foneFrame – An HTML5 & CSS3 mobile web framework

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foneFrame is an HTML5 & CSS3 mobile framework that creates web pages designed for smartphones like Android and iPhone as well as tablets and computers.

The basic foneFrame elements (CSS, JPG, etc.) are minimized and hosted in the cloud. Simply link to them and take advantage of caching close to your users. foneFrame is elegant and extensible, not to mention free.

Use this template to embed Twitter updates, Google Maps, and Google Calendars into mobile web pages. The foneFrame stylesheet is made for mixing and matching, starting with the wide variety of examples we provide out of the box. Best of all, foneFrame can be used with mobile dev tools like jQuery, Modernizr, HTML reset, Phonegap, and other libraries.
foneFrame - An  HTML5 & CSS3 mobile web framework