Phalcon — Fastest PHP web framework

Phalcon is implemented as a C extension, and offers high performance with low resource consumption. It includes a template engine, encryption, pagination, assets management, and much more.

Pickadate.js — Responsive date & time picker

Pickadate.js is a responsive, mobile-friendly jQuery date & time input picker. Just insert one line of code and get a date picker with a popup calendar.

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Music helps flesh out any project, whether it's for personal use or a client. With this inspiring instrumental collection from LuckStock, you'll be singing it loud and proud! ...

Firechat — Open-source real-time chat

Firechat is a real-time, open-source chat client built on Firebase. It includes full documentation and an annotated source code.

localtunnel — Share localhost with the world

localtunnel is an easy way to share localhost web servers with the world. Just install the gem and share, and that's it.

Twittstrap — Powerful front-end framework based on Bootstrap

Twittstrap is a sleek, intuitive front-end framework to make web development faster and easier. It's built with Twitter Bootstrap Version 2.3.2, and includes thorough documentation to get you ...

Proty — Responsive, interactive wireframes

Proty lets you create quick, interactive wireframes that are fully customizable. It includes built-in responsive design (with small, medium, and large breakpoints), controls for showing or hiding elements ...

SkelJS — Build responsive sites and apps

SkelJS is a framework for building responsive apps and sites. It includes four components: a CSS grid system, responsive handler, CSS shortcuts, and a plugin system, all in ...

Aristochart — Static 2D line charts

Aristochart is a sophisticated but simple library for flexible line charting with canvas. It takes care of managing the data, while you can focus on the aesthetics.