JSON  -  Ruby

JB: JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails

JB is a simple, fast JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails. It's simpler and faster than Jbuilder.

Just: Utilities that do just one thing

Just is a library of dependency-free npm modules that do just one thing.

MOTOPRESS: Drag and Drop Editor for WordPress (unlimited license) - $29!

Thousands of users already WordPress the MotoPress way. MotoPress is a powerful frontend Page Builder plugin, which makes it possible to create and customize websites for diverse niches, ...

Moeditor: All-purpose Markdown editor

Moeditor is an all-purpose Markdown editor built with Electron.

Felony: Open-source PGP keychain

Felony is an open source PGP keychain built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Redux. It's the first PGP app that's easy for anyone to use ...

Ress: Modern CSS reset

Ress is a modern CSS reset. It uses Normalize.css with some customizations to apply a solid base for your stylesheets.

Talisman: A logicless streaming templating system and language for Node.js

Talisman is a logicless, streaming templating system and language for Node.js. It uses a simple syntax, based around blocks and variables.

Iterall: Minimal zero-dependency utilities for using Iterables

Iterall is a set of minimal, zero-depencendy utilities for using Iterables in all JavaScript environments. It even works in old versions of Internet Explorer.

CloudRail: API Library for Android, Java & iOS

CloudRail is an API library for Android, Java, and iOS that lets you integrate multiple services with just one API. It's completely free for both personal and commercial ...