Cascade Framework: Feature-rich universal CSS framework

Cascade Framework is a feature-rich, universal CSS framework with an optimized atomic design. It's modular, and splits your CSS into separate files based on features rather than selectors.

Kathamo: Responsive and mobile friendly CSS framework

Kathamo is a responsive, mobile-friendly CSS framework. It offers a clean and minimal UI, and allows for easier and faster development.

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Markdown UI: Responsive user interfaces in Markdown

Markdown UI is a framework that lets you create responsive user interfaces in Markdown. You can write UI’s just once and then translate to Semantic UI 2.0, and ...

52framework: State of the art CSS framework

52framework is a state of the art CSS framework, that includes a grid framework, HTML5 form framework, and more. It also includes both simple and full HTML5 starter ...

BlueTrip: Full-featured CSS framework

BlueTrip is a full-featured CSS framework that has a 24-column grid and sensible typography styles. It also includes clean form styles, a print stylesheet, an empty starter stylesheet, ...

AuraJS: Declarative component for event-driven RequireJS apps

AuraJS is a declarative component for event-driven RequireJS apps. It makes it easy to extend the core capabilities of your app before your components load.

Bottle: Python web framework

Bottle is a python web framework that's fast, simple, and lightweight. It supports routing, templates, and utilities, and has no dependencies other than the Python Standard Library.

Symfony: Reusable PHP components and framework

Symfony is a set of reusable PHP components and a PHP framework for web projects. It also includes a methodology to make development easier.