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HTML Minifier: Minify your HTML files

HTML Minifier is a simple web app that minifies your HTML code according to options you select. You can opt to remove comments, collapse whitespace, remove optional tags, ...

Trumbowyg: A lightweight WYSIWYG editor

Trumbowyg is a lightweight WYSIWYG editor that's fast and lightweight while being HTML5 ready. The design and options are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Lito HEADLINE Font Family
(6 Styles) - only $10!

Some fonts are great for being subtle or elegant. Other times, you just need to shout your message to the world. And that's where the Lito Font Family ...

Wavepot: Create music with JavaScript

Wavepot is a JavaScript app for creating music and other audio tracks. There are tons of demos and examples available, and overall it's very simple to use.

Tooveo: Keep track of your resources

Tooveo is a free service for developers and designers to save all of the web resources they want to remember. It's free to sign up, makes it easy ...

Source: Create a living style guide

Source is a tool for documenting your web components. It combines front-end building with the documentation process, making it a great tool for team productivity, too.

Dimensions Toolkit: Responsive website testing tools

The Dimensions Toolkit offers useful tools for testing your responsive website designs, with custom and default break points, resizable dimensions, and more. It's available as both a Chrome ...

TryGit: Learn Git in 15 minutes

TryGit, from Code School, is a quick and free Git tutorial that will teach you the basics of using Git in just a few minutes. It's fully interactive ...

Quill: Open source rich text editor

Quill is an open source rich text editor that has an API to make it easy to customize for your own uses. It's fast and lightweight, with an ...