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Btapp.js: Torque-powered JS library from BitTorrent

Btapp.js: Torque-powered JS library from BitTorrent

Btapp.js is a Torque-powered JavaScript library from BitTorrent. It brings torrent technology to your browser, and relies on Backbone to make turbulent data easy to work with.

JavaScript I/O: An npm compatible platform based on node.js

JavaScript I/O is an npm compatible platform that was originally based on Node.js and built on Chrome's V8 Runtime. It aims to provide faster and predictable release cycles.

Flat UI Pro, an Easy-to-Use Bootstrap Design Framework - 84% off!

Flat UI Pro, from Designmodo, is chock full of fantastic components, icons and glyphs to help make your website-building much easier. Loaded with everything from buttons to sliders to ...

Intercooler.js: Ajax with simple HTML attributes

Intercooler.js makes it easy to use Ajax with simple, declarative HTML attributes. It's incremental, so you can use it for as much or as little as your app ...

Migrat: A pluggable Node.js migration tool

Migrat is a pluggable Node.js migration tool that is not tied any particular database engine and supports multi-node environments. It's designed for diverse stacks and processes, and allows ...

Matter.js: An HTML5 2D physics engine

Matter.js is a JavaScript/HTML5 2D physics engine for the web. It includes WebGL and Canvas renderers, it's cross-browser and mobile compatible, and supports a variety of physics properties.

Types.js: A tiny type checker/enforcer library

Types.js is a tiny JavaScript library that checks and enforces value type rules. It can check one or multiple arguments simultaneously, and can force a value to be ...

Converse.js: An open-source XMPP chat client

Converse.js is an open source XMPP chat client that can be integrated into any website. It supports Facebook-like chat, multi-user chatrooms, and single-site login, among other features.

Nightmare: A high level wrapper for Phantomjs

Nightmare is a high-level wrapper for Phantomjs that lets you simplify deeply nested callbacks into sequential statements. It's pluggable and has a simple API.