Category → Web Application A rust web app framework is a web application framework for the rust programming language. It includes a custom error handler, JSON handling, and more.

HTML Minifier: Minify your HTML files

HTML Minifier is a simple web app that minifies your HTML code according to options you select. You can opt to remove comments, collapse whitespace, remove optional tags, ...

Latinotype Pack of 9 Fabulous Font Families - only $37!

Looking for a fresh take on typefaces? Then you owe it to yourself to cast your eyes on this fontastic Latinotype Pack! Full of 9 versatile and highly ...

Trumbowyg: A lightweight WYSIWYG editor

Trumbowyg is a lightweight WYSIWYG editor that's fast and lightweight while being HTML5 ready. The design and options are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Wavepot: Create music with JavaScript

Wavepot is a JavaScript app for creating music and other audio tracks. There are tons of demos and examples available, and overall it's very simple to use.

Tooveo: Keep track of your resources

Tooveo is a free service for developers and designers to save all of the web resources they want to remember. It's free to sign up, makes it easy ...

Source: Create a living style guide

Source is a tool for documenting your web components. It combines front-end building with the documentation process, making it a great tool for team productivity, too.

Dimensions Toolkit: Responsive website testing tools

The Dimensions Toolkit offers useful tools for testing your responsive website designs, with custom and default break points, resizable dimensions, and more. It's available as both a Chrome ...

TryGit: Learn Git in 15 minutes

TryGit, from Code School, is a quick and free Git tutorial that will teach you the basics of using Git in just a few minutes. It's fully interactive ...