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Transit — Super-smooth transitions for jQuery

Transit offers smooth transitions and transforms for jQuery, using CSS. It has the same syntax as jQuery's animate property.

parseURI — Split any URL into logical parts

parseURI lets you split any URL into all of its parts. It has a loose mode that's great for working with user input, and a strict mode that ...

Master Web Design with the CSS3 Handbook - only $14!

If you're a designer today, you already know the incredible value of CSS3. No longer simply a way to change up colors and fonts, CSS3 is a major ...

JSHint 2.0 — JavaScript error detection

JSHint 2.0 helps you detect errors and possible issues in JavaScript code. It can even be used to enforce coding conventions.

Codeblock.js — A better code learning environment

Codeblock.js makes it possible to embed editable, runnable JavaScript code blocks. Your visitors will have an easier time learning if they can experiment directly with the code.

Parallel.js — Multi-core processing with JavaScript

Parallel.js is a multi-core processing JavaScript library, built to take advantage of the web-workers API. It runs in any browser that supports web workers.

Demarcate.js — A jQuery Markdown editor

Demarcate.js is a Markdown editor built in jQuery. You can use it to edit directly within a page and generate Markdown from the HTML elements.

WPRoller — Custom WordPress installer

WPRoller makes it easy to create a custom WP installation package with just the features you need. Select which plugins you want, choose themes, enter your custom installation ...

Helium — Strip unused CSS across multiple pages

Helium is a JavaScript tool that helps you discover unused CSS across multiple pages on a website. Give it your list of pages to check, and it will ...