Kickoff: A responsive, scalable front-end framework

Kickoff is a lightweight front-end framework for building scalable, responsive websites. It's built with Sass and Grunt, and released under the MIT License.

Unsemantic: A successor to 960gs

Unsemantic is a CSS framework that is a successor to the 960 Grid System. It relies on percentages rather than a fixed number of columns, and was built ...

Ratatouille Sketched: 130+ Hand-Drawn Vector Elements - only $7!

Meet the Ratatouille Sketched, a set of hand-made vector illustrations and seamless patterns. Varied and robust, it will provide you with delicious illustrations for your creative projects! It ...

Source: Create a living style guide

Source is a tool for documenting your web components. It combines front-end building with the documentation process, making it a great tool for team productivity, too.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: A free guide direct from Apple

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines is a free ebook from Apple that gives great insight into how Apple creates such a great user experience. It's nearly 230 pages ...

SVGO GUI: Node-WebKit based GUI for SVGO

SVGO GUI is a Node-WebKit based GUI for SVGO. It uses a drag-and-drop interface that makes it incredibly easy and straightforward to use.

Apache Cordova: Build native mobile apps with web technology

Apache Cordova is a set of device APIs that let you build native mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Just combine it with a UI framework to ...

Tuktuk: An object-oriented CSS framework

Tuktuk is a lightweight object-oriented CSS framework for easily creating responsive and fully extensible websites. It includes layouts up to twelve columns, as well as forms, buttons, tables, ...

HTML-Now: A fast HTML template generator

HTML-Now is a fast, open-source, online HTML template generator. Just add text, meta tags, and your script and CSS files, and it will output your HTML.