Atomizer Web: Web app for Atomizer

Atomizer Web is a web app for Atomizer, a tool for creating Atomic CSS. It's simple to use, with a live preview pane at the bottom of the ...

Repaintless: Fast CSS animation library

Repaintless is a library for fast CSS animations. It only includes animations that don't cause reflows and repaints of a website when used correctly.

The Gibon Font Family: A Complete Comic Book Lettering Kit - only $12!

BAM! Superheroes are only as mighty as the words that come out of their mouth. With the Gibon Comic Book Lettering Kit, you'll have the power right in ...

InlineTweet.js: Create tweetable links on any webpage

InlineTweet.js makes it simple to create tweetable links from any text on a webpage. Just wrap the text in a container to make it tweetable.

Sinon.js: Standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript

Sinon.js provides for standalone test spies, stubs, and mocks for JavaScript. It requires no dependencies, and works with any unit testing framework.

Sycamore: Unordered tree data structure for Ruby

Sycamore provides an unordered tree data structure for Ruby. It grows automatically when needed and has a familiar Hash interface, among other features.

React Slingshot: React + Redux starter kit

React Slingshot is a React and Redux starter kit with Babel, testing, linting, and hot reloading built in. It also come with an example working app.

Hugo: A modern static website engine

Hugo is a fast, modern static website engine. It's flexible, open source, and completely free.

React Storybook: Develop UI components outside your app

React Storybook lets you develop React UI components without running your app. Just load your UI components into React Storybook and start working on them.