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Stairtower: Database server for JSON documents

Stairtower is a database server for schema-free, JSON documents. It's built on React, uses a restful API, and is entirely written in PHP.

PHP Date & Converter: A handy reference chart

This PHP Date & Converter is a reference chart that displays common date and time formats used in PHP. It also includes a Unix timestamp converter.

FONT BUNDLE: Lulo Font Families (textured and Clean) - only $14!

Versatility and depth. That's the best way to describe the high-quality, professional Lulo Font Family. This Mighty Deal from Yellow Design Studio brings you all 20 Lulo and Lulo ...

PHP-MVC Project: Encouraging Model-View-Control application structure

The PHP-MCV Project is a set of scripts that encourage the use of Model-View-Control application structure. There's an advanced version that also comes with automatic SASS compiling and ...

Belt: Useful tools for PHP developers

Belt is a collection of useful tools for PHP developers. It offers over 60 useful functions, and it's fully tested.

PHP-login Project: Add authentication to PHP

PHP-login Project is a script for adding authentication to your PHP projects. There are multiple tutorials available for installing it on various server configurations, as well as a ...

Plates: Native PHP templating

Plates is a fast, easy to use, and easy to extend native PHP templating system. It aims to bring modern template language functionality to PHP, to allow developers ...

Yaf – Yet Another Framework: A fast PHP framework

Yaf is the fastest PHP framework, and the first PHP MVC framework that was written in C and built as a PHP extension. It's well-tested and consumes very ...

Nette Framework 2.0: A PHP tool for web development

Nette Framework is a modern PHP framework with revolutionary security, an object-oriented design, exceptional performance, and an easy learning curve. It also has an active community, and gives ...