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Bootbox.js: Easy Bootstrap modals

Bootbox.js makes it easy to create programmatic dialog boxes with Bootstrap modals. And you can do it all without have to create, manage or remove any of the ...

ReadRemaining.js: Tell users how long text will take to read

ReadRemaining.js uses JavaScript to inform your users of how long a block of text will take to read. It personalizes the time remaining based on current reading speed, ...

10 Responsive WordPress Themes from SimplyWP - only $22!

Get 10 Responsive WordPress Themes, from SimplyWY, in one fantastic bundle! With loads of customizable options, image sliders, and a variety of styles, this bundle has you covered! And ...

Boron: React.js dialog animations

Boron is a collection of dialog animations with React.js. It includes animations for drops, fades, fly-ins, and more.

Tabris.js: Native mobile apps with JavaScript

Tabris.js is a mobile framework that makes it simple to create native apps for iOS and Android in JavaScript. It doesn't use WebViews for rendering UI, and instead ...

Spectacle: ReactJS presentation library

Spectacle is a ReactJS presentation library for creating slide decks. It supports full width slides, background imagery, flexible layouts, formatted quotes, and more.

SweetAlert: A beautiful replacement for JS alerts

SweetAlert is a beautiful replacement for JavaScript alert messages. It offers a number of variations, including success messages, warnings, and more.

Sticker.js: Create a sticker effect with JavaScript

Sticker.js is a JavaScript library that lets you create a sticker effect. It's easy to use, with no dependencies.

AuraJS: Declarative component for event-driven RequireJS apps

AuraJS is a declarative component for event-driven RequireJS apps. It makes it easy to extend the core capabilities of your app before your components load.