CSSGram: Recreate Instagram filters with CSS

CSSGram lets you recreate Instagram filters with CSS filters and blend modes. The library is tiny, less than 1kb gzipped, and includes 15 popular filters.

Gogs: Self-hosted git service

Gogs is a self-hosted git service. It's lightweight, easy to install, and cross-platform.

Convert Boring PDFs to Slick Digital Flipbooks with Realistic Page Turning Effects - only $21!

The one thing missing from reading an online catalog or magazine is the feel of the pages in your hands. The sound of the pages flipping. The overall ...

CSS  -  Forms  -  Javascript

Select: Styleable select elements

Select is a JavaScript and CSS library that offers styleable select elements built on Tether. It has tons of themes and is fully documented.

Offline.js: Let every app go offline

Offline.js is a library that automatically alerts users when they've lost internet connectivity. It then captures AJAX requests that were made while offline, and recreates them when internet ...

Keystone: Node.js CMS & web app platform

Keystone is a Node.js content management system and web application platform. It offers dynamic routes, session management, email handling, and more.

Ply: Modal/dialog system

Ply is a modal/dialog system that offers a number of options and customizations. You can use it for alerts, confirmations, forms, multi-step dialogs, and more.

Sortable: A JS library for sortable lists

Sortable is a JavaScript library for creating sortable lists for modern browsers. There are tons of list type options and it doesn't require jQuery.

Haystack: Modular Django search

Haystack is modular search for Django. It lets you write your search code once and then choose the search engine you want to run it on.