Vega: Grammar for visualization designs

Vega is a declarative format for creating, saving, and sharing visualization designs. Describe your data visualizations in JSON and then generate interactive views in SVG or HTML5 Canvas.

Mithril: A JavaScript application framework

Mithril is a framework for building awesome JavaScript applications. It's only 3kb gzipped, has no dependencies, has a small API, is easy to learn, and has safe-by-default templates.

Improve Your Mac with Intego Washing Machine 2014 - only $17!

Macs are really great computers, aren't they? Slick, easy to use and just all-around fun. However, over time, even a Mac can show signs of getting tired. Bloated ...

Doormat: An alternate way to navigate

Doormat gives you an alternative way to design your website's navigation. Unlike Curtain.js, Doormat doesn't require jQuery.

L20n: A developer-friendly localization framework

L20n: A developer-friendly localization framework

L20n, from Mozilla, lets localizers add logic into localization resources to codify the grammar of the language. It removes the need for developers to fully understand the specifics ...

MixItUp: Animated filtering and sorting

MixItUp is a jQuery plugin that provides animated filtering and sorting of your data. It's perfect for categorized or otherwise organized data, like portfolios or blogs, as well ...

hyperProxy: Use local files for testing and fixing production sites

hyperProxy is a node.js is a local proxy for using local files for debugging and testing of production sites by front-end developers. It's easy to setup, configure, and ...

Code Guide by @mdo: Standards for sustainable HTML and CSS

This Code Guide by @mdo is a fantastic guide to create sustainable, flexible, and durable HTML and CSS. It includes guidelines for syntax, attribute orders, classes, comments, and ...

Fluidity: Making HTML 100% responsive

Fluidity is a tiny bit of CSS (107 bytes total) that fixes the part of HTML that isn't completely responsive. It makes changes to the way images, tables, ...