Jam.py: Event-driven framework for database applications

Jam.py is an open-source event-drive framework for developing database web and desktop applications. It's light but powerful, flexible, and secure.

Types.js: A tiny type checker/enforcer library

Types.js is a tiny JavaScript library that checks and enforces value type rules. It can check one or multiple arguments simultaneously, and can force a value to be ...

UberStock Photoshop Plugin: Add 1000s of Hi-Res Stock Photos - only $9!

Adding stock photos to your projects just got easier. And faster! With the UberStock Photoshop Plugin, you can quickly search for 1000s of images with just a basic ...

Converse.js: An open-source XMPP chat client

Converse.js is an open source XMPP chat client that can be integrated into any website. It supports Facebook-like chat, multi-user chatrooms, and single-site login, among other features.

Stout: A reliable deploy tool for static sites

Stout is a reliable deploy tool for static websites that doesn't depend on any specific tool or workflow. It compresses files, supports versioning and rollbacks, and more.

Nightmare: A high level wrapper for Phantomjs

Nightmare is a high-level wrapper for Phantomjs that lets you simplify deeply nested callbacks into sequential statements. It's pluggable and has a simple API.

Input Type Sandbox: Testing for input types, patterns, and attributes

If you want to test the nearly infinite possible combinations of form input types, validation patterns, and attributes, then check out the Input Type Sandbox. Just set the ...

UX Check: Heuristic evaluation of your user experience

UX Check is a Chrome Extension that makes it easier to identify usability problems using heuristic evaluation. It uses Nielsen's 10 heuristics, along with tools for identifying, annotating, ...

ECharts: A comprehensive charting library

ECharts is a comprehensive charting library that supports line, column, scatter, radar, candlestick, chord, gauge, funnel, map, and force-directed chart types. It works even if you have tons ...