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UberRUSH: Track deliveries from any device

UberRUSH is an on-demand delivery network that's powered by Uber. It lets you and your customer track the exact location of your delivery from any device.

Shimmer: Add a shimmering effect to iOS

Shimmer makes it easy to adding a shimmering effect to any screen in an iOS app. It can be super useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator, among other ...

3,000+ Exclusive Unique Fonts - only $24!

An instant font library is just a single click away! Yep, with this megatastic Mighty Deal from MacAppware, you'll get yourself 2 fabulously huge font collections in 1 ...

Pressure.js: A JS library for Apple touch screens

Pressure.js is a JavaScript library for working with Apple's Force Touch and 3D Touch. It uses a simple API and also has sensible fallbacks for browsers that don't ...

Rikulo UI: Create cross-platform web and native mobile applications

Rikulo UI is a Dart framework for creating cross-platform web and native mobile applications with HTML5. It uses a structured UI model and offers a responsive UX across ...

TruckJS: Easily make mobile apps

TruckJS is an open-source mobile app framework. It provides layouts, widgets, touch gestures, data filtering, data binding, and more, all with clean code.

Flutter: High-fidelity mobile apps from a single codebase

Flutter helps you build high-performance, high-fidelity mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. It's still early stage, but you can build demos and example products ...

Calabash: Automated acceptance testing

Calabash lets you write and execute automated acceptance tests of mobile apps. It supports both Android and iOS.

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP: Mobile app development with PHP

PHAP allows you to write native mobile apps using PHP. It uses PHP for the functionality, and HTML/CSS for the UI, making it easy to create apps that ...