Justified.js: jQuery Plugin to create Justified Image Gallery

Justified.js lets you create a justified image gallery with jQuery. It tries to show images at their original aspect ratio, but will crop them if necessary.

Comic.js: Cartoon style drawing for HTML5 Canvas and more

Comic.js is a JavaScript library that lets you create cartoon-style drawings for HTML5 Canvas, Raphael.js, D3.js, and SVG.js. You can use it either for drawing comic style shapes ...

Handwritten Calligraphy Calista Script Font with 440+ Glyphs - only $7.50!

Mixing copperplate with contemporary styles, Calista Script is a beautifully elegant handwritten calligraphy font. A great choice for everything from invitations to artistic quotes, this terrific typeface sports ...

Office UI Fabric: Front-end framework for Office and Office 365

Office UI Fabric is a front-end framework for building experiences for Office and Office 365. It's mobile-first, responsive, and quick and simple to get started with.

Formstone: Thoughtfully crafted front-end components

Formstone is a set of thoughtfully crafted front-end components, rather than a traditional framework. It's responsive, lightweight, modular, and automated.

Mimic: Class-fied inline CSS

Mimic isn't a framework, it's class-fied inline CSS. It makes controlling your class styles much easier, just by changing the class name.

Fox CSS: A light CSS framework

Fox CSS is a light CSS framework that's equal parts resets and micro-framework. It's secure, modular, and uses a Flexbox-based grid system.

Neutron: A Sass framework for semantic website layouts

Neutron is a Sass framework that lets you create clear, flexible, semantic website layouts. It includes powerful features while maintaining a simple syntax.

Droparea: HTML5 drag and drop

Droparea is an HTML5 file drag and drop component for React.js. It's well documented and easy to get started with.