Drizzle: A streamlined UI pattern library tool

Drizzle is a streamlined tool for the development, documentation, and presentation of UI pattern libraries. It's built on Node.js.

Iris: Fastest web framework for Go

Iris is the fastest web framework available for Go. It focuses on high performance, has a highly scalable Websocket API with custom events, and more.

Mockup Scene Generator Bundle: I Am Creator Perspective Edition - only $14!

Now you can easily and quickly build up a variety of different mockups using the I Am Creator Perspective collection. Easy to use, just drag and drop more than ...

Choo: A sturdy frontend framework

Choo is a sturdy frontend framework for applications. It's tiny (just 7kb), has a small API, and renders seamlessly in both Node and browsers.

Coconut: Simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming language

Coconut is a simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming language. It lets you extend and enhance what you're already capable of in Python.

Flex Layout Attribute: CSS flexbox layout helper

Flex Layout Attribute is a layout helper based on CSS flexbox. It gives you quick flexbox shorthand by using two custom html attributes — 'layout' and 'self'.

Full Stack Python: Better resources for learning Python

Full Stack Python is a comprehensive resource for learning Python. It includes a section on building apps with frameworks, deploying web apps, and lists of the best resources ...

ProtoPie: Prototyping without code

ProtoPie is a new prototyping tool that doesn't require any coding. Rather than code, it uses Interaction Pieces to prototype the way an app should work.

Monaco Editor: A browser based code editor

Monaco Editor is a browser-based code editor that powers VS Code. It's well-documented and easy to integrate into your projects.