Parse-Form: A micro-library for form manipulation

Parse-Form is a micro-library for parsing and manipulating forms using JavaScript. It includes helper methods to grab both raw nodes and jQuery wrapped nodes.

TaffyDB: The JavaScript database alternative library

TaffyDB is a JavaScript library that brings database-like functionality to your apps. It's small file size means fast queries, and it includes database features like count, update, and ...

Ingimage: 100 Professional Fonts
- only $19!

Different projects require a different feel, a different emotion. One way to get that across is through the use of fonts. And thanks to this Mighty Deal from ...

jQuery Cheat Sheet: A quick API reference

This colorful jQuery Cheat Sheet is your one-stop reference for the jQuery API. It covers selectors, attributes, CSS, events, effects, and much more.  

Tooveo: Keep track of your resources

Tooveo is a free service for developers and designers to save all of the web resources they want to remember. It's free to sign up, makes it easy ...

Bounce.js: Easy CSS3 animations

Bounce.js makes it easy to create CSS3 animations without coding. Just use the online tool to create your animations and then export the CSS for use on your ...

Archteype: A Compass/Sass framework

Archteype is a Compass/Sass framework for creating configurable, composable UI patterns and components. It's well documented and uses a natural language syntax.

Supervisor: A process control system

Supervisor is a process control system that lets users monitor and control processes on UNIX-like operating systems. It's designed to control processes related to a specific project or ...

Socket.IO 1.0: An EventEmitter for the web

Socket.IO 1.0 is a framework for handing real-time, bidirectional, event-based communication. It's cross-browser and cross-device compatible, with a focus on speed and reliability.