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Layers-CSS: An unobtrusive, style-agnostic framework

Layers-CSS is an unobtrusive, style-agnostic, lightweight framework. It has a small footprint and a minimum-interference collection of common-sense default styles.

Leaf: A framework based on Material Design

Leaf is a CSS framework based on Google's Material Design principles. It includes a bunch of common components, icons, grid, color palettes, and more.

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DEEP Framework: A serverless web framework

DEEP is a serverless web framework that enables developers to build cloud-native applications. It uses a microservices approach for a completely serverless approach.

Supersonic: Data-driven apps with native performance

Supersonic is a UI framework that lets you build data-driven apps that have native performance. Everything is there for hybrid app development right out of the gate.

Beego Framework: Open source framework for Go applications

Beego is an open source framework for building applications the Go way. It's easy to use, modular, and intelligent.

Office UI Fabric: Front-end framework for Office and Office 365

Office UI Fabric is a front-end framework for building experiences for Office and Office 365. It's mobile-first, responsive, and quick and simple to get started with.

Formstone: Thoughtfully crafted front-end components

Formstone is a set of thoughtfully crafted front-end components, rather than a traditional framework. It's responsive, lightweight, modular, and automated.

Mimic: Class-fied inline CSS

Mimic isn't a framework, it's class-fied inline CSS. It makes controlling your class styles much easier, just by changing the class name.