Marty.js: State management in React applications

Marty.js is a JS library for state management in React applications, and is an implementation of Facebook's Flux architecture. It helps you get state into your application, store ...

RAD.js: Build mobile applications faster

RAD.js is a framework for more quickly developing mobile applications. It's optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows 8, plus all major web browsers.

Magnolia: 150+ Professional Infographic Elements - only $9!

This popular deal is back, so now's your chance to get it! Infographics are a hot commodity these days, however, creating Infographics can be a bit of a hassle. ...

Textures.js: SVG patterns for data visualization

Textures.js makes it easy to add SVG patterns for improved data visualizations. It includes a huge variety of textures, including lines, circles, paths, and even custom patterns.

Type.js: Tools for better web type

Type.js is a set of typography tools for creating better web type. It lets you use new CSS properties for better control over your type and type styles.

Fort.js: Modern progress bar for forms

Fort.js is a modern progress bar for form completion. It's super easy to set up and use, with just a JS and CSS file, and then include an ...

CSS  -  Framework  -  SASS

SpaceBase: A Sass-based responsive framework

SpaceBase is a responsive Sass-based CSS framework. It's built to be added onto and tailored to fit your needs.

Blackhole: Minimalist SCSS/CSS framework

Blackhole is a minimalist SCSS/CSS framework that's flexible and powerful. It's modular, focuses on semantics, and encourages users to write clear code.

SassyFlags: Add any flag to your website

SassyFlags lets you add any flag to your website using SASS. It's lightweight and easy to use.