Teradata Covalent: UI platform built on Angular 2.0 + Material Design

Teradata Covalent is a UI platform that's built on Material Design and Angular 2.0. It will give you a jumpstart for building a modern web application UI and ...

Oryoki: A small experimental web browser

Oryoki is a small, experimental web browser built with Electron on top of Chromium. It includes video recording, screen grabs, a mini console, and more.

Hot Summer Bundle of 100+ Premium Quality Vectors - only $14!

What does this summer means to you? Sunshine, beach, camping, riding? In this hot bundle you can find this all and more in your style! This fantastic bundle includes ...

Hack.css: Dead simple CSS framework

Hack.css is a dead simple CSS framework inspired by Markdown styling. It's super easy to install and use.

Laverna: Private note-taking

Laverna is an open source, private notetaking app that uses Markdown. There's no registration required and there is a self-hosted version available.

Fathom: Extract meaning from web pages

Fathom is an experimental project that aims to extract meaning from web pages. It does so by identifying parts like Previous/Next buttons, address forms, and the main textual ...

JSON  -  Ruby

JB: JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails

JB is a simple, fast JSON API template engine for Ruby on Rails. It's simpler and faster than Jbuilder.

Just: Utilities that do just one thing

Just is a library of dependency-free npm modules that do just one thing.

Moeditor: All-purpose Markdown editor

Moeditor is an all-purpose Markdown editor built with Electron.