Mail-in-a-Box: An easy-to-deploy mail server

Mail-in-a-Box is an easy-to-deploy mail server that lets you take back control of your email. Without any particular technology skills, you can turn a fresh cloud computer into ...

KaTeX: A fast math typesetting library

Typesetting for math, especially advanced math, on the web can be a huge pain. KaTeX is a math typesetting library that makes it way easier and has a ...

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Lineman.js: Stop worrying about workflow configuration

Lineman.js puts a wrapper around a number of client-side productivity tools, including Express, Grunt, and Testem, to allow developers to focus more on development and less on workflow.

Toshi: Open source Bitcoin node

Toshi is an open source Bitcoin node that's built to power large scale web applications. It has a powerful API and is backed by PostgreSQL.

AutocompleteField: Word completion for your UITextFields

AutocompleteField adds word completion to your UITextFields. It's easy to use with plenty of customizable features, including field padding and completion color.

Avalanche: Responsive, Sass-based grid system

Avalanche is a responsive, Sass-based CSS system with flexible, configurable naming conventions. It uses real-world breakpoint naming and integrated media query mixins.

Unslider 2.0: An ultra-simple jQuery slider

Unslider (now in version 2.0) is a super simple jQuery carousel/image slider. It has a variety of options available, including animation, a totally manual option, infinite sliders, and ...

Booking.js: An embeddable booking widget

Booking.js is an easy-to-use embedabble calendar booking widget. It's easy to customize, works with Google Calendar, and it can be integrated seamlessly into your branding.