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Webpack: Module bundler

Webpack is a module bundler that takes modules with dependencies and turns them into static assets. It aims to be better suited to large projects, while also keeping ...

Ramjet: Transform one element into another

Ramjet simplifies turning one DOM element into another. It works with images, SVG and HTML, and even animated gifs.

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Wheelnav.js: Animated JavaScript navigation

Wheelnav.js makes it easy to create animated, spinning JavaScript navigation. It's based on Raphael.js, works on all major browsers, and is simple to use.

Sprint.js: High-performance DOM library for modern browsers

Sprint.js is a tiny, fast DOM library for modern browsers that's great for use on limited bandwidth and resource-constrained devices. It has a familiary, jQuery-like chainable API.

Egg.js: Add easter eggs to your websites

Egg.js makes it simple to add easter eggs to your site by watching your visitors' keystrokes. It's really easy to use, just by including the egg.js file on ...

Elevator.js: A fun script for fixing “scroll to top”

Elevator.js is a funny script that "improves" the user experience of "scroll to top" buttons. Specifically, it adds some lovely retro elevator music as it scrolls back up.

Nodemailer: Send emails from Node.js

Nodemailer makes it easy to send emails from Node.js. It supports HTML as well as plain text emails, and supports unicode characters, HTML image embedding, and more.

PapaParse: In-browser CSV parser

PapaParse: In-browser CSV parser

PapaParse is an in-browser multi-threaded CSV parser that includes header row support and type conversion. It can also skip commented lines, has graceful error handling, and can open ...