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Wallop: Minimal library for showing and hiding things

Wallop is a minimal (4kb) library for showing and hiding things. It adds helper HTML classes in the correct HTML elements and previous and next buttons, to let ...

Gmail.js: Gmail JavaScript API

Gmail.js is an unofficial JavaScript API for Gmail. It includes a ton of methods, and is very well documented.

Pure CSS Image Slider with Auto-Cropping and Resizing - only $27!

Image sliders are such a great website tool for showcasing your website's top products, features or images. While many sliders look cool, they can slow things down with ...

Firenze.js: Adapter based JavaScript ORM

Firenze.js is an adapter-based JavaScript ORM for the browser and Node.js. It's highly extensible, written in ES6, and includes strong validation support.

Typeset.js: Ty­po­graphic pre-proces­sor for your HTML

Typeset.js is a typographic pre-processor for your HTML that uses no client-side JavaScript. It includes punctuation substitution, small-caps conversion, soft hyphen insertion, and much more.

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Selectivity: Lightweight, modular selection library

Selectivity.js is a modular, lightweight selection library for Zepto.js and jQuery. Select boxes have rich functionality while remaining customizable.

modoJS: Create UIs for your Backbone-driven web apps

modoJS lets you create user interfaces for your Backbone-driven web applications. It's a component-based library that lets you create your UI without writing a single line of HTML.

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Fastn.js: A tool for building user interfaces

Fastn.js is a JavaScript tool for building user interfaces. It lets you break your code into modules, and solve complex problems easily.

Amalia.js: HTML5 video player with metadata enrichment

Amalia.js is a metadata enriched HTML5 video player. It's extensible and versatile, and follows responsive design principles.