Multiple.js: Share backgrounds across multiple elements

Multiple.js is an experiment for sharing backgrounds across multiple elements using CSS.

BlazeCSS: Modular CSS framework for quickly building websites

BlazeCSS is a modular CSS framework for building well-structured websites quickly. It's halfway between monolithic frameworks like Bootstrap and microframeworks like Milligram.

5 Elegant Calligraphy Fonts from Moriztype Studio - only $9!

If you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your current projects, look no further than this Mighty Deal from Moriztype Studio. You'll get yourself a fabulous ...

Stack Overflow Documentation: Crowd-sourced programming language documentation

Stack Overflow Documentation is a comprehensive crowd-sourced programming language documentation site. It covers everything from CSS to PHP to MySQL and dozens of others.

Teradata Covalent: UI platform built on Angular 2.0 + Material Design

Teradata Covalent is a UI platform that's built on Material Design and Angular 2.0. It will give you a jumpstart for building a modern web application UI and ...

Oryoki: A small experimental web browser

Oryoki is a small, experimental web browser built with Electron on top of Chromium. It includes video recording, screen grabs, a mini console, and more.

Hack.css: Dead simple CSS framework

Hack.css is a dead simple CSS framework inspired by Markdown styling. It's super easy to install and use.

Laverna: Private note-taking

Laverna is an open source, private notetaking app that uses Markdown. There's no registration required and there is a self-hosted version available.

Fathom: Extract meaning from web pages

Fathom is an experimental project that aims to extract meaning from web pages. It does so by identifying parts like Previous/Next buttons, address forms, and the main textual ...