Web Starter Kit: Tools for multi-device development

Google Developer's Web Starter Kit is a boilerplate and tooling for multi-device development. It's responsive, and includes a living component style guide, cross-device synchronization, and live browser reloading.

Multithread.js: Easy in-browser multithreading

Multithread.js makes in-browser multithreading easy, letting you run any code you like without interrupting the user experience. It's a simple wrapper that lets you avoid using Web Workers ...

500+ Hi-Res Photos & Textures from DreamyPixel - only $19!

Dreaming of some breathtaking photographs for your latest project? Or some stellar textures to add some depth to your work? Then stop dreaming and start saving! With this ...

Fenix Web Server: A simple static desktop web server

Fenix Web Server is a simple, static desktop web server for Windows and OS X. It's easy to use, has a beautiful interface, and lets you share online ...

SideComments.js: Easy per-paragraph commenting

SideComment.js is an easy way to add comment functionality on a per-paragraph level, similar to Medium. Comments are displayed to the side of the text, rather than at ...

Teddy: An HTML-based templating engine

Teddy is an easy-to-read HTML-based templating engine. It has a mostly logic-less DOM with support for server-side and client-side templating.

React Bootstrap: A React port of the popular framework

React Bootstrap is a set of Bootstrap components built in React. It includes buttons, drop downs, modals, and much more.

SassySkeleton: Better structured styles with Sass and Compass

SassySkeleton is a framework for creating better structured styles based on Sass and Compass. It's main purpose is to serve as a structural proposal to get you started.

Headstart: An automated front-end setup

Headstart is an easy to use automated front-end setup that gets you up and running in seconds. It uses a folder structure and takes care of all the ...