SpiritJS: Easily animate objects

SpiritJS lets you easily animate objects on the web. It includes full timeline control, an intuitive UI that's easy to use, and JSON import and export functions, among ...

Express Admin: User-friendly admin dashboards with NodeJS

Express Admin is a NodeJS tool for creating user-friendly admin interfaces for various SQL databases, including MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. It's built with Hogan.js (mustache.js), Express, MySQL, ...

Get Top Notch Professional WordPress Support and Customization from WPmatic - $37!

Sick of constantly updating all the plugins, themes and customizations on your WordPress website? Or perhaps you're drowning in WordPress bugs or have always wanted to add a ...

Bulma: CSS framework based on Flexbox

Bulma is a CSS framework based on Flexbox. It's responsive and has a simple grid system.

GrapeJS: Web template editor

GrapeJS is an open source web template editor. It lets you build templates without coding.

Cory: Static site generator

Cory is a static site generator for JavaScript lovers. It uses clean, logic-less handlebars templates and markdown files that let you to set up a new site in ...

jsfmt: For formatting, searching, and rewriting javascript

jsfmt helps you format, search, and rewrite your JavaScript. It helps keep your code neat, smartly find patterns, and then clean and refactor your code.

Multi-Screen.js: Turn a single page into a collection of screens

Multi-Screen.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that lets you turn a single page into a collection of screens with animated navigation. It's as simple as dividing up your ...

HumHub: An open source social network kit

HumHub is an open source social network kit that's great for social intranets, enterprise social networks, and private social networks. It's self-hosted and has a powerful module system.