Lime Text Editor: An elegant, open-source text editor

Lime Text Editor is a free, open-source text editor that aims to be the successor to Sublime Text. It has a few front-ends (QML, command-line interface) that can ...

Node OS: The first operating system powered by npm

Node OS is the first operating system powered by npm. It's built on top of the Linux kernel, with a node.js runtime.

4 Best-Selling Retro Photoshop Actions - only $14!

Give your latest projects some serious pop with any one of the incredible actions included in this deal from RetroSupply. This RetroBundle includes 4 top-selling actions designed to ...

Keypress: Capture keyboard input with JavaScript

Keypress is a JavaScript library for capturing keyboard input. It's easy to use and has no dependencies.

Jest: JavaScript unit testing

Jest is built on top of the Jasmine test framework and offers painless unit testing. It automatically finds tests to execute in your repo, mocks dependencies for you ...

Ratchet: Build mobile apps with simple components

Ratchet gives you simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components for building mobile apps. It's quick to get started with and thoroughly documented.

Remark: Markdown-drive slideshows

Remark lets you easily create markdown-driven slideshows right in your browser. It was created for people who know HTML and CSS, and includes presenter mode, syntax highlighting, and ...

Dat: Data pipelines between every file format and data storage backend

Dat creates a streaming interface between every file format and data storage backend. It stores data locally, but can be configured to store its tabular data in a ...

Aurelia: A next-gen JavaScript client framework

Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript client framework that remains simple while fostering creativity. It's easy to get started and configure, and comes with full documentation.