Layzr.js: Dependency-free lazy loading

Layzr.js is a small, modern, fast, dependency-free library for lazy loading. It boosts page speed by waiting to load images until they're in or near the viewport.

Dragula: Simple drag and drop

Dragula is a simple drag and drop script. It's easy to set up with no bloated dependencies.

19 Halloween Characters in 1900+ poses - only $24!

Looking to make your projects more attractive for the spooky holiday? Want to add a little fun? Or maybe you want to make your work more eye-catching for ...

xto6: Modernize your JavaScript code

Xto6 helps you keep your JavaScript code up to date. It supports Function/Prototype to Class, Anonymous callbacks to Arrow functions, and more.

Marx: A classless CSS reset

Marx is a classless CSS reset with no JavaScript. It's responsive, built on top of Sanitize.css for consistent rendering, and has clean typography, custom forms, and more.

jsblocks: A better JavaScript MV-ish framework

jsblocks is a better MV-ish JavaScript framework that's easy to learn. It lets you build everything from simple UIs to complex single-page web apps.

jQuery  -  UI

jQuery Nested: Gap-free multi-column grid layout

jQuery Nested makes it easy to create a gap-free, dynamic, multi-column grid layout. You can use custom widths and gutters, and the grid will automatically adjust if you ...

Aesop Story Engine: Multimedia storytelling in WordPress

The Aesop Story Engine is a group of story components in a single plugin that simplifies multimedia storytelling in WordPress. It includes components for characters, parallax, audio & ...

Webpack: Module bundler

Webpack is a module bundler that takes modules with dependencies and turns them into static assets. It aims to be better suited to large projects, while also keeping ...