Blackhole: Minimalist SCSS/CSS framework

Blackhole is a minimalist SCSS/CSS framework that's flexible and powerful. It's modular, focuses on semantics, and encourages users to write clear code.

SassyFlags: Add any flag to your website

SassyFlags lets you add any flag to your website using SASS. It's lightweight and easy to use.

10 Sign Mockups for Restaurants and Coffee Shops - only $8!

Curious what your logo would look like on a sign hanging from your shop or restaurant? Now it's easy to envision with this collection of 10 quality mockups. ...

Circulus.svg: Easily create circular menus

Circulus.svg is a circular menu generator, that lets you generate an SVG menu. It offers two different styles, with full or half circles, and various options for styling.

Slideout.js: Touch slideout navigation menu

Slideout.js is a touch slideout navigation menu for mobile web apps. It has simple markup, native scrolling, and it's dependency-free.

Griderator: A node.js CSS grid generator

Griderator is a CSS grid generator for node.js. It supports any unit width, any number of columns, gutters, and more, and has no dependencies.

dgrid: Next-generation grid component

dgrid is a next-generation grid component for the Dojo Toolkit. It's lightweight, modular, and extensible, while taking full advantage of modern browsers.

Centurion: A responsive web framework

Centurion is a responsive web framework that's built on CSS3 and HTML5 semantics. It also works great for fast prototyping.

Kiwi.js: Open source HTML5 game framework

Kiwi.js is an open source HTML5 game framework. It includes 2D Canvas and WebGL rendering, multi-touch support, flexible game objects, and more.