React Storybook: Develop UI components outside your app

React Storybook lets you develop React UI components without running your app. Just load your UI components into React Storybook and start working on them.

Haikunator: Random name generator

Haikunator is a Heroku-like random name generator. Create memorable names for use in your apps or elsewhere.

SuperSpray - One of A Kind Image Spray Add-On for Photoshop - only $9!

If you're looking for a really unique tool to add an interesting twist to your already amazing projects, take a peek at SuperSpray! This incredible Photoshop Plugin by ...

Force.js: Scroll and animate your page

Force.js is the easy way to scroll and animate your page. It uses CSS-Transitions to animate by default (and falls back to JavaScript if they're not supported) and ...

Draft.js: A rich text editor framework for React

Draft.js is a rich text editor framework for React. It makes it easy to build any kind of rich text input, for everything from supporting some inline text ...

MJML: Easy responsive email

MJML is a framework that makes it easy to create responsive emails. It's component-based and uses semantic markup to speed up development.

Jolteon: Electron made easy

Jolteon is a Babel + Electron + React + Browserify + Sass application stack. It lets you build your app with one command, open a live-reloading instance of ...

Typi: Easy responsive typography

Typi is a Sass mixin for easy responsive typography. It helps you write different font-size and line-height properties at different breakpoints, and easily calculate vertical rhythm.

OptionTree: WordPress theme options UI builder

OptionTree is a WordPress theme options UI builder that can be used for free or premium themes. It uses a drag and drop interface for building the theme ...