Felony: Open-source PGP keychain

Felony is an open source PGP keychain built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Redux. It's the first PGP app that's easy for anyone to use ...

Ress: Modern CSS reset

Ress is a modern CSS reset. It uses Normalize.css with some customizations to apply a solid base for your stylesheets.

14 Unique Fonts in TT Cottons from TYPETYPE - only $9!

Talk about your cozy deals! This Mighty Deal from TypeType features TT Cottons, a font family that's sure to give you the warm and fuzzies. Add a touch ...

Talisman: A logicless streaming templating system and language for Node.js

Talisman is a logicless, streaming templating system and language for Node.js. It uses a simple syntax, based around blocks and variables.

Iterall: Minimal zero-dependency utilities for using Iterables

Iterall is a set of minimal, zero-depencendy utilities for using Iterables in all JavaScript environments. It even works in old versions of Internet Explorer.

CloudRail: API Library for Android, Java & iOS

CloudRail is an API library for Android, Java, and iOS that lets you integrate multiple services with just one API. It's completely free for both personal and commercial ...

ZingTouch: Gesture detection library

ZingTouch is a JavaScript gesture detection library. It provides six standard gestures that are fully customizable.

Racket: Yeoman generator for universal/isomorphic web apps

Racket is a Yeoman generator for universal and isomorphic web apps. It lets you choose the technologies and tools you want most and then offers them in a ...

Jenkins: Open source automation server

Jenkins is an open source automation server. It provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.