Ply: Modal/dialog system

Ply is a modal/dialog system that offers a number of options and customizations. You can use it for alerts, confirmations, forms, multi-step dialogs, and more.

Sortable: A JS library for sortable lists

Sortable is a JavaScript library for creating sortable lists for modern browsers. There are tons of list type options and it doesn't require jQuery.

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 PS : Edge Enhancement Photoshop Filter - only 15!

Fixel EdgeHancer is an edge enhancement Photoshop filter that features a novel algorithm to enhance and emphasize edges in video frames and images. Unlike "classic" sharpeners, EdgeHancer emphasizes the edges ...

Haystack: Modular Django search

Haystack is modular search for Django. It lets you write your search code once and then choose the search engine you want to run it on.

Immutable: Immutable collections for JavaScript

Immutable provides immutable collections for JavaScript. Immutable data can't be changed once it's been created, which leads to simpler app development.

Cartridge: A Django shopping cart

Cartridge is a Django shopping cart, with a ton of features. It includes features for product popularity, thumbnail generation, smart categories, and more.

FeinCMS: Simple content management with Django

FeinCMS is a simple content management system built on Django. It uses bundled content types, and extensions allow it to be as complex (or simple) as you need.

Beego Framework: Open source framework for Go applications

Beego is an open source framework for building applications the Go way. It's easy to use, modular, and intelligent.

Wraith: Responsive screenshot comparison tool

Wraith is a responsive screenshot comparison tool. It's well-documented and easy to install.