Show me the React: See React components on any page

Show me the React is an extension that shows you all the React components on a given page. It's available for Chrome or Firefox.

Tabella.js: Responsive tables

Tabella.js gives you pure JavaScript responsive tables. They're touch-enabled and AMD-ready.

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 PS : Edge Enhancement Photoshop Filter - only 15!

Fixel EdgeHancer is an edge enhancement Photoshop filter that features a novel algorithm to enhance and emphasize edges in video frames and images. Unlike "classic" sharpeners, EdgeHancer emphasizes the edges ...

Burger: Minimal, full-screen navigation

Burger offers minimal, full-screen navigation. It includes beautiful animations and requires zero external bower dependencies.

React CSS Modules: Seamless mapping of class names

React CSS Modules provides seamless mapping of class names to CSS modules in React components. It enables modular and reusable CSS.

jQuery Menu Aim: For making responsive mega-dropdowns

jQuery Menu Aim is for creating responsive mega-dropdowns like Amazon's. It differentiates between a user hovering over an item and trying to navigate into a submenu.

Tabby: Lightweight tabs

Tabby gives you simple toggle tabs. It's well documented and easy to use.

Pullbox: Dropbox alternative with Git

Pullbox is a simple Dropbox alternative using Git. It works on any Linux-like OS and OSX.

Fly: Modern build system for Node

Fly is a modern build system for Node with a simple API, robust error handling, and concurrent tasks. It's based in co-routines, generators, and promises.