HTML-Now: A fast HTML template generator

HTML-Now is a fast, open-source, online HTML template generator. Just add text, meta tags, and your script and CSS files, and it will output your HTML. Build complex UIs for any screen is a free, open source JavaScript library for building smooth, complex UIs for any screen. They offer tons of free online courses for learning how to use ...

15 Retro & Vintage Business Cards Collection - only $19!

Creating a business card is still a real necessity today. As is creating a business card that will stand out from the card and help your clients remember ...

Apy: A library for rest API ajax calls

Apy is a client-side library for making rest API ajax calls. It's simple, well-documented, and easy to get started with.

CMS  -  Python

Widgy: An open source Python/Django CMS framework

Widgy is an open source, highly-customizable CMS built on Python/Django that lets you quickly add, remove, or modify widgets. It also features a page builder, review queue, optimized ...

StyleStats: Get all sorts of CSS stats

StyleStats makes it easy to collect data about the CSS styles used on any website. Just enter a URL (you can also upload a file or input the ...

Dimensions Toolkit: Responsive website testing tools

The Dimensions Toolkit offers useful tools for testing your responsive website designs, with custom and default break points, resizable dimensions, and more. It's available as both a Chrome ...

Framer.js: A prototyping toolkit

Framer.js is a toolkit for turning static mockups into interactive and animated prototypes. You can generate assets out of Photoshop, animate layers in 3D space, and more.

AniJS: Declarative handling of CSS animations

AniJS is a declarative handling library for CSS animations that makes development quicker and more eloquent. It's fully documented and easy to get started with.