Pressure.js: A JS library for Apple touch screens

Pressure.js is a JavaScript library for working with Apple's Force Touch and 3D Touch. It uses a simple API and also has sensible fallbacks for browsers that don't ...

Bliss.js: Helpers for Vanilla JS

Bliss.js is a set of helpers and light syntax over Vanilla JS. It was designed to be used with for maximum browser support.

Handwritten Calligraphy Calista Script Font with 440+ Glyphs - only $7.50!

Mixing copperplate with contemporary styles, Calista Script is a beautifully elegant handwritten calligraphy font. A great choice for everything from invitations to artistic quotes, this terrific typeface sports ...

Superpowers: 2D + 3D indie game framework

Superpowers is an open source framework for making 2D and 3D HTML5 indie games. It offers real-time collaboration and is powered by TypeScript.

Preact: 3kb React alternative

Preact is a 3kb React alternative with the same ES6 API. It attempts to recreate the core value proposition of libraries like React using as little code as ...

Fansoro: Modern flat-file CMS

Fansoro is a modern flat-file CMS that's simple, fast, and lightweight. It has a flexible API, uses Markdown syntax, and uses the Fenom templating engine, among other features.

Cocycles: Open-source search engine

Cocycles is a search engine for open source projects and code. It currently supports JavaScript, but support for PHP, Java, Ruby, and more are on the way.

ArnoldC: Programming language based on Schwarzenegger’s lines

ArnoldC is a programming language based on Arnold Schwarzenneger's famous one-liners. Use lines like "No Problemo", "Do It Now", and "Talk to the Hand" instead of "True", "CallMethod", ...

Gatsby: Transform plain text into dynamic blogs and websites

Gatsby makes it simple to turn plain text into dynamic blogs and websites using React.js. It supports Markdown, HTML, and React.js components out of the box, and it's ...