Herow: Sass grid system to save time

Herow is a time-saving Sass grid system. It provides simple, easy-to-use mixins, as well as atomic mixins and classes.

Sensei Grid: Simple, lightweight data grid

Sensei Grid is a simple, lightweight data grid in JavaScript and HTML. It's part of Datazenit, a web-based database administration tool.

1400+ Creative Silhouette & Decorative Shapes Bundle - only $21!

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ReactCSS: Bring classes to inline styles

ReactCSS allows you to use classes in inline styles. It uses a class-based data structure, keeps all your styles together, and more.

Hyhyhy: Professional HTML5 presentations

Hyhyhy is a tool for creating professional-looking HTML5 presentations. It supports Markdown, nested slides, syntax highlighter, and more.

Bootbox.js: Easy Bootstrap modals

Bootbox.js makes it easy to create programmatic dialog boxes with Bootstrap modals. And you can do it all without have to create, manage or remove any of the ...

ReadRemaining.js: Tell users how long text will take to read

ReadRemaining.js uses JavaScript to inform your users of how long a block of text will take to read. It personalizes the time remaining based on current reading speed, ...

Boron: React.js dialog animations

Boron is a collection of dialog animations with React.js. It includes animations for drops, fades, fly-ins, and more.

Forms  -  HTML5

formFive: HTML5 forms for legacy browsers

formFive offers form support for legacy browsers via a polyfill that makes some HTML5 features work. Create placeholders, alternative submits, and more.