IE Alert js – Let your visitors upgrade their browser

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IE Alert is a handy jQuery plugin that shows a well designed warning message to the visitor who's trying to view your site with an older version of Internet Explorer browser, this warning message will convince your visitors to upgrade their browser to a newer version of Internet Explorer or to an another web browser.
IE Alert js - Let your visitors upgrade their browser

  • Simon Goellner

    This looks too much like a pop-up-scam to be useful 🙁

    • I agree. The fact is that you can put that on your own website, but what happens when it depends on your client. They don’t care about IE or FF or Chrome, they only want to have visitors and to sell. And most of them use IE8 or lower!

      I always try to explain them about IE troubles, but they are used to IE and they don’t navigate internet as we do, they feel comfortable.

  • sblessley

    pushuptheweb seems to be defunct.