Epoch: A real-time charting library

Epoch is a real-time, general purpose charting library for building high-performance visualizations. It's built for developers and is easy to extend and adapt, and offers unified styling with ...

Boba.js: JavaScript for Google Analytics

Boba.js is an easily extensible JavaScript library for working with Google Analytics. It works with ga.js and analytics.js, and makes tracking everything child's play.

100+ High-Quality Sound Effects from Abzio - only $9!

Everything's better with music. And with this Mighty Deal from Abzio, everything is about to get better! You'll have access to over 150 high-quality sound effects in OGG, ...

Agile CSS3 Engine: Generate pure CSS3 with JavaScript

Agile CSS3 Engine lets you generate pure CSS3 animations using JavaScript. It's easy to use and cross platform compatible.

PrettyEmbed.js: Pretty YouTube embeds with JavaScript

PrettyEmbed.js gives you a more streamlined, attractive look for your YouTube embeds. It fetches the highest resolution preview image, gives you advanced customization of embed options, and even ...

Card: Friendlier credit card forms for your users

Card makes your credit card forms way friendlier with just a single line of code. It's all pure HTML, CSS,  and JavaScript, with no images or other dependencies.

Ampersand.js: A non-frameworky JavaScript framework

Ampersand.js is a "non-frameworky" framework for building advanced JavaScript apps. It's simple but designed for rich app experiences, while being loosely coupled and highly modular.

EvaporateJS: S3 multipart resumable uploads

EvaporateJS is a JavaScript library for browser to S3 multipart uploads. It can resume an upload after a problem without having to start over from the beginning, saving ...

Web Starter Kit: Tools for multi-device development

Google Developer's Web Starter Kit is a boilerplate and tooling for multi-device development. It's responsive, and includes a living component style guide, cross-device synchronization, and live browser reloading.