WPDK: WordPress development kit

WPDK is a WordPress development kit that makes it easy to create easy to maintain plugins and themes. It improves the WordPress kernel and enhances its base functions ...

Guff: Sass helper framework

Guff is a Sass helper framework that includes useful mixins, functions, and more. It's easy to set up and use.

Slabs Condensed Font Family Bundle (10 Typefaces) - only $9!

Perfect for design presentations, as well as powerful headlines, the Slabs Condensed Font Family is an amazing typeface collection. Each of the 5 unique weights ranging from Thin ...

Herbert: WordPress plugin framework

Herbert is an open source WordPress framework that gives you a structured, standardized approach to building plugins. It aims to save developer time and frustration.

Sunglass: A Sass mixins and functions library

Sunglass is a mixins and fuctions Sass library. It includes grids, colors, lists, and a variety of other functions and utilities.

Grd: A CSS grid framework

Grd is a CSS grid framework using Flexbox. It's only 512 bytes (Gzipped), and provides just two base classes.

Hoisin.scss: Responsive front-end mini framework

Hoisin.scss is a responsive front-end mini framework written in Sass. It focuses on organization, speed, and flexibility.

html5validator: Command line tool to validate HTML5

html5validator is a command line tool for validating your HTML5 files. It was written with static site generators in mind.

Hocus Pocus: Design-free Sass framework

Hocus Pocus is a design-free Sass framework inspired by InuitCSS and Primer. It's a universal and lightweight stylesheet starter kit that focuses on the most common features.