Fisticuffs: Data binding for Swift

Fisticuffs is a data binding framework for Swift. It was inspired by Knockout and includes declarative bindings, automatic updates, and automatic tendency tracking.

Phred: Make PHP consistent and fully object-oriented

Phred extends PHP to a consistent, fully object-oriented coding standard. It includes Unicode support for OOP strings, components for i18n/L10n, and other features for creating modern web apps.

Mockup Scene Generator Bundle: I Am Creator Perspective Edition - only $14!

Now you can easily and quickly build up a variety of different mockups using the I Am Creator Perspective collection. Easy to use, just drag and drop more than ...

TQDM: An extensible Python progress meter

TQDM is an extensible Python progress meter. It lets you instantly make your loops show a smart progress meter with very low overhead.

A-Frame: A framework for the virtual reality web

A-Frame is a framework for building things for the virtual reality web. You can use markup to create VR experiences that work across desktop, iPhones, and the Oculus ...

Sharer.js: Create custom social share elements

Sharer.js lets you create custom social share elements on DOM objects. It's a very tiny library (~1.6kb) with no dependencies.

CodeceptJS: Acceptance testing for NodeJS

CodeceptJS offers modern era acceptance testing for NodeJS. It's scenario driven, backend agnostic, and uses an interactive shell.

Colorify.js: Tiny JavaScript color extractor

Colorify.js is a tiny JavaScript color extractor that's simple and customizable. You can use it to extract the dominant color from an image, generate gradients based on the ...

Slap: Terminal-based text editor

Slap is a Terminal-based text editor that is much like Sublime. It includes first-class mouse support, autoindentation, infinite undo/redo, and much more.