Hubot: Your very own life-embetterment robot

Hubot, created by GitHub, is a robot for automating various functions (like a group chat). It comes with a group of core scripts and you can extend it ...

Docker: Self-sufficient containers from any application

Docker is an open-source project that makes it simple to pack, ship, and run any app as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container. It's completely scalable, too.

FUNKYDORI: A Groovetastic '70s Themed Font - only $17!

Laura Worthington's got a groovy thing going with her fantastic font Funkydori. This '70s-themed typeface gives off a great vibe, and includes 200+ alternates, 13 discretionary ligatures, and ...

Progression.js: Create friendlier forms

Progression.js is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to add real-time hints to your forms. It also lets you include project updates for each field.

DalekJS: An open source UI testing tool

DalekJS will launch and automate your browser, fill and submit forms, click and follow links, and more. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

SlimerJS: Scriptable browser for devs

SlimerJS makes it possible to manipulate a webpage using JavaScript. It's useful for doing function tests, page automation, network monitoring, and more.

Responsive Web CSS: Layout responsive pages in minutes

Responsive Web CSS makes it simple to create responsive web layouts. Just add divs, set how big each should be for each device you want to target, and ...

Devthemez: Themes for your favorite dev tools

Want to spruce up your favorite dev tools, like Sublime Text 2 or Chrome Developer Tools? Devthemez has tons of themes you can use to customize the look ...

Mean: A scalable JavaScript boilerplate

Mean is a great boilerplate that's perfect for creating MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS apps. It includes useful pre-bundled and configured modules like Mongoose and Passport.