FlexCss: A mobile-first CSS/Javascript pattern library

FlexCss is a mobile-first CSS/Javascript pattern-library that's lightweight and Flexbox based. It was built for HelloFellow by David Heidrich.

Resizr: Test your responsive sites

Resizr makes it easy to test your responsive website designs. Just load the URL and choose the devices and orientation you want to test to see results.

GRANDÉ BUNDLE v3: 217 PSD Mockups Bundle - only $27!

Version 3 of the popular Grandé Bundle has been released with even more superb mockups, including new mockups for the iPhone 6, for the while keeping this deal ...

Harmon: Simple typographic scale

Harmon is a simple typographic scale written in Sass. It's based on the principal that using a modular scale helps  achieve visual harmony in your designs.

Goji: A web microframework for Golang

Goji is a minimalistic web microframework for Golang. It values composability and simplicity.

Nodemailer: Send emails from Node.js

Nodemailer makes it easy to send emails from Node.js. It supports HTML as well as plain text emails, and supports unicode characters, HTML image embedding, and more.

PapaParse: In-browser CSV parser

PapaParse: In-browser CSV parser

PapaParse is an in-browser multi-threaded CSV parser that includes header row support and type conversion. It can also skip commented lines, has graceful error handling, and can open ...

Basscss: Low-level CSS toolkit

Basscss is a low-level CSS toolkit that includes immutable utilities, layout modules, base element styles, and color styles. It's designed for clarity, scalability, speed, and performance.

Email.js: Write email applications in JavaScript

Email.js is a set of components for writing email apps with JavaScript and HTML5 or Node.js. It includes an email builder, email parser, IMAP client, and SMTP client.