ApplePie: Semantic, modular CSS toolkit

ApplePie is a modular CSS toolkit with a semantic CSS approach. It keeps your code clear, readable, consistent and explicit.

Basket.js: Cache scripts with localStorage

Basket.js is a simple script loader that caches scripts with localStorage. It lets locally saved scripts load automatically, while those that haven't been saved locally already will be ...

AlienValley's Mega Bundle (15 Resource Packs) - only $27!

This is the biggest AlienValley Graphics Bundle yet and features 15 design resource packs. You'll find a wide range of useful items, from textures and text effects to ...

Dense.js: Serve device pixel ratio aware images

Dense.js is a jQuery plugin that lets you serve device pixel ratio-aware images on your website. It works with any modern browser, and can display retina images on ...


fullPage.js lets you create full-screen scrolling websites. It's easy to use, and can also be used to create website sliders.

Guides.js: Toggleable grid guidelines

Guides.js is a grid that you can toggle on and off to make designing in the browser easier. All you have to do is press the "g" key ...

Rainyday.js: Create realistic raindrops

Rainyday.js lets you easily create a realistic-looking raindrops on glass effect with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. It includes an extensible API and collision detection built-in, and is compatible ...

HTMLHint: Static code analysis tool

HTMLHint is a static code analysis tool for HTML. It's easy to use, just copy and paste in your code and specify what you want hints based on.

Crow: Easy to use C++ micro-framework

Crow is an easy to use C++ micro framework inspired by Python Flask. It has a fast built-in JSON parser, a Mustache-based templating library, and more.