Turntable.js: Responsive jQuery slider

Turntable.js is a responsive jQuery slider. It lets you flip through a series of images as your mouse/finger moves across a container.

Megatype: Easy typographic structure

Megatype makes it easy to create typographic structure.

Bundle of 265 High Quality Vector Textures - only $24!

Stock up on a ton of creative items now with Ultrashock's latest Creative Bundle which contains 265 brand new exclusive vector textures including distressed halftone, subtle grit, folded paper, ...

Sierra: Small, light SCSS library

Sierra is a small, lightweight SCSS library. Customize grids, fonts, colors, and more.

CSS  -  UI

Flexbox Patterns: Awesome UIs with Flexbox

Flexbox Patterns gives you the tools you need to build awesome user interfaces using CSS Flexbox. It includes examples and source code.

Scrollbear: Maintain scroll position when images load

Scrollbear maintains your container scroll position when images load. It's great for blogs that use tons of images, among other uses.

Shimmer: Add a shimmering effect to iOS

Shimmer makes it easy to adding a shimmering effect to any screen in an iOS app. It can be super useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator, among other ...

Huxley: Catch visual regressions in web apps

Huxley is a test-like system for catching visual regressions in web apps. It takes screenshots while you browse, and then tells you when they change.

Rebound: Spring animations for Android

Rebound is a java library for modeling spring dynamics. Animations in your application that use real-world physics feel more natural, improving UX.