ItemSlide.js: Simple touch carousel

ItemSlide.js is a simple and beautiful touch carousel. It includes options for duration, swipe sensitivity, and more.

Infinite-list: A 60fps infinite list in JavaScript

Infinite-list is a 60fps infinite list built with JavaScript for mobile devices. It can be used with whatever rendering technique you like.

The Colorist Add-On, a 3-in-1 Color Editing Tool for Adobe Illustrator - only $4!

Love Adobe Illustrator? Get ready to love it even more thanks to the Colorist Add-On. A collection of 3 color editing tools in 1 (Tweaker, Randomizer and Setter), ...

Git Remote Dropbox: A transparent bridge between Git and Dropbox

Git Remote Dropbox acts as a transparent, bidirectional bridge between Git and a shared Dropbox. It maintains the guarantees that are provided by a traditional Git remote, all ...

Glide.js: Touch-friendly jQuery slider

Glide.js is a touch-friendly jQuery slider that's simple, responsive, and fast. It's lightweight thanks to its modular structure, very flexible, and easy to integrate and theme.

Javascript  -  JSON  -  UI

Right-height: Dynamically make content containers the same height

Right-height dynamically makes your content containers the same height, regardless of content length. Just include it on your site, add the markup to your HTML, and initialize it ...

HTML  -  Javascript  -  UI

Houdini: A simple collapse-and-expand widget

Houdini is a simple collapse-and-expand widget that's production-ready. Just include it on your site, add the markup to your HTML, and initialize it to get it up and ...

Gumshoe: A framework-agnostic scrollspy script

Gumshoe is a simple, framework-agnostic scrollspy script. It's easy to get started and fully documented.

[be]lazy.js: Lazy loading and multi-serving images

[be]lazy.js is a lazy loading and multi-serving image script. It's lightweight and has options for breakpoints, offsets, separators, and more.