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Dropcap.js: Easily add drop caps to your web typography

Dropcap.js makes it simple to add drop caps to your online typography, like many print designs. You can specify different fonts for the dropcap and paragraph type, as ...

SweetAlert: A pretty replacement for JS alerts

SweetAlert is a beautiful replacement for JavaScript's standard "alerts". It's easy to install and uses SASS for styling.

Get the Booster Next FY Font Family
(6 weights) - only $19!

Need to boost your typeface toolbox a bit? Then have we got a friendly (type) face for you! Meet the Booster Next FY Font Family, a real nice, ...

Cylon.js: A next generation robotics framework

Cylon.js is a next generation robotics framework that's compatible with 27 different platforms. It makes it incredibly easy and fun to command robots using JavaScript.

Nightmare: A Phantomjs high-level wrapper

Nightmare is a high level wrapper for Phantomjs. It's pluggable, has a simple API, and is well documented.

DeLorean.js: Easily apply Flux concepts to your interfaces

DeLorean.js is an agnostic JavaScript framework that makes it easy to apply Flux concepts to your user interfaces. It supports unidirectional data flow, automatically listens to data changes ...

Kata: JavaScript JSON templating engine

Kata is a JavaScript JSON templating engine that works on a basis of ten block types. There are template blocks, conditional blocks, import blocks, and many more.

Midnight.js: Switch fixed headers on the fly

Midnight.js lets you switch headers on the fly. All you have to do is create your nav (or header) as you normally would (as long as it works ...

Hello.js: A JavaScript SDK for authentication

Hello.js is an OAuth 2 authentication (and OAuth1 with an oauth proxy) client-side JavaScript SDK that standardizes paths and responses to common API's, including Facebook Graph and Google ...