Mojolicious: A next-gen web framework for Perl

Mojolicious is a next-generation web framework for Perl. It's powerful right out of the box with commands, plugins, Perl-ish templates, session management, content negotiation, testing framework, form validation, ...

NodeBB: Modern forum software

NodeBB is modern forum software that helps you keep users engaged by gamifying your community. It includes theming, plugins, internationalization, single sign-on, social integration, and more.

Photoshop Custom Tools: Build your own custom Photoshop panels - only $9!

Speed up your design workflow with the powerfully resourceful Photoshop Custom Tools plugin. With this amazing plugin, you can build your own custom PS panels in Photoshop CC 2014, in ...

OpenUI5: Build enterprise-ready, responsive web apps

OpenUI5 lets you build enterprise-ready, responsive web applications that will work on any device. It has feature-rich UI controls, offers a consistent user experience, and of course it's ...

MUI: Material Design CSS framework

MUI is a Material Design framework that includes HTML, CSS, and JS. It has a small footprint, no dependencies, and it's future-focused.

VisSense.js: Observe visibility changes of DOM elements

VisSense.js is a utility library that lets you instantly detect visibility changes of DOM elements. Observe immediately whether an element has become hidden, partly visible, or fully visible.

The Swarm Framework: Transparently scalable web applications

The Swarm Framework allows you to create transparently scalable web applications through a portable continuation-based approach. It's the ultimate platform-as-a-service, relieving the programmer from the difficulties of cloud ...

Simple.Timer: A jQuery timer plugin

Simple.Timer is a jQuery countdown timer plugin. It's easy to configure and you can customize the behavior upon the clock running out.

Flickity: Responsive touch galleries

Flickity makes it easy to create responsive, flickable, touch-friendly image galleries. It's quick to get started and includes a few options for customization.