The Hand: A serialized rules engine

The Hand is a serialized rules engine. It aims to be able to define rules in a human-readable manner, while also being able to serialize those rules into ...

Gumshoe: Analytics and event tracking

Gumshoe is an analytics and event tracking sleuth from Gilt. It was built to replace and extend the functionality of Google Analytics' data redirection feature.

5 Elegant Calligraphy Fonts from Moriztype Studio - only $9!

If you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your current projects, look no further than this Mighty Deal from Moriztype Studio. You'll get yourself a fabulous ...

Emission: Native React components

Emission is a set of native React components used by Eigen.

Kasia: React Redux toolset for the WordPress API

Kasia is a React Redux toolset for working with the WordPress API. It makes it easy to get data out of WordPress and into components.

RapidPro: Build scalable interactive messaging applications

RapidPro simplifies creating scalable, interactive messaging apps by allowing them to be built visually. It includes contact and message management tools, a visual interface for building messaging “flows”, ...

LaunchKit: Web-based tools for mobile app developers

LaunchKit is a set of web-based tools for mobile app developers that has just open sourced all of their code. It's set up to easily get started Vagrant ...

Spoon: Simplified Android testing

Spoon aims to make Android testing easier as the number of devices out there grows. It distributes instrumentation test execution and displays the results in a meaningful way.

Timber: Shopify starter theme

Timber is a Shopify starter theme that makes it faster and easier to build Shopify themes. It's fully responsive and mobile-first.