Monstra: A modern, mobile-friendly CMS

Monstra is a fast, extensible, modern CMS that's flexible and easy to use. It has Twitter Bootstrap built-in for the front-end framework, is multi-user friendly, and it's database-free.

Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery: Load pages faster and reduce server load

The Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery delays the loading of images in long pages until they're actually in the visitor's viewport. The page will load faster and it ...

Dada Studio's Sharik Sans Typeface
(9 weights) - only $24!

If you're looking for a solid new font to add to your typeface toolbox, this Mighty Deal from Dada Studio is for you! Say hello to Sharik Sans, a ...

InstantClick: A JavaScript library to speed up your site

InstantClick is a JavaScript library that can make your website dramatically faster, effectively making your navigation instant. It preloads links your visitors are likely to click on, and ...

Vafpress Framework: Easy WP admin for your theme

The Vafpress Framework makes it easy to create a custom administration panel for your WordPress theme. It has full documentation to make it easy to configure, and tons ...

WOW.js: Reveal animations as you scroll

WOW.js makes it easy to call CSS animations as your user scrolls down the page. It does not require jQuery, is only 3kb, and is easy to use.

Progre(c)ss: Pure CSS progress bars

Progre(c)ss makes it easy to create pure CSS progress bars. Just include the stylesheet, add the class to the appropriate element, and then add a data attribute.

Overthrow: An overflow: auto polyfill for responsive designs

Overthrow is a tiny, no-frills targeted overflow: auto polyfill for use in responsive designs. It's framework-independent and uses lightweight, decoupled JavaScript.

Sublime CSS Completions: A more complete library

This library of Sublime CSS Completions for Sublime Text is much more complete than those that come standard with Sublime Text. Currently only properties are autocompleted, though at ...