PHP-login Project: Add authentication to PHP

PHP-login Project is a script for adding authentication to your PHP projects. There are multiple tutorials available for installing it on various server configurations, as well as a ...

Garlic.js: Persistent local form data

There's little more frustrating for your users than accidentally closing a browser tab mid-way through filling out a form, losing whatever they've input so far. Garlic.js prevents this, ...

Dada Studio's Sharik Sans Typeface
(9 weights) - only $24!

If you're looking for a solid new font to add to your typeface toolbox, this Mighty Deal from Dada Studio is for you! Say hello to Sharik Sans, a ...

Gator: Simple JavaScript event delegation

Gator is a simple event delegation library for JavaScript. It's easy to use, small, and has no dependencies.

Gillie: A JavaScript MVC micro framework

Gillie is a lightweight MVC micro framework inspired by Backbone that allows for a separation of concerns using models, views, and handlers. It's only 4k, and offers useful ...

Haxe: Multi-platform programming language

Haxe is an open source, multi-platform programming language that has a syntax similar to JavaScript, PHP, and the like. It's fully documented, and has strict compile-time type checking ...

Molecule: An HTML5 game framework

Molecule is an HTML5 game framework that's lightweight, easy to use, and cross-platform compatible. It has no external dependencies and even includes its own basic but powerful physics ...


Vega: Grammar for visualization designs

Vega is a declarative format for creating, saving, and sharing visualization designs. Describe your data visualizations in JSON and then generate interactive views in SVG or HTML5 Canvas.

Mithril: A JavaScript application framework

Mithril is a framework for building awesome JavaScript applications. It's only 3kb gzipped, has no dependencies, has a small API, is easy to learn, and has safe-by-default templates.