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Soma-template: A web template engine

Soma-template is a web template engine that manipulates DOM nodes instead of producing a "template string" that's injected into the DOM, keeping the workflow much more similar to ...

Teddy: An HTML-based templating engine

Teddy is an easy-to-read HTML-based templating engine. It has a mostly logic-less DOM with support for server-side and client-side templating.

GRANDÉ BUNDLE: 160 PSD Mockups Bundle from Zippy Pixels - only $27!

Mockups can be a huge timesaver (and lifesaver) when it comes to design. Get an early look at what your projects are going to look like in the ...

Tumblr Boilerplate: A jumpstart for your Tumblr themes

The Tumblr Boilerplate is a simple starting point for any Tumblr theme. It's HTML5 based, includes the various post types, and is optimized for speed, among other features.

HTML-Now: A fast HTML template generator

HTML-Now is a fast, open-source, online HTML template generator. Just add text, meta tags, and your script and CSS files, and it will output your HTML.

CoffeeKup: Write your HTML templates in CoffeeScript

CoffeeKup is a Node.js templating engine that lets you write your HTML templates entirely in CoffeeScript. It's very simple to use, with intuitive markup and thorough documentation.

Hackathon Starter Template: A barebones start for Bootstrap

This barebones Hackathon Starter Template is a quick way to get up and running on your next Bootstrap project. It includes a bit of text, some basic HTML, ...

Jiko: A powerful template engine for JavaScript

Jiko is a modern, full-featured template engine for JavaScript that's easy to use. It gives programmers a way to write templates that's as powerful as server-side template engines ...

Black Tie: Free attractive Bootstrap themes

Black Tie offers up free, well-designed Bootstrap themes that anyone can use. There are themes for a variety of different site types, from portfolios to app pages and ...