Category → Javascript

EQCSS: CSS extension for element queries

EQCSS is a JavaScript plugin for CSS element queries and more. It lets you create sites that are content-responsive rather than just responsive to the browser viewport size.

Nodal: API services with Node.js

Nodal.js a web server for Node.js that is optimized for quickly and efficiently building API services. It has its own opinionated, idiomatic, highly-extensible framework.

100+ Geometric Patterns from You and I Graphics - only $24!

This amazing bundle of Geometric Seamless Vector Patterns includes 100+ You And I Graphics seamless vector patterns. Make them as large as you like with no loss in ...

DerbyJS: A full-stack framework for modern web apps

DerbyJS is a full-stack framework built for creating modern web applications. It's composed of several standard node.js modules so you can mix and match your own code, community ...

Frappe: A full-stack framework for powerful business apps

Frappe is a full-stack web framework based on Python and JavaScript. It helps you build powerful business apps and extensions.

Mega Boilerplate: Handcrafted starter projects

Mega Boilerplate is a collection of handcrafted starter projects that are optimized for simplicity and ease of use. It works with Node.js, static HTML5 sites, Electron, and more.

Anypixel.js: Create big, unusual, interactive displays

Anypixel.js lets you create web-friendly big, unusual, interactive displays using all sorts of things.  Any can fork the code and schematics to create their own display.

Holmes: Real-time page search

Holmes gives you real-time search inside your pages. It's easy to install and fully documented.

React-designer: Editable vector graphics in your React components

React-designer gives you editable vector graphics in your React components. It's easy to configure and lightweight.