dgrid: Next-generation grid component

dgrid is a next-generation grid component for the Dojo Toolkit. It's lightweight, modular, and extensible, while taking full advantage of modern browsers.

Centurion: A responsive web framework

Centurion is a responsive web framework that's built on CSS3 and HTML5 semantics. It also works great for fast prototyping.

2000+ High-Quality Vector Icons (outline and filled)

If you're looking for a huge, original icon set, you've certainly come to the right place. This massive bundle from Icons Mind features more than 2,000 Vector Icons! Made ...

Kiwi.js: Open source HTML5 game framework

Kiwi.js is an open source HTML5 game framework. It includes 2D Canvas and WebGL rendering, multi-touch support, flexible game objects, and more.

Konva: 2D HTML5 canvas framework

Kanva is a 2D HTML5 canvas framework for creating desktop and mobile apps. It has an object oriented API, layering support, tween and animation support, filters, and custom ...

CotEditor: Plain-text editor for OS X

CotEditor is an open-source plain text editor for OS X that includes syntax highlighting and automatic backup. It also offers split view, character inspector, and more, and it's ...

Mojolicious: A next-gen web framework for Perl

Mojolicious is a next-generation web framework for Perl. It's powerful right out of the box with commands, plugins, Perl-ish templates, session management, content negotiation, testing framework, form validation, ...

NodeBB: Modern forum software

NodeBB is modern forum software that helps you keep users engaged by gamifying your community. It includes theming, plugins, internationalization, single sign-on, social integration, and more.

OpenUI5: Build enterprise-ready, responsive web apps

OpenUI5 lets you build enterprise-ready, responsive web applications that will work on any device. It has feature-rich UI controls, offers a consistent user experience, and of course it's ...