Chartist.js: Simple responsive charts

Chartist.js makes it simple to create highly customizable responsive charts. It's completely built and customizable with SASS, uses SVG, and is DPI independent.

C3.js: A D3 reusable chart library

C3.js is a D3-based reusable chart library that doesn't require you to write any actual D3 code. It's fully controllable and easy to customize, too.

Armature: Drag-N-Drop Wireframing Tool for Illustrator - only $12!

Wireframing's one of the first big steps in building out a website or mobile app. And now with the Adobe Illustrator extension Armature, you can do it all ...

Duo.js: A next-gen front-end package manager

Duo.js is a next generation package manager for the front end that blends ideas from Component, Browserify, and Go. It makes writing and organizing front-end code fast and ...

Impulse: Dynamic physics animations

Impulse is a dynamic physics animations engine for the mobile web. It's small, only about 9kb when minified and gzipped, and has no large dependencies (though it works ...

S Gallery: Responsive jQuery gallery plugin

S Gallery is a responsive jQuery gallery plugin that includes CSS3 animations inspired by Sony's products gallery. It supports touch/swipe functions, too.

PACE: Progress load bars with JavaScript and CSS

PACE (Progress Automatically. Certain to Entertain.) is an automatic page load progress bar built with JavaScript and CSS. There are a number of themes available, including barber shop, ...

jCorner: Folded paper corners with jQuery

jCorner is a jQuery plugin that lets you create folded-style bottom-right paper corners. It uses CSS border tricks to create the effect without using any images.

Pyrasite: Inject code into running Python processes

Pyrasite is a set of tools that lets you inject code into running Python processes. There's even a GUI available for ease of use.