Category → Javascript

SamsaraJS: Layout animation library

SamsaraJS is an animation library for your layouts. It gives you a language for positioning, orienting, and sizing DOM elements and coordinating the animation of these properties.

Cycle.js: A JS framework for cleaner code

Cycle.js is a functional and reactive JavaScript framework for creating cleaner code. It has very few concepts to learn, and the core API has just one function.

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React Compose: Simpler stateless components

React Compose lets you encapsulate component logic into smaller, reusable functions, which can then be combined back into components.

Turntable.js: Responsive jQuery slider

Turntable.js is a responsive jQuery slider. It lets you flip through a series of images as your mouse/finger moves across a container.

Rebound: Spring animations for Android

Rebound is a java library for modeling spring dynamics. Animations in your application that use real-world physics feel more natural, improving UX.

Origami.js: Create things with HTML5 canvas

Origami.js was originally designed as a teaching tool for geometry, JavaScript, and the web in schools. It's evolved into a powerful library for creating things with HTML5 canvas.

Expounder: A simple library for hiding text behind a link

Expounder is a simple JS/CSS library for hiding text behind a link. Readers click the link to expand the text, perfect for including things like definitions or further ...

Popper.js: Create poppers in web applications

Popper.js is a library for creating poppers in web applications. You can easily position tooltips, popovers, and more with just one line of code.