EvaporateJS: S3 multipart resumable uploads

EvaporateJS is a JavaScript library for browser to S3 multipart uploads. It can resume an upload after a problem without having to start over from the beginning, saving ...

Web Starter Kit: Tools for multi-device development

Google Developer's Web Starter Kit is a boilerplate and tooling for multi-device development. It's responsive, and includes a living component style guide, cross-device synchronization, and live browser reloading.

Eveleth Letterpress Font Family
(all 16 fonts) - only $9!

When it comes to fonts, Yellow Design Studio consistently hits them out of the park. Their latest Mighty Deal is no exception. With the Eveleth Premium Letterpress Font ...

Multithread.js: Easy in-browser multithreading

Multithread.js makes in-browser multithreading easy, letting you run any code you like without interrupting the user experience. It's a simple wrapper that lets you avoid using Web Workers ...

Fenix Web Server: A simple static desktop web server

Fenix Web Server is a simple, static desktop web server for Windows and OS X. It's easy to use, has a beautiful interface, and lets you share online ...

SideComments.js: Easy per-paragraph commenting

SideComment.js is an easy way to add comment functionality on a per-paragraph level, similar to Medium. Comments are displayed to the side of the text, rather than at ...

Teddy: An HTML-based templating engine

Teddy is an easy-to-read HTML-based templating engine. It has a mostly logic-less DOM with support for server-side and client-side templating.

React Bootstrap: A React port of the popular framework

React Bootstrap is a set of Bootstrap components built in React. It includes buttons, drop downs, modals, and much more.

SassySkeleton: Better structured styles with Sass and Compass

SassySkeleton is a framework for creating better structured styles based on Sass and Compass. It's main purpose is to serve as a structural proposal to get you started.