October CMS: A CMS based on the Laravel PHP Framework

October is an open source content management system built on the Laravel PHP Framework. It's rooted in simplicity and based on flexible patterns.

Parsedown: A better Markdown parser with PHP

Parsedown is a Markdown parser built with PHP to include in your apps. It's fast and consistent, uses GitHub-flavored Markdown, and offers a Markdown Extra extension.

350+ Watercolors and Paint Splats Design Kit - only $12!

Want to make a real splash with your design work? Then jump on this fabulous Mighty Deal from Hakan Ertan. You'll get more than 350 watercolor designs and ...

Intercooler.js: Ajax with simple HTML attributes

Intercooler.js makes it easy to use Ajax with simple, declarative HTML attributes. It's incremental, so you can use it for as much or as little as your app ...

Migrat: A pluggable Node.js migration tool

Migrat is a pluggable Node.js migration tool that is not tied any particular database engine and supports multi-node environments. It's designed for diverse stacks and processes, and allows ...

Bedrock: Minimalist boilerplate for Express apps

Bedrock is a minimalist boilerplate for building Express apps. It sets up your views and layout files, sets up a place to store config data, loads popular front-end ...

Bootsy: A simple file organizer for small projects

Bootsy is a simple folder structure for your small projects. It includes versioning and templates folders to make your project easier to organize and maintain.

Hardening Framework: Automatic server hardening

Hardening Framework: Automatic server hardening

The Hardening Framework adds a layer into your automation framework that automates server hardening for a variety of setups, strengthening your security. It's been verified on Ubuntu, RedHat, ...

Eskimo: Rapidly build Node.js apps and more

Eskimo makes it easier to rapidly build Node.js apps, online stores, APIs, and more. It's built with open-source packages, and can be used for everything from coming soon ...