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Least.js — A responsive HTML5 and CSS3 gallery

Least.js creates random and responsive HTML5 and CSS3 image galleries that include Lazyload. Installation and usage is simple, and the end result is quite beautiful.

Clown Car Responsive Image Technique — Media queries and SVG for serving the right image

The Clown Car Responsive Image Technique uses media queries within SVG files to load the correct image, with all the logic remaining in the SVG file itself. It's ...

Get 25 Royalty-Free Photos in your Inbox Every Week for 1 YEAR - only $37!

Royalty-Free images are such a blessing for everyone from designers to bloggers. Being able to just grab a photo and toss it up on any personal or business-related ...

Pure CSS3 Breadcrumb Navigation — A pixel-perfect method

Here's a Pure CSS3 Breadcrumb Navigation method that creates pixel-perfect menus. It addresses many of the issues in other pure CSS3 ways of creating these kinds of menus, ...

Verlet-js — A JavaScript physics engine

Verlet-js is a Verlet integration physics engine written in JavaScript and released under the MIT License. It can handle simulations, composites, particles, and constraints.

Masterbranch — An auto-updating programming portfolio

If you want to show off your coding prowess, Masterbranch makes it easy to do so. Connect it to your code repositories and it will automatically keep your ...

Brain.js — A trainable JS neural network

If you've ever wanted to see how a neural network works, then Brain.js is worth checking out. In the demo, you can train if to recognize color contrast, ...

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Unirest — HTTP libraries in multiple languages

Unirest is a set of lightweight, simplified HTTP libraries in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Objective-C. Each one is fully documented and handles a variety of functions.

PathFinding.js — A path-finding library for grid-based games

PathFinding.js is a path-finding library for creating grid-based web games. It can run on Node.js or in the browser. Usage is simple, though it is capable of ...