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Purplecoat.js: Create triggerable labeled overlays

Purplecoat.js lets you create labeled overlays that can be triggered with a click.

Swing: A Tinder-like swipeable cards interface

Swing is a Tinder-like swipeable cards interface that lets you swipe left or right for yes or no inputs. Cards snap back into place if they aren't dragged ...

RETRO MANIA: 50 Vintage Text Effects - only $10!

Words are powerful. Even more so when they're used as a design tool. With text effects, you can convert an otherwise ordinary project into a highly emotional one. ...

jQuery  -  UI

NoUiSlider: A tiny range slider

NoUiSlider is a range slider without the bloat, but with a ton of features. It's lightweight and as minimal as possible, so it's compatible on a wide range ...

EnjoyHint: Interactive hints and tooltips

EnjoyHint makes it easy to create interactive hints and tips, with a fast setup and simple configuration. It includes auto-focus highlighting and timeout settings, among other features.

UILang: A UI-focused programming language

UILang is a UI-focused programming language specifically for web designers. It makes it easy to build interfaces with things like pop overs, galleries, tabs, overlays, and more.

jQuery  -  UI

VenoBox: A responsive jQuery lightbox plugin

VenoBox is a responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that works for images, inline content, iFrames, Google Maps, and more. Unlike many other responsive lightbox plugins, it preserves the height ...

jQuery  -  UI

FlexNav: Device-agnostic complex navigation

FlexNav is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to add device-agnostic complex navigation to your site. It has support for touch, hover reveals, and keyboard tab inputs.

Tether: Permanently tie elements together

Tether is a JavaScript library that lets you marry together DOM elements. You can take any element and make it stay next to another element on a page, ...