jQuery ReStable: Responsive tables with jQuery

jQuery ReStable is a jQuery plugin that makes your tables responsive by turning them into UL lists when necessary. It's lightweight, around 1kb, and very simple.

NudgePad: Faster prototyping in your browser

NudgePad is an in-browser development environment that makes prototyping much faster. It includes tools for collaborating and working with a team, and it's expandable.

Monoslideshow 3: HTML5 Image & Video Slideshow - only $15!

Looking for a slick, modern way to show off your amazing photo and video content? Then feast your eyes on this Mighty Deal for Monoslideshow 3! With more ...

Echo.js: Simple image lazy loading

Echo.js allows for simple lazy loading of images using JavaScript. It's incredibly easy to use, library-agnostic, and less than 1KB minified.

DEAfilter: Stop disposable email addresses

DEAfilter is a RESTful API that helps you keep disposable email addresses from infesting your website. It'll help keep spammers and fake users from signing up, and can ...

Bokeh: An interactive visualization library

Bokeh is a Python interactive visualization library for large data sets. It natively uses the latest web technologies, and delivers high-performance interactivity.

Groovy: Dynamic language for Java

Groovy is a dynamic, agile language for the Java Virtual Machine. It has almost zero learning curve, and seamlessly integrates with all existing Java classes and libraries.

Watson: Inline issue management

Watson is an inline issue management app that lets you track bugs, tickets, and issues as you code, without interrupting your workflow. It's available in Ruby and Perl, ...

Dead Man’s Snitch: Simple periodic process monitoring

Dead Man's Snitch is a simple cron job monitoring tool that will notify you if one of your scheduled jobs doesn't run. Find out immediately if a scheduled ...