jQuery Vertical Mega-Menu Plugin

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The jQuery Vertical Mega-Menu Plugin creates vertical mega-menus from standard HTML nested lists, allowing users to view all available menu options for each top-level menu item.

There are several plugin options available for customizing the mega menu. You can: Choose the animation effect of the flyout menu, set the animation speed, set the number of sub-menus per row, display the flyout mega-menu on the left or right depending on the menu position and more.
jQuery Vertical Mega-Menu Plugin

  • Mankatha

    how to download this source code

  • Sultan Mirzaaaaaaaaa

    awesome, I got exactly what I wanted.

  • Vinod Nardiya


    as i can see this a 2 level menu and first level is already opened by default. I want first level top open when someone clicks on home page link of my site.

    How can i do that. Please advice.

  • amaterasu

    very cool.nice jquery menu