Sassline: A baseline grid with Sass & rems

Sassline makes it easy to create a baseline grid for your text using Sass and rems. It includes a responsive modular-scale and a meticulous vertical rhythm.

CSShake: CSS classes to move your DOM

CSShake is a set of CSS classes to move your DOM. There are ten different shake styles, including fixed horizontal and vertical, hard shakes, and more.

GRANDÉ BUNDLE v3: 217 PSD Mockups Bundle - only $27!

Version 3 of the popular Grandé Bundle has been released with even more superb mockups, including new mockups for the iPhone 6, for the while keeping this deal ...

Toga: A Python/OS native GUI toolkit

Toga is a Python and OS native GUI toolkit that's part of the BeeWare suite. It's an early-stage project and the example code works best with OS X ...

Sibbell: Notifications for developers

Sibbell is a notifications platform for developers that automatically gives you GitHub project release notifications, straight to your inbox. Just sign up and you'll get notifications delivered straight ...

Skit: Pure JS front-end for better web clients

Skit is a pure JavaScript front-end for creating better web clients. It has zero configuration and almost 100% of the code is shared by both the server and ...

Bazel: A build tool from Google

Bazel is a build tool from Google that's used to build the majority of their software. It's made to work with huge repositories of source code, as well ...

Wee: Blueprint for modern web development

Wee is a lightweight front-end framework for building complex, responsive web projects logically. It has mobile-first CSS, is exceedingly scalable, and it's extensible.

T3: A minimalist JavaScript framework

T3 is a minimalist JS framework for building large-scale apps that gives your code a core structure. It has a modular design and is made for collaboration.