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Penguin: Extensible front-end framework

Penguin is an extensible, lightweight front-end framework built with Sass. It includes a Gruntfile for compiling your SCSS, plus a set of powerful Sass mixins.

FlexCss: A mobile-first CSS/Javascript pattern library

FlexCss is a mobile-first CSS/Javascript pattern-library that's lightweight and Flexbox based. It was built for HelloFellow by David Heidrich.

Video Course: Learn Version Control with Git

Working as a team between programmers is critical for websites, particularly the larger a company is. But even if you're just a 1-man show, using version control can ...

Goji: A web microframework for Golang

Goji is a minimalistic web microframework for Golang. It values composability and simplicity.

Basscss: Low-level CSS toolkit

Basscss is a low-level CSS toolkit that includes immutable utilities, layout modules, base element styles, and color styles. It's designed for clarity, scalability, speed, and performance.

Email.js: Write email applications in JavaScript

Email.js is a set of components for writing email apps with JavaScript and HTML5 or Node.js. It includes an email builder, email parser, IMAP client, and SMTP client.

ApplePie: Semantic, modular CSS toolkit

ApplePie is a modular CSS toolkit with a semantic CSS approach. It keeps your code clear, readable, consistent and explicit.

Crow: Easy to use C++ micro-framework

Crow is an easy to use C++ micro framework inspired by Python Flask. It has a fast built-in JSON parser, a Mustache-based templating library, and more.

Flask: Python microframework

Flask is a python microframework that's based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2. It's easy to set up, includes a built-in development server and debugger, and integrated unit testing ...