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Horsey: Customizable autocomplete component

Horsey is a customizable, progressive autocomplete component. It even works in text fields (useful for things like @ mentions).

UpUp: The offline-first library

UpUp is an offline-first library that lets you make your site available offline. It works for projects big and small, including making entire single page apps available offline, ...

Stylish Collection of 5 Quality Vintage and Script Fonts - only $24!

Finding unique fonts can be tricky, but Harder Type Foundry has put together a great collection for you, consisting of 5 Top Quality Fonts, all bundled together at 1 low-price ...

Clipboard.js: A new way to copy text to the clipboard

Clipboard.js is a new way to copy text to the clipboard with no Flash and no dependencies. It's compatible with modern versions of Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera, ...

PostCSS: Transform styles with JS plugins

PostCSS is a tool for transforming styles with JavaScript plugins. It can do the same work as pre-processors, but it's modular, faster, and more powerful.

Tabella.js: Responsive tables

Tabella.js gives you pure JavaScript responsive tables. They're touch-enabled and AMD-ready.

Fly: Modern build system for Node

Fly is a modern build system for Node with a simple API, robust error handling, and concurrent tasks. It's based in co-routines, generators, and promises.

Stateless.js: Cross-browser persistence library

Stateless.js is a cross-browser context persistence library. It features asynchronous handlers, the ability to mark hashes as processed, and prevents consecutive processing of identical hashes.

ItemSlide.js: Simple touch carousel

ItemSlide.js is a simple and beautiful touch carousel. It includes options for duration, swipe sensitivity, and more.