Paradeiser: CSS-only mobile navigation

Paradeiser is CSS-only mobile navigation that's only 1.3kb. It works on desktop, too, with no JavaScript required.

Comcastify.js: A slower image loading experience

Comcastify.js, from The Onion, creates a slower internet experience by making images load slower. While it's a tongue-in-cheek script, the code is still interesting to dive into.

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Rollerblade.js: 360º Interactive Image Rotator

Rollerblade.js makes it easy to create an interactive image rotator. It can be used to showcase products, images, and anything else you want.

OS.js: A JS cloud/web desktop platform

OS.js is a JavaScript web desktop/cloud platform. It includes a fully-fledged window manager, Application APIs, GUI toolkits, and filesystem abstraction.

Rollup.js: Next-gen JavaScript module bundler

Rollup.js is a next generation JavaScript ES6 module bundler. It's biggest advantage over similar bundlers is that it can call individual ES6 modules, rather than packaging entire libraries.

Gizmo: A microservice toolkit

Gizmo is a microservice toolkit from The New York Times. It includes standardized configuration and logging, useful metrics for endpoints, and graceful shutdowns, among other features.

Iode: Swift-inspired object-oriented programming language

Iode is a multi-paradigm, imperative, procedural, object-oriented programming language. It was inspired by Swift.

Fisticuffs: Data binding for Swift

Fisticuffs is a data binding framework for Swift. It was inspired by Knockout and includes declarative bindings, automatic updates, and automatic tendency tracking.