Haikunator: Random name generator

Haikunator is a Heroku-like random name generator. Create memorable names for use in your apps or elsewhere.

Force.js: Scroll and animate your page

Force.js is the easy way to scroll and animate your page. It uses CSS-Transitions to animate by default (and falls back to JavaScript if they're not supported) and ...

A Perfect Duo of Beautiful Modern Calligraphy Fonts - only $9!

Add some serious elegance to your Typeface Library with this gorgeous Mighty Deal! You'll get 2 beautiful modern calligraphy fonts for 1 low price: Lettuce and Aqualita. With ...

Draft.js: A rich text editor framework for React

Draft.js is a rich text editor framework for React. It makes it easy to build any kind of rich text input, for everything from supporting some inline text ...

MJML: Easy responsive email

MJML is a framework that makes it easy to create responsive emails. It's component-based and uses semantic markup to speed up development.

Jolteon: Electron made easy

Jolteon is a Babel + Electron + React + Browserify + Sass application stack. It lets you build your app with one command, open a live-reloading instance of ...

Typi: Easy responsive typography

Typi is a Sass mixin for easy responsive typography. It helps you write different font-size and line-height properties at different breakpoints, and easily calculate vertical rhythm.

OptionTree: WordPress theme options UI builder

OptionTree is a WordPress theme options UI builder that can be used for free or premium themes. It uses a drag and drop interface for building the theme ...

Outline Mail: HTML email framework

Outline Mail is an easy to use HTML email framework. It includes mix and match responsive email components that are fully tested in over 30 email clients.