Aesop Story Engine: Multimedia storytelling in WordPress

The Aesop Story Engine is a group of story components in a single plugin that simplifies multimedia storytelling in WordPress. It includes components for characters, parallax, audio & ...

Webpack: Module bundler

Webpack is a module bundler that takes modules with dependencies and turns them into static assets. It aims to be better suited to large projects, while also keeping ...

UX Flowchart Cards: Easily Plan Your Website Structure - only $24!

How'd you like to hold the future of your website in the palm of your hand? It's easy with this incredibly resourceful deck of UX Flowchart cards! A ...

Ramjet: Transform one element into another

Ramjet simplifies turning one DOM element into another. It works with images, SVG and HTML, and even animated gifs.

First Aid git: Searchable git FAQ

First Aid git is a searchable repository of frequently asked questions about git. It includes dozens of topics, with more being added.

Wheelnav.js: Animated JavaScript navigation

Wheelnav.js makes it easy to create animated, spinning JavaScript navigation. It's based on Raphael.js, works on all major browsers, and is simple to use.

Sprint.js: High-performance DOM library for modern browsers

Sprint.js is a tiny, fast DOM library for modern browsers that's great for use on limited bandwidth and resource-constrained devices. It has a familiary, jQuery-like chainable API.

Electron: Build cross-platform desktop apps

Electron lets you use web technologies to build cross-platform desktop applications. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with Chromium and Node.js, so your apps run on Linux, ...

Medium-style-confirm: Medium-style dialog boxes

Medium-style-confirm makes it easy to create Medium-style dialog boxes. Create simple dialogs, dialogs with subtitles, and more.