Contents: Automatically create a table of contents

Contents makes it simple to automatically create a table of contents based on the headings within a document. The resulting TOC is generated as an ordered list, appended ...

CSS Specificity Graph Generator: Create interactive specificity graphs for your CSS

The CSS Specificity Graph Generator makes it simple to create specificity graphs for your stylesheets, for better insight into how well structured they are. It uses d3, css-parser, ...

Adagio Sans Family (18 Modern Fonts) - only $20!

The Adagio Font Family is a high-quality, modern type font family that consists of 3 main varieties: Sans, Serif and Slab. Combined, these 3 wonderful typeface sets sport ...

Lining.js: Easy down-to-the-line control

Lining.js makes it easy to apply CSS to any individual lines within your text, rather than just the first line. It does so by creating an ::nth-line selector, ...

JuliusJS: Speech recognition for the web

JuliusJS: Speech recognition for the web

JuliusJS is a speech recognition library for the web. It includes real-time transcription, and you can even write your own grammar for it.

Purplecoat.js: Create triggerable labeled overlays

Purplecoat.js lets you create labeled overlays that can be triggered with a click.

Guardian: All-purpose form validation

Guardian: All-purpose form validation

Guardian is a jQuery plugin for all-purpose form validation. It's easy to extend and very flexible to meet your needs.

Labelauty: Make your checkboxes and radio buttons prettier

Labelauty is a lightweight jQuery plugin that makes it simple to create more beautiful checkboxes and radio buttons. It also allows for custom labels for the status of ...

Multiple Select: A jQuery plugin for selecting multiple elements

Multiple Select is a straightforward jQuery plugin for selecting multiple elements with checkboxes. It supports showing multiple elements in a single row, grouping of elements, and more.