Open source web chat platform is an open source web chat platform. It's multi-platform and highly configurable.

Howler.js: Audio library for the modern web

Howler.js is an audio library for the modern web. It makes working with audio in JavaScript easy and reliable across all platforms.

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Dio: Lightweight virtual DOM framework

Dio is a lightweight virtual DOM framework. It's only 6kb minified and gzipped.

APImock: A basic fake API server

APImock is a very basic fake API server. It can be used for building the front end of an app before the back end is ready.

Weex: Mobile cross-platform UI framework

Weex is a mobile cross-platform UI framework. It's lightweight, high-performance, and extendable.

Multiple.js: Share backgrounds across multiple elements

Multiple.js is an experiment for sharing backgrounds across multiple elements using CSS.

BlazeCSS: Modular CSS framework for quickly building websites

BlazeCSS is a modular CSS framework for building well-structured websites quickly. It's halfway between monolithic frameworks like Bootstrap and microframeworks like Milligram.

Stack Overflow Documentation: Crowd-sourced programming language documentation

Stack Overflow Documentation is a comprehensive crowd-sourced programming language documentation site. It covers everything from CSS to PHP to MySQL and dozens of others.