StickyStack.js: Create a stacking effect with jQuery

StickyStack.js is a jQuery plugin for creating a stacking content effect. Panels stick as they reach the top of the viewport to create the effect.

Colofilter.css: Duotone photo filters

Colofilter.css lets you easily add duotone filters to photos using CSS. It's a cool effect, but doesn't work in every browser, so make sure you don't use it ...

Exclusive Mighty Deals Summer Font Bundle: 30 Fonts with Extended Licenses - only $29!

Time for another insane Mighty Deals exclusive! This time, we're bringing you a monstrously huge Summer Font Bundle of a deal. For 1 super low price, you'll take ...

UnMQ: Remove media queries from CSS

UnMQ removes media queries from your CSS while preserving rules that match a hard-coded viewport. It's useful for outputting CSS for older desktop browsers, like IE8.

CSS  -  HTML  -  Javascript

Philter: A JS plugin for CSS filter control

Philter is a JavaScript plugin for controlling CSS filters with HTML attributes. It also supports hover effects.

CSS  -  jQuery

Protip: jQuery tooltip plugin

Protip is a jQuery tooltip plugin for any situation. It includes 49 positions, live refresh of options, click-activated and sticky tooltips, and more.

Utility OpenType: Advanced typographic features with CSS

Utility OpenType offers simple, CSS utility classes for creating advanced typographic features. It includes common and discretionary ligatures, small caps, case sensitive forms, and much more.

Poor Man’s Styleguide: A pragmatic frontend styleguide

The Poor Man's Styleguide is a pragmatic frontend styleguide. It's quick-and-dirty, and designed to be copied and pasted into your CMS.

Paradeiser: CSS-only mobile navigation

Paradeiser is CSS-only mobile navigation that's only 1.3kb. It works on desktop, too, with no JavaScript required.