Monsta FTP — FTP cloudware

Monsta FTP is a cloud-based FTP client written in PHP and Ajax. It's open source, has a compact installation, and even includes on-screen file editing.

Promin — Break your forms into bite-sized pieces

Promin is a simple jQuery plugin that lets you break your forms into smaller chunks so they consume less space. It's also a unique way of presenting forms.

Adagio Slab Font Family (18 Modern Fonts) - only $17!

In need of a corporate identity? Or simply a powerful and consistent font? Then you have to love the Adagio Font Families. A sister font to the popular Adagio ... — Generate documentation with Markdown is a simple to use documentation generator that uses Markdown files to create custom documentation in a developer-friendly way. It's responsive, automatically creates a homepage/landing page, auto ...

Revel — High-productivity Go web framework

Revel is a high-productivity web framework for the Go language that compiles your code and templates for you. It provides parameter parsing, validation, routing, templating, caching, and more.

Reveal — Runtime inspection for iOS apps

Wish you had tools like Firebug or Web Inspector for iOS apps? Reveal gives you those tools, with advanced 2D and 3D visualizations, the ability to see changes ...

Lita — Ruby chat bot

Lita is a Ruby chat bot with consistent storage from Redis. It works with any chat service (as long as there's an adapter available), and can be managed ...

Phalcon — Fastest PHP web framework

Phalcon is implemented as a C extension, and offers high performance with low resource consumption. It includes a template engine, encryption, pagination, assets management, and much more.

Pickadate.js — Responsive date & time picker

Pickadate.js is a responsive, mobile-friendly jQuery date & time input picker. Just insert one line of code and get a date picker with a popup calendar.