InfluxDB: An open source database with no dependenceis

InfluxDB is a distributed, time series, events, and scalable metrics database. It's built-in HTTP API makes it simple to read and write from JavaScript.

Mink: Open source web acceptance testing

Mink is a PHP library used for testing that your web apps interact properly with your user's browser. It removes the API differences between the two types of ...

2,000 iOS7-Style Icons With Reselling License - only $17!

Icons really are the icing on the cake when it comes to Web design. They may even be the sprinkles too. Sure, you can have a good website ...

Twig: A flexible and secure PHP template engine

Twig is a flexible, secure, and fast templating engine for PHP. It's concise, with a template oriented syntax, and loaded with features.

Pixate: Style native iOS views with stylesheets

Pixate is a free framework that lets you style your native iOS apps with stylesheets. It makes it much easier to create beautiful, stylish apps.

Falcon.js: Add structure to Knockout.js

If you use Knockout.js, then you may want to consider using Falcon.js, too, to add some structure. It incorporates models, collections, and views, making it a breeze to ...

Long Press: Mobile-like functionality for desktop browsers

Ever wanted to make it easy for your users to enter special characters in your web forms when they aren't on their mobile device? Long Press makes adds ...

PuzzleScript: An open-source HTML5 game engine

Want to create HTML5 puzzle games? PuzzleScript is an open source HTML5 puzzle game engine that's simple to use and configure, and gives you all sorts of game ...

Knockout.js: Simpler dynamic JavaScript UIs

Knockout.js helps you create rich, responsive UIs with a clean underlying data layer. It makes it simpler to create dynamically updating interfaces that are easier to maintain.