Jolteon: Electron made easy

Jolteon is a Babel + Electron + React + Browserify + Sass application stack. It lets you build your app with one command, open a live-reloading instance of ...

Typi: Easy responsive typography

Typi is a Sass mixin for easy responsive typography. It helps you write different font-size and line-height properties at different breakpoints, and easily calculate vertical rhythm.

14 Easily Customizable Mobile and Desktop Wireframe Patterns - 50% off!

Building wireframes is the first big step towards creating a successful website. They can be super time consuming though as you slowly add site element by site element ...

OptionTree: WordPress theme options UI builder

OptionTree is a WordPress theme options UI builder that can be used for free or premium themes. It uses a drag and drop interface for building the theme ...

Outline Mail: HTML email framework

Outline Mail is an easy to use HTML email framework. It includes mix and match responsive email components that are fully tested in over 30 email clients.

WordPress Widget Boilerplate: Build more maintainable widgets

The WordPress Widget Boilerplate was created to help you write more maintainable WP widgets. It includes good file organization, documented code, and more.

WPDK: WordPress development kit

WPDK is a WordPress development kit that makes it easy to create easy to maintain plugins and themes. It improves the WordPress kernel and enhances its base functions ...

Guff: Sass helper framework

Guff is a Sass helper framework that includes useful mixins, functions, and more. It's easy to set up and use.

Herbert: WordPress plugin framework

Herbert is an open source WordPress framework that gives you a structured, standardized approach to building plugins. It aims to save developer time and frustration.