Belt: Useful tools for PHP developers

Belt is a collection of useful tools for PHP developers. It offers over 60 useful functions, and it's fully tested.

Vis.js: A visual interaction system

Vis.js is a browser-based visualization library. It's easy to use, can handle large amounts of dynamic data, and enables manipulation of and interaction with that data.

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PourOver: Fast filtering and sorting of large collections

PourOver is a library from the New York Times for fast filtering and sorting of large collections of data (think hundreds of thousands of items) right in the ...

Seen.js: 3D renders in SVG or HTML5 canvas

Seen.js is a dependency-free JavaScript library that lets you render 3D animations into SVG or HTML5 canvas. It's fully documented and there are tons of demos available.

Rails Email Preview: Preview and edit app mailer templates

Rails Email Preview does just what the name says and more: it lets you preview and edit your app mailer templates in Ruby. Preview plain text or HTML ...

Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin: Make Bootstrap 3 more accessible

The Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin offers features for making Bootstrap 3-based websites more accessible for keyboard and screen reader users. It's even available as an (experimental) bookmarklet.

Crumpet: An incredibly simple framework

Crumpet is a simple framework with tidy HTML that uses placeholder selectors to make your HTML markup smaller. It's fast and easy to use, with responsive layouts and ...

GitBook: Build programming books and more with GitHub

GitBook makes is easy to create beautiful programming books and exercises with Markdown and Git/GitHub. It's easy to use, and lets you include interactive JavaScript exercises (with support ...