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Cory: Static site generator

Cory is a static site generator for JavaScript lovers. It uses clean, logic-less handlebars templates and markdown files that let you to set up a new site in ...

jsfmt: For formatting, searching, and rewriting javascript

jsfmt helps you format, search, and rewrite your JavaScript. It helps keep your code neat, smartly find patterns, and then clean and refactor your code.

InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop Hands-On Video Tutorial Bundle - only $39!

If you've always wanted to learn about graphic design but never knew where to start, you're in luck. This amazing bundle from Designtuitive offers up 3 hands-on courses to ...

Multi-Screen.js: Turn a single page into a collection of screens

Multi-Screen.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that lets you turn a single page into a collection of screens with animated navigation. It's as simple as dividing up your ...

Whiteboard: Simply write beautiful API documentation

Whiteboard makes it easy to write beautiful API documentation. It's a NodeJS based project inspired by the Ruby-based Slate API documentation tool.

Loud Links: Add audio interactions to your site

Loud Links is a small JavaScript library that lets you add sounds to interactions on your website. It creates HTML5 audio element and uses it to play mp3/OGG ...

Structor: UI builder for React

Structor is a user interface builder for React. It’s a fast and handy tool for visual construction of UIs from pre-created components, and eliminates routine tasks.

Simulacra.js: One-way data binding for web apps

Simulacra.js provides one-way data binding between JavaScript objects and the DOM. When data changes in your web app, it maps those changes to the DOM.

Feature.js: Feature detection in 1kb

Feature.js is a feature-detection library that's only 1kb. It's fast, simple, and lightweight.