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Circulus.svg: Easily create circular menus

Circulus.svg is a circular menu generator, that lets you generate an SVG menu. It offers two different styles, with full or half circles, and various options for styling.

Slideout.js: Touch slideout navigation menu

Slideout.js is a touch slideout navigation menu for mobile web apps. It has simple markup, native scrolling, and it's dependency-free.

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Griderator: A node.js CSS grid generator

Griderator is a CSS grid generator for node.js. It supports any unit width, any number of columns, gutters, and more, and has no dependencies.

dgrid: Next-generation grid component

dgrid is a next-generation grid component for the Dojo Toolkit. It's lightweight, modular, and extensible, while taking full advantage of modern browsers.

Pushy: Off-canvas navigation

Pushy offers off-canvas navigation with CSS transforms and transitions. It offers smooth performance on mobile devices, collapsible sub-menus, and it's responsive.

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Salvattore: An alternative to jQuery Masonry

Salvattore is a jQuery Masonry plugin alternative with CSS-driven configuration. It distributes your grid items to the number of columns you specify, and is easy to configure.

Olly.js: Turn URLs into rich media

Olly.js makes it simple to turn your URLs into rich media. Use it to embed things like YouTube, Vimeo, or videos from a variety of other services automatically.

Ouibounce: Increase your landing page conversion rates

Ouibounce aims to help you increase your landing page conversion rates by displaying a modal window before a visitor leaves. Depending on your audience, traffic type, and copy, ...