Gitter: Chat for Github

Gitter, currently in beta, offers up free chat rooms for all of your public repositories. You can see who's read your messages, it offers full emoji support, and ...

Cute Grids: A clean responsive grid system

Cute Grids is a grid system that offers a clean start for your responsive design. It's mobile first, includes five media queries, and is well documented.

Create Stunning Effects with Amberlight for Windows or Mac - only $9!

Amberlight is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind app for Mac and Windows, from Escape Motions, that creates unique and stunning effects. It uses a unique math algorithm, which generates beautiful, complex ...

Custom Elements: Web components for modern web apps

Custom Elements is a gallery of web components (a collection of standards working their way through the W3C) for use in modern web applications. You can browse the ...

localForage: Improved offline storage

localForage improves your web app's offline experience via asynchronous storage. It has fallbacks that make it compatible with every browser, though asynchronous storage is used for virtually all ...

Ruby  -  SASS

LivingStyleGuide Gem: Front-end style guides with Sass and Compass

The LivingStyleGuide Gem is an easy way to create front-end style guides using Sass and Compass. Just add Markdown to your Sass to create your guides.

Zen Grids: A responsive Sass grid system

Zen Grids is a responsive grid system built with Sass. It greatly simplifies creating your layout by removing most of the complicated markup you'd need to create responsive ...

Susy: Responsive grids for Compass

Susy is a responsive grid system for Compass. It lets you quick add new media-query breakpoints to your layouts, using their math or your own (with helpers).

Decss: A CSS-drive presentation framework

Decss is a mostly CSS-driven presentation framework that uses CSS3 for transitions. It offer responsive layouts, flexbox for content layout, and even supports presenter notes.