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Calabash: Automated acceptance testing

Calabash lets you write and execute automated acceptance tests of mobile apps. It supports both Android and iOS.

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP allows you to write native mobile apps using PHP. It uses PHP for the functionality, and HTML/CSS for the UI, making it easy to create apps that ...

84 PSD Mockups for Book Covers and Apple Products from iPhone to Macbooks - only $27!

Curious how your designs will look in the real world? You can take the time to really build it and set up a big photoshoot. Or… you can ...

A-Frame: A framework for the virtual reality web

A-Frame is a framework for building things for the virtual reality web. You can use markup to create VR experiences that work across desktop, iPhones, and the Oculus ...

ChocolateChip-UI: Standards-based mobile apps

ChocolateChip-UI lets you create standards-based mobile apps with a native look and feel. It's lightweight, fast, customizable, and works with Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Natural language for developers is a natural programming language for developers. It can be used for mobile apps, home automation, wearables, messenger agents, and more.

ItemSlide.js: Simple touch carousel

ItemSlide.js is a simple and beautiful touch carousel. It includes options for duration, swipe sensitivity, and more.

Infinite-list: A 60fps infinite list in JavaScript

Infinite-list is a 60fps infinite list built with JavaScript for mobile devices. It can be used with whatever rendering technique you like.

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Onsen UI: HTML5 mobile framework

Onsen UI is a mobile framework that includes Javascript and CSS frameworks for HTML5, PhoneGap & Cordova apps. It offers a large selection of Web-based UI components, and ...