localForage: Improved offline storage

localForage improves your web app's offline experience via asynchronous storage. It has fallbacks that make it compatible with every browser, though asynchronous storage is used for virtually all ...

Ruby  -  SASS

LivingStyleGuide Gem: Front-end style guides with Sass and Compass

The LivingStyleGuide Gem is an easy way to create front-end style guides using Sass and Compass. Just add Markdown to your Sass to create your guides.

Get the Booster Next FY Font Family
(6 weights) - only $19!

Need to boost your typeface toolbox a bit? Then have we got a friendly (type) face for you! Meet the Booster Next FY Font Family, a real nice, ...

Zen Grids: A responsive Sass grid system

Zen Grids is a responsive grid system built with Sass. It greatly simplifies creating your layout by removing most of the complicated markup you'd need to create responsive ...

Susy: Responsive grids for Compass

Susy is a responsive grid system for Compass. It lets you quick add new media-query breakpoints to your layouts, using their math or your own (with helpers).

Decss: A CSS-drive presentation framework

Decss is a mostly CSS-driven presentation framework that uses CSS3 for transitions. It offer responsive layouts, flexbox for content layout, and even supports presenter notes.

PageRes: Fast, automatic screenshots

PageRes is a PhantomJS-based script that lets you quickly and easily grab tons of screenshots in different resolutions, perfect for testing your responsive designs. It's fast, too; it ...

Wagtail: An elegant, open source Django CMS

Wagtail is a new open source Django CMS from Torchbox, that's elegant and easy to use. It's lightweight, agile, and fast.

Keyframer: A CSS3 animation tool

Keyframer is an incredibly easy to use CSS3 animation creation tool. Just click the timeline to add a keyframe, then click the circle button to add your animation's ...