Tumblr Boilerplate: A jumpstart for your Tumblr themes

The Tumblr Boilerplate is a simple starting point for any Tumblr theme. It's HTML5 based, includes the various post types, and is optimized for speed, among other features.

PHP-MVC Project: Encouraging Model-View-Control application structure

The PHP-MCV Project is a set of scripts that encourage the use of Model-View-Control application structure. There's an advanced version that also comes with automatic SASS compiling and ...

100+ High-Quality Sound Effects from Abzio - only $9!

Everything's better with music. And with this Mighty Deal from Abzio, everything is about to get better! You'll have access to over 150 high-quality sound effects in OGG, ...

Webix: A JavaScript UI library for app development

Webix, released under the GNU GPLv3, is a JavaScript UI library and HTML5 widget framework for building applications. There are widgets for everything from calendars to data tables ...

Kickoff: A responsive, scalable front-end framework

Kickoff is a lightweight front-end framework for building scalable, responsive websites. It's built with Sass and Grunt, and released under the MIT License.

Unsemantic: A successor to 960gs

Unsemantic is a CSS framework that is a successor to the 960 Grid System. It relies on percentages rather than a fixed number of columns, and was built ...

Source: Create a living style guide

Source is a tool for documenting your web components. It combines front-end building with the documentation process, making it a great tool for team productivity, too.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: A free guide direct from Apple

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines is a free ebook from Apple that gives great insight into how Apple creates such a great user experience. It's nearly 230 pages ...

SVGO GUI: Node-WebKit based GUI for SVGO

SVGO GUI is a Node-WebKit based GUI for SVGO. It uses a drag-and-drop interface that makes it incredibly easy and straightforward to use.