Quink: A rich, web- and mobile-friendly editor

Quink is an open source in-page WYSIWYG HTML editor that's easy to use. It's versatile, extensible, and uses the contenteditable features of modern browsers.

Tyto: A configurable organization tool

Tyto is a completely customizable, configurable, and extensible organization tool. It has a simple user interface, doesn't require accounts, and is easy to use and configure.

Polish-Inspired Kapra Font Family with 8 Variants - only $7!

Need a fresh new font to spice things up on your latest project? Maybe you should consider looking to the past in order to move to the future. ...

TLDRLegal: Software licenses in plain English

TLDRLegal is a reference for software licenses translated out of legalese and into plain English. Just search for the license you want and get an easy-to-read and understandable ...

Nanobar.js: Ultra lightweight progress bars

Nanobar.js offers very, very lightweight progress bars, coming in at around 725 bytes when gzipped. It doesn't require jQuery and is easy to use.

Broccoli: A new Node.js build tool

Broccoli is a new backend-agnostic, Node.js build tool, comparable to the Rails asset pipeline in scope. It offers chainable plugins, fast rebuilds, and a few plugins ready to ...

Select-switch: Convert a select box to a switch

Select-switch makes it easy to convert a select box into a switch. It simply hides the select box, so you can still reference the "select" element to retrieve ...

RowGrid.js: Place items in straight rows

RowGrid.js is a jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows. It's responsive, supports endless scrolling, and more.

Typesettings: Sass type toolkit

Typesettings is a Sass type toolkit that sets your type in Ems with a modular scale, vertical rhythm, and responsive ratio based headlines. It  handles all the math ...