KinWin.js: Minimalist DOM manipulation library

KinWin.js is a minimalist JavaScript DOM manipulation library. It's straightforward and easy to use.

PhantomCSS: CSS regression testing

PhantomCSS is a CasperJS module for automating your visual regression testing. It's great for testing live style guides, web apps, and responsive layouts.

The Design Deck - Playing Cards for Designers - only $14!

Learn graphic design while playing poker! The Design Deck is a deck of playing cards that doubles as a practical guide to graphic design. Each of the 52 ...

Sylvester: Matrix and vector math for JavaScript

Sylvester is a matrix, geometry, and vector library for JavaScript. It includes classes for modelling infinite lines and planes in 3-dimensional space, and for modelling vectors and matrices ...

Dynamics.js: Physics-based CSS animations

Dynamics.js is a JavaScript library for creating physics-based CSS animations. It's straight-forward to use and works on all modern browsers.

Gradify: CSS gradients from an image

Gradify finds the most prominent colors in an image and turns them into a CSS gradient. The end results are scalable and responsive, and are perfect for image ...

Bootcards: A cards-based UI

Bootcards is a cards-based UI with dual-pane capability. It works on mobile and desktop, and is built on Bootstrap.

jQuery.profanityFilter: A client-side profanity filter

The jQuery.profanity.Filter is a simple client-side profanity filter. It includes a few options, including replacing words with asterisks, pound signs, or random words from a defined list.

jsGrid: Lightweight Grid jQuery Plugin

jsGrid is a lightweight grid jQuery plugin. It works with any data source, and includes data filtering and editing.