Ally.js: Simplifying accessibility with JavaScript

Ally.js is a JavaScript library that simplifies particular accessibility functions, features, and behaviors. It provides certain standard functions so that JavaScript applications can be made accessible more easily.

Horizon: Realtime JavaScript backend

Horizon is a realtime, open-source JavaScript backend. It lets you rapidly build and deploy web and mobile apps using a simple JavaScript API.

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Developers are really good at what they do: develop. But while they may be able to whip up the coolest code on the planet, if they can't market ...

Cutestrap: A sassy, opinionated CSS Framework

Cutestrap is a sassy, opinionated CSS framework that's a tiny alternative to Bootstrap. It includes forms, grid, typography, and more.

Push.js: Cross-browser JavaScript push notifications

Push.js makes it simple to create cross-browser compatible push notifications with the JavaScript Notifications API.

Bideo.js: Easy fullscreen video backgrounds

If you want to add a fullscreen background video to your website projects, check out the easy-to-use Bideo.js JavaScript library.

Checkbox.css: Tiny animations for your checkboxes
CSS  -  Forms

Checkbox.css: Tiny animations for your checkboxes

Checkbox.css is a tiny set of CSS3 animations just for your checkboxes. It's super easy to use and includes a number of fun animations to suit your purposes.

Vital: Minimally invasive CSS framework

Vital is a minimally invasive CSS framework for modern web apps. It's just 6KB gzipped, with no JavaScript and vast device support.

How to Center in CSS: Generator for CSS centering code

How to Center in CSS makes it super easy to generate the code you need to center your content according to parameters you set.