Intype – A fast and easy text editor

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Intype is a fast and easy text editor. It has smart select & edit, snippet insertion and management, auto-paired characters, fast syntax highlighting and code-coloring themes. Snippets, themes or even language grammars can be changed or added in the comfy extension editor. Intype allows you to keep all your projects and files at hand when needed. And Intype is fast – it opens instantly and has snappy responses.
Intype - A fast and easy text editor

  • Anonymous

    I use it for several years. It is a very good option, is very light and with many bundles, themes and tricks

  • RandomGuy

    Interesting. But as they are planning to “go commercial” with the project (the current release will expire in 3 months – after that you have to buy v1.0 – or if you’re lucky they haven’t finished the final version until then and there will be another 0.9.* version which will run another few months), I would recommend one of the other good free text-editors like Notepad++.

  • If they come with paid version, I think we should stay with Notepad++.

  • Greg

    What’s with people avoiding paying for good products? I like Notepadd++ also, and use Netbeans (also free), but I don’t understand the aversion to paying for a product if it suits your needs.

    • RandomGuy

      The point is that Resources on codevisually are normally open source or free. So they should’ve mention (IMHO) that Intype isn’t free. Thats all. And honestly: if I want to pay for a text-editor – i would buy UltraEdit (as I already did a long time ago) as its simply the best editor out there. jm2c