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Trine: Utility library for modern JavaScript

Trine is a utility library for modern JavaScript that lets you tap into the full potential of functional programming in JS. It's designed to be modular from the ...

Ity: Dependency-free JavaScript MVC

Ity is a tiny, dependency-free JS MVC that's great for small, mobile-specific apps. It has a tiny footprint for mobile networks (around 5kb minified) and an extremely fast ...

$20 off the SwatchMate Cube, a Designer's Perfect Color Capturing Tool

Big things really do come in small packages! Take the SwatchMate Cube, for example. This sleek device measures just 1.96"L x 1.96"W x 2.16"H (5cm x 5cm x 5.5cm). ...

Justice.js: A performance metric bar

Justice.js creates an on-page toolbar that displays page timing metrics and includes a streaming FPS graph. It's a high level performance discovery tool that provides insight into the ...

FamousEngine: JavaScript animations and interfaces

FamousEngine is a JS library for building animations and interfaces. It abstracts the DOM & WebGL, allowing you to do custom rendering and layouts.

KinWin.js: Minimalist DOM manipulation library

KinWin.js is a minimalist JavaScript DOM manipulation library. It's straightforward and easy to use.

PhantomCSS: CSS regression testing

PhantomCSS is a CasperJS module for automating your visual regression testing. It's great for testing live style guides, web apps, and responsive layouts.

Sylvester: Matrix and vector math for JavaScript

Sylvester is a matrix, geometry, and vector library for JavaScript. It includes classes for modelling infinite lines and planes in 3-dimensional space, and for modelling vectors and matrices ...

Dynamics.js: Physics-based CSS animations

Dynamics.js is a JavaScript library for creating physics-based CSS animations. It's straight-forward to use and works on all modern browsers.