Screenful.js: A simple wrapper for the Fullscreen API

Screenful.js is a simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the Fullscreen API. It smooths out all the implementation differences between browsers while letting you make any element or ...

Swing: A Tinder-like swipeable cards interface

Swing is a Tinder-like swipeable cards interface that lets you swipe left or right for yes or no inputs. Cards snap back into place if they aren't dragged ...

WinX Video Converter & iPad Ripper Pack for PC or Mac - only $12!

So you've got movies. Loads of movies. Both homemade and on DVD, but you're looking to play them on your tablets or smart phones and having some issues. ...

Walkway.js: Easily animate SVG elements

Walkway.js is an easy way to animate your simple SVG elements. It includes built-in easing functions, and also has options for selector and duration.

Motherplate: A bare bones responsive boilerplate
CSS  -  Framework  -  HTML5

Motherplate: A bare bones responsive boilerplate

Motherplate is a bare bones HTML5, CSS3, and SCSS responsive boilerplate. It doesn't include any visual styling or components, just bare bones CSS to get started with.

Glumpy: Beautiful scientific visualization

Glumpy: Beautiful scientific visualization

Glumpy is a python library for fast, scalable scientific visualizations. It serves as an interface between OpenGL and numpy.

NoMe: HTML5 geolocation and location services library

NoMe is a JavaScript library for using HTML5's geolocation and location data. It gives you access to location and weather information without having to install a bunch of ...

CSSplot: Simple, CSS-only plotting

CSSplot lets you plot points on a chart purely with CSS. It works for bar charts, vertical bar charts, and scatter plots.

FlowupLabels.js: Form labels that behave like placeholders

FlowupLabels.js augments your form labels so they behave like placeholders, shrinking and moving out of the way on active fields. It uses semantic labels, rather than actual placeholders.