Holmes: Real-time page search

Holmes gives you real-time search inside your pages. It's easy to install and fully documented.

Elementor: Page builder for WordPress

Elementor is a free drag and drop page builder for WordPress. You can use it with any theme to create custom pages, which persist even if you switch ...

Party With Uptown Sans: A Playful, Mischievous Sans Serif Font - only $12!

If you need a little spice in your artistic life, crank up the music and snag yourself Uptown Sans! This incredibly fun, playful sans serif typeface is bursting ...

HEAD: A reference for your document’s

HEAD is a reference for all the things that can go into the <head> of your document. It breaks down the bare minimum, plus all the extras you ...

Play Framework: High velocity web framework for Java and Scala

Play Framework is a high velocity web framework for Java and Scala. It's developer-friendly, scales predictably, and was built for the modern web and mobile apps.

Pavilion: A simple, unopinionated CSS framework

Pavilion is a simple, unopinionated CSS framework builtĀ  for front-end web developers who lean towards creativity, exploration, and creating UI components themselves.

Picnic CSS: A beautiful, lightweight library

Picnic CSS is a beautiful, lightweight library. It gives native HTML elements a boost so you don't need to write presentation classes mixed with your html.

React-server: React framework with server render

React-server is a React framework with server render. It has super fast page load and seamless transitions.

Happy Cog Starter Files: The frontend starter files used by Happy Cog

Every wondered what Happy Cog's starting point for a new website project was? Now you can not only find out, but use their frontend starter files yourself.