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Skit: Pure JS front-end for better web clients

Skit is a pure JavaScript front-end for creating better web clients. It has zero configuration and almost 100% of the code is shared by both the server and ...

Bazel: A build tool from Google

Bazel is a build tool from Google that's used to build the majority of their software. It's made to work with huge repositories of source code, as well ...

Build Unlimited Website Designs with the Bootstrap Starter Kit - only $14!

Bootstrap websites are all the rage these days and for good reason. They're lean, mean and highly responsive in design. Well, now with this incredible Bootstrap Starter Kit you ...

Wee: Blueprint for modern web development

Wee is a lightweight front-end framework for building complex, responsive web projects logically. It has mobile-first CSS, is exceedingly scalable, and it's extensible.

T3: A minimalist JavaScript framework

T3 is a minimalist JS framework for building large-scale apps that gives your code a core structure. It has a modular design and is made for collaboration.

jsblocks: A better JavaScript MV-ish framework

jsblocks is a better MV-ish JavaScript framework that's easy to learn. It lets you build everything from simple UIs to complex single-page web apps.

Sprint.js: High-performance DOM library for modern browsers

Sprint.js is a tiny, fast DOM library for modern browsers that's great for use on limited bandwidth and resource-constrained devices. It has a familiary, jQuery-like chainable API.

Electron: Build cross-platform desktop apps

Electron lets you use web technologies to build cross-platform desktop applications. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with Chromium and Node.js, so your apps run on Linux, ...

Penguin: Extensible front-end framework

Penguin is an extensible, lightweight front-end framework built with Sass. It includes a Gruntfile for compiling your SCSS, plus a set of powerful Sass mixins.