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Origami.js: Create things with HTML5 canvas

Origami.js was originally designed as a teaching tool for geometry, JavaScript, and the web in schools. It's evolved into a powerful library for creating things with HTML5 canvas.

html5validator: Command line tool to validate HTML5

html5validator is a command line tool for validating your HTML5 files. It was written with static site generators in mind.

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Superpowers: 2D + 3D indie game framework

Superpowers is an open source framework for making 2D and 3D HTML5 indie games. It offers real-time collaboration and is powered by TypeScript.

Rikulo UI: Create cross-platform web and native mobile applications

Rikulo UI is a Dart framework for creating cross-platform web and native mobile applications with HTML5. It uses a structured UI model and offers a responsive UX across ...

Loud Links: Add audio interactions to your site

Loud Links is a small JavaScript library that lets you add sounds to interactions on your website. It creates HTML5 audio element and uses it to play mp3/OGG ...

Comic.js: Cartoon style drawing for HTML5 Canvas and more

Comic.js is a JavaScript library that lets you create cartoon-style drawings for HTML5 Canvas, Raphael.js, D3.js, and SVG.js. You can use it either for drawing comic style shapes ...

Droparea: HTML5 drag and drop

Droparea is an HTML5 file drag and drop component for React.js. It's well documented and easy to get started with.

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Onsen UI: HTML5 mobile framework

Onsen UI is a mobile framework that includes Javascript and CSS frameworks for HTML5, PhoneGap & Cordova apps. It offers a large selection of Web-based UI components, and ...