Typesettings.css: A minimalist typography boilerplate

Typesettings.css is a typography boilerplate for your minimalist designs. The type styles are all based on traditional graphic design fundamentals, and comes with drop caps and other enhanced ...

Update Your Footer: Scripts to add dynamic date and timestamps

Update Your Footer makes it simple to add a dynamic timestamp to your site's footer, using either JavaScript or PHP. This way your copyright year or other timestamp ...

Corpo Font Family: 24 Sans & Serif Typefaces - only $15!

Everything old is new again. And in this case it really is, as Mateusz Machalski has created all new versions of 2 old fonts. The new Corpo Font ...

Chroma.js: Color manipulations with JavaScript

Chroma.js is a JavaScript library for doing all sorts of color manipulations. It lets you initiate and manipulate colors, work with all kinds of color scales, and much ...

Particles.js: A lightweight library for creating particles

Particles.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles. It's easy to configure and plenty of parameters to configure it to meet your needs.  

Liberio: Easy ebooks with Google Docs

Liberio is an excellent extension for Google Docs that makes it easy to create and publish your design and development (or any other) ebooks. Just write, import, and ...

Materialize: A Material Design responsive front-end framework

Materialize is a front-end framework based on Material Design. It's easy to work with and speeds up development.

Decimal.js: Arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript

Decimal.js: Arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript

Decimal.js is an arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript, with a simple but full API. It has no dependencies and is only 8kb minified and gzipped.

Thaw.js: Synthetic asynchronous processing in JavaScript

Thaw.js offers synthetic asynchronous processing in JavaScript, which defers processes until the browser is ready for them. And unlike web workers, it gives you access to the DOM.