Summernote: A WYSIWYG editor on Bootstrap

Summernote is a simple WYSIWYG editor built on Bootstrap. It's easy to install and customize, and integrates with any back-end technology.

Rome: Customizable date and time picker

Rome is a customizable date and time picker. It has an opt-in UI and doesn't require jQuery.

Adriane Font Family: An Award-Winning Font by Marconi Lima - $15!

Add an award-winning font family to your typeface toolbox with the incredible Adriane Text Font Family designed by Marconi Lima. Focusing on text composition and unique typographic characteristics, ...

Supersonic: Data-driven apps with native performance

Supersonic is a UI framework that lets you build data-driven apps that have native performance. Everything is there for hybrid app development right out of the gate.

Overmind: Module isolation and lazy loading for Angular apps

Overmind offers module isolation and lazy loading for Angular apps. It's easy to get started with and fully documented.

TremulaJS: Bézier-based content-stream interactions

TremulaJS is a JavaScript UI component that enables responsive, Bézier-based content-stream interactions. They use kinetic scrolling and physics effects, and work with pointer, trackpad, and touch input.

BackstopJS: Automated screenshot tests for responsive sites

BackstopJS is an automated screenshot test application for responsive websites. It creates a reference screenshot that you can then use to find any CSS regressions that occur when ...

CSS  -  UI

O-grid: Grid for responsive layouts

O-grid is a grid system built just for responsive layouts. It's based on twelve columns and four different layouts, dependent on viewport size.

CSSGram: Recreate Instagram filters with CSS

CSSGram lets you recreate Instagram filters with CSS filters and blend modes. The library is tiny, less than 1kb gzipped, and includes 15 popular filters.