Primer: The CSS behind Github

Primer is the CSS toolkit and guidelines that power GitHub. It includes a small Gruntfile for compiling SCSS, Parker for CSS stats, and Autoprefixer for vendor prefixes.

Rocket.Chat: Open-source web chat

Rocket.Chat is an open source chat client that you can use for your own web chat. It was developed in JavaScript, using the Meteor fullstack framework.

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Add some serious fun to your font collection with this Mighty Deal from Twicolabs featuring 11 unique typefaces. This huge bundle includes a slew of different weights and ...

Nude.js: Nudity detection script

If you need to detect (and potentially censor) nude images in your site or app, then Nude.js might be the script you're looking for. Using JavaScript and HTMLCanvas, ...

Clusterize.js: Display large data sets easily

Clusterize.js is a plugin that allows you to easily display large sets of data. It clusters data so that the DOM isn't polluted with all the used tags.

Headhesive: On-demand stick headers

Headhesive makes it easy to add on-demand sticky headers to your websites. Just specify where you want your header to become sticky and it does the rest.

Scut: Frontend Sass utilities

Scut is a set of Sass utilities that aims to save time by improving the implementation of common style-code patterns. It helps you avoid repetitive work, more easily ...


Sassline: A baseline grid with Sass & rems

Sassline makes it easy to create a baseline grid for your text using Sass and rems. It includes a responsive modular-scale and a meticulous vertical rhythm.

CSShake: CSS classes to move your DOM

CSShake is a set of CSS classes to move your DOM. There are ten different shake styles, including fixed horizontal and vertical, hard shakes, and more.