FireShell: Quick front-end boilerplate and workflows

Need a quick boilerplate or workflow for your front-end? FireShell includes JavaScript task running and build processes, and is all wrapped up in an enhanced HTML5 framework.

jQuery.Pin: Pin text to your pages

jQuery.Pin makes it simple to pin text to your pages, so that it stays put as you scroll. It also works with other elements, like navigation, and can ...

Design Websites Faster with Pinegrow Web Designer - only $24!

Designing Web pages can certainly be time consuming, especially if you're making a lot of changes across loads of pages. But with Pinegrow Web Designer, designing just got ... Get test data for your sites

Need some awesome data to test your sites with? Then check out Just enter the parameters your data should follow and it will generate whatever you need. Create .gitignore files for your project

Need git to ignore certain files in your project? There are a few ways to do that, one of which is to use .gitignore files. makes is ...

Recline.js: A simple library for building apps

Recline.js is a powerful library for building data apps in pure HTML and JavaScript. It provides components and structure to data-heavy apps by providing models and views.

PhysicsJS: A physics engine just for JavaScript

PhysicsJS is a modular, easy-to-use physics engine for JavaScript. It can be extended and customized to suit your needs.

Bookmarkify: Create your own JavaScript bookmarklets

Bookmarkify makes it super simple to create your own bookmarklets. Just name your bookmarklet, enter the JavaScript for it, include it, and you're ready to go.

Animo.js: CSS animation management with JavaScript

Animo.js is a powerful tool for managing CSS animations. It makes it possible to stack animations and trigger one right after another.