Slim Framework: A PHP micro framework

Slim is a PHP micro framework that lets you quickly but simply write powerful web apps and APIs. It includes an HTTP Router, PSR-7 Support, Dependency Interjection, and ...

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP allows you to write native mobile apps using PHP. It uses PHP for the functionality, and HTML/CSS for the UI, making it easy to create apps that ...

eBook + extras: My Designers is Driving Me Crazy! - up to 66% off!

Working with designers can always be a volatile situation. Non-designers and designers can often clash rather than collaborate. After reading the eBook My Designer is Driving Me Crazy, ...

Milligram: A minimalist CSS framework

Milligram is a minimalist CSS framework. It's lightweight (only 2kb gzipped!), and is designed for better performance and productivity.

Feature.js: Feature detection in 1kb

Feature.js is a feature-detection library that's only 1kb. It's fast, simple, and lightweight.

Appolo: Portfolios for app developers

Appolo makes it easy for developers to create portfolios of their apps. It's a set of plugins and themes for Jekyll, and is fully responsive.

StickyStack.js: Create a stacking effect with jQuery

StickyStack.js is a jQuery plugin for creating a stacking content effect. Panels stick as they reach the top of the viewport to create the effect.

Colofilter.css: Duotone photo filters

Colofilter.css lets you easily add duotone filters to photos using CSS. It's a cool effect, but doesn't work in every browser, so make sure you don't use it ...

UnMQ: Remove media queries from CSS

UnMQ removes media queries from your CSS while preserving rules that match a hard-coded viewport. It's useful for outputting CSS for older desktop browsers, like IE8.