adagio Serif Family (18 Modern Fonts) - only $17!

The Adagio Font Family continues with Adagio Serif! Similar to its sister font, also available as Mighty Deals (Adagio Sans), the Adagio Serif Family was designed to put ...

Arrow — Date and time handling with Python

Arrow is a Python library for better handling of dates and times. It provides an intelligent way of creating, formatting, manipulating, and converting of that type of data.

Jekyll — Static sites from plain text files

Jekyll makes it simple to create static websites and blogs from plain text files (including Markdown, Textile, and Liquid). It lets you focus on your content rather than ...

Fries — Android app UIs with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Need to create a sexy UI for your new Android app? Turn to Fries, which lets you use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create your interface.

Flatdoc — Simple websites for open source projects

Need a website for your open source project? Flatdoc makes it easy to create one using Markdown. It's a small JavaScript file that has no server-side components, is ...

Gif.js — JavaScript GIF encoding

Gif.js is a full-featured GIF encoder built in JavaScript that runs in your browser. Images are generated in the background using web workers.

Kent — Asynchronous content loading with Ruby

Kent is a Ruby Gem for asynchronous content loading. It's fully documented and can be customized with a number of options, including class and style, among others.