Suave-UI: An AngularJS UI framework

Suave-UI is a UI framework for web applications based on AngularJS. It includes CSS definitions, directives and services, speeding up your UI build process.

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TouchstoneJS: A UI framework for hybrid apps

TouchstoneJS is a UI framework powered by React.js for developing hybrid mobile apps. It includes form components, navigation, transitions, native touch behaviors, and much more, with more features ...

Mariné Extended Font Family
(16 styles) - only $24!

If you're familiar with the popular Amelia font family, then it's high-time you met a close relative Mariné. This font can be both serious and groovy all depending ...

Hover.css: CSS3-powered hover effects

Hover.css is a collection of CSS3-powered hover effects that you can use for things like links and buttons. It's easy to apply to your own elements, and also ... Event-driven framework for database applications is an open-source event-drive framework for developing database web and desktop applications. It's light but powerful, flexible, and secure.

Types.js: A tiny type checker/enforcer library

Types.js is a tiny JavaScript library that checks and enforces value type rules. It can check one or multiple arguments simultaneously, and can force a value to be ...

Converse.js: An open-source XMPP chat client

Converse.js is an open source XMPP chat client that can be integrated into any website. It supports Facebook-like chat, multi-user chatrooms, and single-site login, among other features.

Stout: A reliable deploy tool for static sites

Stout is a reliable deploy tool for static websites that doesn't depend on any specific tool or workflow. It compresses files, supports versioning and rollbacks, and more.

Nightmare: A high level wrapper for Phantomjs

Nightmare is a high-level wrapper for Phantomjs that lets you simplify deeply nested callbacks into sequential statements. It's pluggable and has a simple API.