Aurelia: A next-gen JavaScript client framework

Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript client framework that remains simple while fostering creativity. It's easy to get started and configure, and comes with full documentation.

Conditioner.js: A JS library for loading and unloading behavior

Conditioner.js is a JavaScript library for loading and unloading behavior that's environment aware. You just define the required state and Conditioner takes it from there.

Handdrawn Vector Wireframe Kit for Mobile and Web Apps - only $17!

Wireframes are the blueprints of the online world. Getting started with them, however, can be a bit daunting. Thanks to this fantastic Mighty Deal from Inventicons, things just ...

Btapp.js: Torque-powered JS library from BitTorrent

Btapp.js: Torque-powered JS library from BitTorrent

Btapp.js is a Torque-powered JavaScript library from BitTorrent. It brings torrent technology to your browser, and relies on Backbone to make turbulent data easy to work with.

JavaScript I/O: An npm compatible platform based on node.js

JavaScript I/O is an npm compatible platform that was originally based on Node.js and built on Chrome's V8 Runtime. It aims to provide faster and predictable release cycles.

Andy.scss: Useful SASS mixins

Andy.scss is a collection of free, useful SASS mixins. It includes mixins for things like background gradients, borders, shadows, and more.


October CMS: A CMS based on the Laravel PHP Framework

October is an open source content management system built on the Laravel PHP Framework. It's rooted in simplicity and based on flexible patterns.

Parsedown: A better Markdown parser with PHP

Parsedown is a Markdown parser built with PHP to include in your apps. It's fast and consistent, uses GitHub-flavored Markdown, and offers a Markdown Extra extension.

Intercooler.js: Ajax with simple HTML attributes

Intercooler.js makes it easy to use Ajax with simple, declarative HTML attributes. It's incremental, so you can use it for as much or as little as your app ...