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Ally.js: Simplifying accessibility with JavaScript

Ally.js is a JavaScript library that simplifies particular accessibility functions, features, and behaviors. It provides certain standard functions so that JavaScript applications can be made accessible more easily.

Horizon: Realtime JavaScript backend

Horizon is a realtime, open-source JavaScript backend. It lets you rapidly build and deploy web and mobile apps using a simple JavaScript API.

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Push.js: Cross-browser JavaScript push notifications

Push.js makes it simple to create cross-browser compatible push notifications with the JavaScript Notifications API.

Bideo.js: Easy fullscreen video backgrounds

If you want to add a fullscreen background video to your website projects, check out the easy-to-use Bideo.js JavaScript library.

Wait! Animate: Easily insert a delay between each animation iteration

Wait! Animate makes it easy to insert a delay between each iteration of your animation. It even includes a configuration tool so you don't have to code your ...

Doclets: Simple JavaScript API docs

Doclets makes it simple to create beautiful JavaScript API docs. It includes standard formats, versioning, and will stay free for open source projects forever.

Inspect Form: Form validation in JavaScript Vanilla

Inspect Form is form validation in JavaScript Vanilla. It has no dependencies and supports multiple languages.

Glio.js: Easily trigger callbacks

Glio.js lets you easily tigger callbacks when it detects that your visitor's mouse has left the browser viewport. It can help increase your conversion rates by giving visitors ...