RobotJS: Node.js desktop automation

RobotJS provides Node.js desktop automation. Use it to control the mouse, keyboard, and read the screen.

ResponsifyJS: Make truly responsive images

ResponsifyJS makes truly responsive images while taking into account the content of photos. You can define the focus area or let it define it automatically.  

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Gridlex: Flexbox grid system

Gridlex is a simple flexbox grid system. There are three different ways to use it: the basic way where you add a class; the precise, cell-by-cell way; or ...

React-theme: Simple inline style manager

React-theme is a simple inline style manager for organized and customizable CSS styles in React. It's similar to material-ui's ThemeManager, but more general.

Tabby: Simple toggle tabs

Tabby gives you lightweight, simple toggle tabs. It's easy to install and can be used for buttons, lists, and more.

Time Machine: Fix flaws in the design of CSS itself

Time Machine lets you fix mistakes in the design of CSS itself. It makes changes to alignment, background properties, corner radius, and more.

CSSketch: Add CSS support to Sketch 3

CSSketch adds CSS support to Sketch 3 to speed up your workflow. Just attach a stylesheet to your designs to quickly change colors and shadows, lay out your ...

PatternPack: Easy pattern library creation and maintenance

PatternPack makes it easy to create and maintain pattern libraries. It's a static site generator that lets you document your UI using Markdown and just one grunt task.