Particles.js: A lightweight library for creating particles

Particles.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles. It's easy to configure and plenty of parameters to configure it to meet your needs.  

Liberio: Easy ebooks with Google Docs

Liberio is an excellent extension for Google Docs that makes it easy to create and publish your design and development (or any other) ebooks. Just write, import, and ...

Panton Font Family with 34 Weights + 816 Icons - only $29!

If you're looking to beef up your font library, then Panton has got you covered. This fabulous modern typeface includes 34 different fonts, made up of 9 uprights, ...

Materialize: A Material Design responsive front-end framework

Materialize is a front-end framework based on Material Design. It's easy to work with and speeds up development.

Decimal.js: Arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript

Decimal.js: Arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript

Decimal.js is an arbitrary-precision Decimal type for JavaScript, with a simple but full API. It has no dependencies and is only 8kb minified and gzipped.

Thaw.js: Synthetic asynchronous processing in JavaScript

Thaw.js offers synthetic asynchronous processing in JavaScript, which defers processes until the browser is ready for them. And unlike web workers, it gives you access to the DOM.

Tweene: A JavaScript animation proxy

Tweene is a JavaScript animation proxy that is used as a wrapper for your chosen library. It currently works with GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit, and jQuery, with a single ...

Elf: A small but powerful Stylus grid

Elf: A small but powerful Stylus grid

Elf is a small, powerful Stylus grid that's built with calc(). It offers unlimited nesting with consistently sized gutters, ratio based sizing, and more.

Strip CSS Comments: Easily remove comments from your CSS

Strip CSS Comments makes it easy to do just that: remove comments from your CSS files, reducing file sizes. It's also available as a gulp/grunt/broccoli plugin.