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Driveway: Pure CSS masonry layout

Driveway is a pure CSS masonry layout aid. It was developed using stylus, and is exploring pure CSS masonry layouts.

Sierra: Small, light SCSS library

Sierra is a small, lightweight SCSS library. Customize grids, fonts, colors, and more.

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CSS  -  UI

Flexbox Patterns: Awesome UIs with Flexbox

Flexbox Patterns gives you the tools you need to build awesome user interfaces using CSS Flexbox. It includes examples and source code.

Expounder: A simple library for hiding text behind a link

Expounder is a simple JS/CSS library for hiding text behind a link. Readers click the link to expand the text, perfect for including things like definitions or further ...

Balloon.css: Pure CSS simple tooltips

Balloon.css lets you create simple tooltips with pure CSS. It requires only a few lines of CSS to work, and no JavaScript.

Atomizer Web: Web app for Atomizer

Atomizer Web is a web app for Atomizer, a tool for creating Atomic CSS. It's simple to use, with a live preview pane at the bottom of the ...

Repaintless: Fast CSS animation library

Repaintless is a library for fast CSS animations. It only includes animations that don't cause reflows and repaints of a website when used correctly.

Grd: A CSS grid framework

Grd is a CSS grid framework using Flexbox. It's only 512 bytes (Gzipped), and provides just two base classes.