Popmotion: JavaScript motion engine

Popmotion is a JavaScript motion engine that's just 12kb. It supports animation, physics, and input tracking.

Alex: Catch potentially insensitive language automatically

Alex is a script for finding potentially insensitive and inconsiderate writing. It catches gender favoring, polarizing, race-related, religion inconsiderate, or other unequal phrasing in your writing or in ...

Adriane Font Family: An Award-Winning Font by Marconi Lima - $15!

Add an award-winning font family to your typeface toolbox with the incredible Adriane Text Font Family designed by Marconi Lima. Focusing on text composition and unique typographic characteristics, ...

Clickspark.js: Add particle effects to your JS events

Clickspark.js lets you add particle effects to your JavaScript events. Just add image-files as single particles and define where and when a particle fountain should be fired.

Corpus: CSS toolkit

Corpus is a CSS toolkit that includes a grid, typography, sizing structure, positioning, whitespace, and more. It uses Flexbox, Prism.js, and SCSS.

Horsey: Customizable autocomplete component

Horsey is a customizable, progressive autocomplete component. It even works in text fields (useful for things like @ mentions).

UpUp: The offline-first library

UpUp is an offline-first library that lets you make your site available offline. It works for projects big and small, including making entire single page apps available offline, ...

SassMeister: Sass playground

SassMeister is a Sass playground that also works with Compass and LibSass. Just add some Sass and SassMeister shows you the CSS.

Caffeine: Sass mixins and functions

Caffeine is a set of Sass mixins and functions ready to use in your projects. They were originally included as definitions in Melange, but are now available to ...