Flux: App architecture for user interfaces

Flux, from Facebook, is an application architecture for building user interfaces, and more pattern than formal framework. It complements React's composable view components via a unidirectional data flow.

Deckard: Web Animations API slide deck

Deckard is a library for creating slide decks using the Web Animations API. There are no dependencies, except for the Web Animations Polyfill if you want it to ...

Start a Freelance Design Career on WordPress - only $29!

Whether you're looking to bolster your existing design work or get started on a freelance design career, we've got a great video course for you. With a goal ...

Hatchshow: Typesetting with jQuery

Hatchshow is a typesetting plugin for jQuery that balances measures, auto-fitting type to the column width. It's great for complex typographic layouts, as each line's code can be ...

Pakyow: A modern open-source Ruby framework

Pakyow is an open-source Ruby framework for the modern web. The front-end and back-end are isolated from one another, offering more UI control to the designer, while logicless ...

Steady.js: Jank-free user scrolling

Steady.js is a jank-free module for adding logic to onscroll events, without performance regressions in responsive environments. It offers up built-in trackers (including bottom, top, width, and scrollLeft), ...

jCalculator: Calculator inputs with jQuery

jCalculator is a jQuery plugin for inserting calculator functionality into your site or app. It's simple to use and easy to install, with no configuration required.

TukTuk: A responsive 12-column grid

TukTuk is a responsive 12-colum grid framework with plenty of flexibility. It's suitable for blogs, landing pages, profile pages, and web apps, among other types of sites.

Active Admin: Admin framework for business-critical apps

Active Admin is a framework for business-critical Ruby on Rails applications. It includes global navigation, user authentication, filters, index styles, and much more.