Sinon.js: Standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript

Sinon.js provides for standalone test spies, stubs, and mocks for JavaScript. It requires no dependencies, and works with any unit testing framework.

Sycamore: Unordered tree data structure for Ruby

Sycamore provides an unordered tree data structure for Ruby. It grows automatically when needed and has a familiar Hash interface, among other features.

Vintage Bundle: 150+ Design Elements - only $12!

It's time for some authentic vintage flavor on your next project! This is the first MightyDeals bundle offered by GhostlyPixels. Get it while you can, because once the ...

React Slingshot: React + Redux starter kit

React Slingshot is a React and Redux starter kit with Babel, testing, linting, and hot reloading built in. It also come with an example working app.

Hugo: A modern static website engine

Hugo is a fast, modern static website engine. It's flexible, open source, and completely free.

React Storybook: Develop UI components outside your app

React Storybook lets you develop React UI components without running your app. Just load your UI components into React Storybook and start working on them.

Haikunator: Random name generator

Haikunator is a Heroku-like random name generator. Create memorable names for use in your apps or elsewhere.

Force.js: Scroll and animate your page

Force.js is the easy way to scroll and animate your page. It uses CSS-Transitions to animate by default (and falls back to JavaScript if they're not supported) and ...

Draft.js: A rich text editor framework for React

Draft.js is a rich text editor framework for React. It makes it easy to build any kind of rich text input, for everything from supporting some inline text ...