jQuery.parallax: Parallax scrolling with jQuery

jQuery.Parallax turns nodes into absolutely positioned layers that move in response to the user's mouse. Layers move at different rates depending on their dimensions.

DEEP Framework: A serverless web framework

DEEP is a serverless web framework that enables developers to build cloud-native applications. It uses a microservices approach for a completely serverless approach.

Bundle: A Handcrafted Newsletter Bundle of 15 Premium Templates - only $17!

Newsletters help you share important information with your clients. New products, new features, big sales. But if your newsletters have a real amateurish appearance, it may not even ...

jQueryConfig: Optimize the size of jQuery

jQueryConfig lets you optimize your jQuery installation by only using the parts you need. It can save up to 35% of the overall size.

Trix: An open source rich text editor

Trix is an open source rich text editor for everyday writing. It lets users compose beautifully formatted text from within your web application.

Summernote: A WYSIWYG editor on Bootstrap

Summernote is a simple WYSIWYG editor built on Bootstrap. It's easy to install and customize, and integrates with any back-end technology.

Rome: Customizable date and time picker

Rome is a customizable date and time picker. It has an opt-in UI and doesn't require jQuery.

Supersonic: Data-driven apps with native performance

Supersonic is a UI framework that lets you build data-driven apps that have native performance. Everything is there for hybrid app development right out of the gate.

Overmind: Module isolation and lazy loading for Angular apps

Overmind offers module isolation and lazy loading for Angular apps. It's easy to get started with and fully documented.