Dense.js: Serve device pixel ratio aware images

Dense.js is a jQuery plugin that lets you serve device pixel ratio-aware images on your website. It works with any modern browser, and can display retina images on ...


fullPage.js lets you create full-screen scrolling websites. It's easy to use, and can also be used to create website sliders.

Adriane Font Family: An Award-Winning Font by Marconi Lima - $15!

Add an award-winning font family to your typeface toolbox with the incredible Adriane Text Font Family designed by Marconi Lima. Focusing on text composition and unique typographic characteristics, ...

Guides.js: Toggleable grid guidelines

Guides.js is a grid that you can toggle on and off to make designing in the browser easier. All you have to do is press the "g" key ...

Rainyday.js: Create realistic raindrops

Rainyday.js lets you easily create a realistic-looking raindrops on glass effect with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. It includes an extensible API and collision detection built-in, and is compatible ...

HTMLHint: Static code analysis tool

HTMLHint is a static code analysis tool for HTML. It's easy to use, just copy and paste in your code and specify what you want hints based on.

Crow: Easy to use C++ micro-framework

Crow is an easy to use C++ micro framework inspired by Python Flask. It has a fast built-in JSON parser, a Mustache-based templating library, and more.

Flask: Python microframework

Flask is a python microframework that's based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2. It's easy to set up, includes a built-in development server and debugger, and integrated unit testing ...

Lunr.js: Full-text search in your browser

Lunr.js offers simple full-text search for your client-side apps. It's small, has no external dependencies, yet is full-featured.