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The Hand: A serialized rules engine

The Hand is a serialized rules engine. It aims to be able to define rules in a human-readable manner, while also being able to serialize those rules into ...

RapidPro: Build scalable interactive messaging applications

RapidPro simplifies creating scalable, interactive messaging apps by allowing them to be built visually. It includes contact and message management tools, a visual interface for building messaging “flows”, ...

8 Professional Graphic Design Magazine Templates (Over 350 pages) - only $17!

Now you can whip up breathtaking magazine layouts with ease, thanks to this Mighty Deal from Love Graphic Design. Take advantage of the 8 professional hi-res templates in ...

LaunchKit: Web-based tools for mobile app developers

LaunchKit is a set of web-based tools for mobile app developers that has just open sourced all of their code. It's set up to easily get started Vagrant ...

Timber: Shopify starter theme

Timber is a Shopify starter theme that makes it faster and easier to build Shopify themes. It's fully responsive and mobile-first.

Redbeard: Boilerplate-free native app development

Redbeard makes it faster and easier to create native apps without a boilerplate. It's a complete framework with tons of components.

Bootstrap Tour: An easy way to show people how to use your website

Bootstrap Tour is an easy way to add a tooltip tour to your website. It even works if you don't use Bootstrap!

Dio: Lightweight virtual DOM framework

Dio is a lightweight virtual DOM framework. It's only 6kb minified and gzipped.

Weex: Mobile cross-platform UI framework

Weex is a mobile cross-platform UI framework. It's lightweight, high-performance, and extendable.