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Tagster: Create HTMl strings with ease

Tagster is a simple library that makes it easy to create HTML strings. It works with node or client-side applications.

CoffeeKup: Write your HTML templates in CoffeeScript

CoffeeKup is a Node.js templating engine that lets you write your HTML templates entirely in CoffeeScript. It's very simple to use, with intuitive markup and thorough documentation.

Noem9studio's Essay Font Family, 8 Styles - only $9!

Isn't it nice when you can keep things in the family? Like fonts for instance. A fun, unique font is great. But a fun unique and rockin' font ...

Quink: A rich, web- and mobile-friendly editor

Quink is an open source in-page WYSIWYG HTML editor that's easy to use. It's versatile, extensible, and uses the contenteditable features of modern browsers.

Embed Curl: Embeddable curl commands

Embed Curl makes is easy to embed curl commands into your website, blog, or API documentation. Just place the script on the page, and any element with an ...

Chainvas: A modular chaining library

Chainvas is a modular library that allows you to add chaining capabilities to virtually any API that isn't natively chainable. It's 1-2kb minified and fully documented.

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jQuery Selectric: Stylize and manipulate HTML selects

jQuery Selectric is a jQuery plugin that makes it easier to stylize and manipulate HTML selects. It's easily customizable, fairly lightweight, and works with keyboard shortcuts.

Recline.js: A simple library for building apps

Recline.js is a powerful library for building data apps in pure HTML and JavaScript. It provides components and structure to data-heavy apps by providing models and views.

CSS  -  HTML  -  Javascript

UIBox: Curated UI component library

UIBox is a curated, searchable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript user interface component library. In addition to searching, you can also look up various UI components by exploring tags.