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Flex Layout Attribute: CSS flexbox layout helper

Flex Layout Attribute is a layout helper based on CSS flexbox. It gives you quick flexbox shorthand by using two custom html attributes — 'layout' and 'self'.

EQCSS: CSS extension for element queries

EQCSS is a JavaScript plugin for CSS element queries and more. It lets you create sites that are content-responsive rather than just responsive to the browser viewport size.

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Pills: A tiny CSS grid for humans

Pills is a tiny, responsive CSS grid for humans. It's 4KB, uses a mobile first grid system, and utilizes the HTML5 Boilerplate Head.


Jam API: Turn any site into a JSON-accessible API

Jam API lets you turn any site in a JSON-accessible API using CSS selectors. It's well-documented, complete with code examples.

Pavilion: A simple, unopinionated CSS framework

Pavilion is a simple, unopinionated CSS framework built  for front-end web developers who lean towards creativity, exploration, and creating UI components themselves.

Picnic CSS: A beautiful, lightweight library

Picnic CSS is a beautiful, lightweight library. It gives native HTML elements a boost so you don't need to write presentation classes mixed with your html.

Happy Cog Starter Files: The frontend starter files used by Happy Cog

Every wondered what Happy Cog's starting point for a new website project was? Now you can not only find out, but use their frontend starter files yourself.

Spectre.css: A lightweight CSS framework

Spectre.css is a lightweight, responsive CSS framework. It includes carefully designed elements and useful built-in components and utilities.