CSS-Flip: A CSS BiDi flipper

Need to generate left-to-right or right-to-left CSS? CSS-flip does that for you, from your source. It supports a variety of properties, including borders, margins, padding, and more.

Twproject Gantt: JavaScript component for creating Gantts

Twproject Gantt is a JavaScript component for Gantts and other charts, like task trees, built on jQuery. It offers in-place editing, zooming, data shortcuts, CSS skinning, and much ...

220 FilterGrade Photoshop Actions Bundle - only $24!

With Photoshop Actions, you can quickly and easily give any of your photos a professional upgrade. This Mighty Deal from FilterGrade offers you more than 200 actions to ...

Gulp Boilerplate V2: A simple gulp boilerplate

This Gulp Boilerplate is a simple revision that gives you Less, CoffeeScript, and Jade compilation. It also gives you a static server with automatic live reload.

Webplate: An easy to use front-end framework

Webplate is an easy-to-use front-end framework that lets you focus on building your app or site. It includes a responsive layout engine, button elements, customizable forms, and more.

Tagster: Create HTMl strings with ease

Tagster is a simple library that makes it easy to create HTML strings. It works with node or client-side applications.

Trianglify: Generate colorful triangle meshes

Trianglify is a JavaScript library that lets you create colorful triangle meshes automatically, which you can then use as CSS backgrounds, or SVG images. There are controls for ...

Jeet Grid System: Build grids like a human

The Jeet Grid System lets you stop building your grids the way machines read them, and instead build them as humans would describe them. No more rigid columns ...

Peroxide: Simple, configurable proxy server

Peroxide is a simple, configurable proxy server that makes it easy to manage whether files are served locally or from production servers in your production environment. It's easy ...