Boron: React.js dialog animations

Boron is a collection of dialog animations with React.js. It includes animations for drops, fades, fly-ins, and more.

Forms  -  HTML5

formFive: HTML5 forms for legacy browsers

formFive offers form support for legacy browsers via a polyfill that makes some HTML5 features work. Create placeholders, alternative submits, and more.

Get creative with Sant’Elia Script (includes 44 fonts) - only $19!

Talk about versatility! This Super Script Font Family by Yellow Design Studio includes 6 different weights, 3 unique texture options and a total of 44 different fonts! Sant'Elia Script is ...

Tabris.js: Native mobile apps with JavaScript

Tabris.js is a mobile framework that makes it simple to create native apps for iOS and Android in JavaScript. It doesn't use WebViews for rendering UI, and instead ...

Spectacle: ReactJS presentation library

Spectacle is a ReactJS presentation library for creating slide decks. It supports full width slides, background imagery, flexible layouts, formatted quotes, and more.

Snappy: PDF generation with PHP5

Snappy uses PHP5 for snapshots or PDF generation from URL or an HTML page. It uses the webkit-based wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage.

SweetAlert: A beautiful replacement for JS alerts

SweetAlert is a beautiful replacement for JavaScript alert messages. It offers a number of variations, including success messages, warnings, and more.

RulersGuides.js: Enable Photoshop-like guides on a web page

RulersGuides.js lets you enable Photoshop-like guides on any web page. It comes as a bookmarklet, so it's easy to implement, and it includes simple keyboard controls.

Sticker.js: Create a sticker effect with JavaScript

Sticker.js is a JavaScript library that lets you create a sticker effect. It's easy to use, with no dependencies.