Fenix Web Server: A simple static desktop web server

Fenix Web Server is a simple, static desktop web server for Windows and OS X. It's easy to use, has a beautiful interface, and lets you share online ...

SideComments.js: Easy per-paragraph commenting

SideComment.js is an easy way to add comment functionality on a per-paragraph level, similar to Medium. Comments are displayed to the side of the text, rather than at ...

22 Robot Toon Characters in 2200+ poses - only $24!

Looking to make your site more animated? Want to add a little fun? Or maybe you're looking for an illustrated spokesman for your site? Whatever the case, this ...

Teddy: An HTML-based templating engine

Teddy is an easy-to-read HTML-based templating engine. It has a mostly logic-less DOM with support for server-side and client-side templating.

React Bootstrap: A React port of the popular framework

React Bootstrap is a set of Bootstrap components built in React. It includes buttons, drop downs, modals, and much more.

SassySkeleton: Better structured styles with Sass and Compass

SassySkeleton is a framework for creating better structured styles based on Sass and Compass. It's main purpose is to serve as a structural proposal to get you started.

Headstart: An automated front-end setup

Headstart is an easy to use automated front-end setup that gets you up and running in seconds. It uses a folder structure and takes care of all the ...

MotorCortex.js: Easy web animations

MotorCortex.js lets you describe your web animations using a simple CSS-like syntax rather than standard JavaScript animation logic. It's fully documented with examples.

Odyssey.js: Create interactive stories

Odyssey.js is a platform for creating interactive stories for journalists, designers, and others. It's completely open source, and lets you easily build stories using pre-made templates (or you ...