Responsive Tables: A great solution for responsive tables

Responsive Tables is a solution for making your tables responsive, and was created for Twitter Bootstrap. It's mobile first and includes a graceful JavaScript fallback for browsers without ...

CanCanCan: A continuation of the Ruby authorization gem

CanCanCan is a continuation of the dead CanCan project, the authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails. It's a full authorization library, which restricts which resources a particular user ...

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CSS-Flip: A CSS BiDi flipper

Need to generate left-to-right or right-to-left CSS? CSS-flip does that for you, from your source. It supports a variety of properties, including borders, margins, padding, and more.

Twproject Gantt: JavaScript component for creating Gantts

Twproject Gantt is a JavaScript component for Gantts and other charts, like task trees, built on jQuery. It offers in-place editing, zooming, data shortcuts, CSS skinning, and much ...

Gulp Boilerplate V2: A simple gulp boilerplate

This Gulp Boilerplate is a simple revision that gives you Less, CoffeeScript, and Jade compilation. It also gives you a static server with automatic live reload.

Webplate: An easy to use front-end framework

Webplate is an easy-to-use front-end framework that lets you focus on building your app or site. It includes a responsive layout engine, button elements, customizable forms, and more.

Tagster: Create HTMl strings with ease

Tagster is a simple library that makes it easy to create HTML strings. It works with node or client-side applications.

Trianglify: Generate colorful triangle meshes

Trianglify is a JavaScript library that lets you create colorful triangle meshes automatically, which you can then use as CSS backgrounds, or SVG images. There are controls for ...