Bootstrap-Sass: The official Bootstrap to Sass port

Bootstrap-Sass is a Sass-based version of Bootstrap, perfect for your Sass-powered applications. It can be installed with Rails, Compass, or Sass-only.

Ocrad.js: Optical character recognition for JavaScript

Ocrad.js is a simple OCR program that can scanned images of text back into text. It's a pure JavaScript version of the Ocrad project, and comes in at ...

Design Websites Faster with Pinegrow Web Designer - only $24!

Designing Web pages can certainly be time consuming, especially if you're making a lot of changes across loads of pages. But with Pinegrow Web Designer, designing just got ...

Cozy: Your own personal cloud

Cozy is a personal cloud that you host yourself, can hack to your heart's content, and delete any time you want. It can be used for painless web ...

countUp.js: More interesting animated counters

countUp.js is a lightweight JavaScript "class" that lets you display animated counters for displaying numerical data in a more interesting way. It's dependency-free and easy to use.

Grasp: Search and replace JavaScript based on structure

Grasp lets you search, replace, and refactor your JavaScript based on the code's structure, rather than the exact text. It's more powerful than standard search and replace, and ...

Headroom.js: Hide your header till you need it

Headroom.js lets you hide your page's header until you need it. It's lightweight and has no dependencies, and frees up valuable screen space, especially on landscape-oriented screens.

Python Social Auth: Social authentication with Python

Python Social Auth adds social authentication and registration services to your Python app. It supports a few frameworks so far, including Django, Flask, Pyramid, Webpy, and Tornado, and ...

Angular-deckgrid: A masonry-like grid for Angular JS

Angular-deckgrid is a masonry-style grid built for use with Angular JS. It's lightweight and easy to use, with all the responsiveness coming from your CSS.