Hocus Pocus: Design-free Sass framework

Hocus Pocus is a design-free Sass framework inspired by InuitCSS and Primer. It's a universal and lightweight stylesheet starter kit that focuses on the most common features.


Bemify: Sass mixins for writing well-structured BEM-style .scss code

Bemify is a set of Sass mixins for writing maintainable, idiomatic, well-structured BEM-style .scss source code. It can be installed as a Ruby Gem, NPM module, or via ...

8 Professional Graphic Design Magazine Templates (Over 350 pages) - only $17!

Now you can whip up breathtaking magazine layouts with ease, thanks to this Mighty Deal from Love Graphic Design. Take advantage of the 8 professional hi-res templates in ...

Juice: Sass mixins and functions

Juice is a collection of Sass mixins/functions that minimizes the work needed to apply styling/properties to elements. It includes mixins for browser prefixes, breakpoints, and more.

Stellar: LESS library for scaffolding web apps

Stellar is a LESS library that helps you scaffold your web apps. It's simple to use and supported on most modern browsers.

Administrate: A dashboard Rails engine

Administrate is a Rails engine for building a super-flexible admin dashboard. The dashboards give non-technical users clean interfaces that allow them to create, edit, search, and delete records.

The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins: The most popular WP plugins in one place

The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins is an excellent reference for the most popular WP plugins out there, in a fun and easy to use format. Plugins are ...

Basil.js: Smart persistent layer for JavaScript

Basil.js provides the missing smart persistent layer for JavaScript. It enables unified localstorage, and cookie and session storage.

Min: A super tiny CSS framework

Min is a super tiny CSS framework, coming in at only 995 bytes. It has exceptional browser support and semantic markup.