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October CMS: A CMS based on the Laravel PHP Framework

October is an open source content management system built on the Laravel PHP Framework. It's rooted in simplicity and based on flexible patterns.

PencilBlue: A open source Node.js CMS

PencilBlue is an open source Node.js content management system that's fully responsive and completely scalable. It's extendable, easy to use, and is great for more than just blogs.

Snatchy Script Font: A Beautiful Script Font with a Natural Feel - only 7!

Add a real natural, personal touch to your latest art project with Snatchy! This beautiful, handmade script font from Artimasa, sports a truly dynamic shape with an irregular ...

Gleez CMS: An extensible CMS built on Kohana

Gleez CMS is a content management system built on the Kohana Framework. It's open source and extensible, and supports modules, themes, and more.

Writefully: Create a CMS from a GitHub repository

Writefully makes it possible to turn any GitHub repository into a CMS. It's fault-tolerant, east to extend, supports theming, and more.

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Widgy: An open source Python/Django CMS framework

Widgy is an open source, highly-customizable CMS built on Python/Django that lets you quickly add, remove, or modify widgets. It also features a page builder, review queue, optimized ...

Wagtail: An elegant, open source Django CMS

Wagtail is a new open source Django CMS from Torchbox, that's elegant and easy to use. It's lightweight, agile, and fast.

Monstra: A modern, mobile-friendly CMS

Monstra is a fast, extensible, modern CMS that's flexible and easy to use. It has Twitter Bootstrap built-in for the front-end framework, is multi-user friendly, and it's database-free.

Letterpress — A minimal blogging platform

Letterpress is a minimalist blogging system that uses static files with no dynamic HTML generated from a database, no commenting, no PHP, and no RSS/Atom feeds. The main ...