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Awesomplete: An ultra lightweight autocomplete widget

Awesomplete is an ultra lightweight, customizable autocomplete widget with zero dependencies. It was built to work with modern browsers, and is super easy to configure.

Mailin: Incoming emails for web apps

Mailin is a node.js smtp server that receives emails, parses them, and posts them to the URL you define. It can be used as a standalone app or ...

10 Professional InDesign Brochure Templates from Smarty Bundles

Brochures are a fabulous way for a company to share their products and information with their customers. Designing brochures, however, can be a bit of a pain, especially ...

Olly.js: Turn URLs into rich media

Olly.js makes it simple to turn your URLs into rich media. Use it to embed things like YouTube, Vimeo, or videos from a variety of other services automatically.

Traceit: Dynamically trace page elements

Traceit is a jQuery plugin that lets you dynamically trace page elements. It's based on raphael.js, and it lets you configure stroke width, animation speed, and more.

MontageJS: Modern frontend HTML5 framework

MontageJS: Modern frontend HTML5 framework

MontageJS is a modern, HTML5 frontend framework for creating single-page applications fast. It uses established design patterns and software principles that allow you to easily create a modular ...

Keypress: Capture keyboard input with JavaScript

Keypress is a JavaScript library for capturing keyboard input. It's easy to use and has no dependencies.

Jest: JavaScript unit testing

Jest is built on top of the Jasmine test framework and offers painless unit testing. It automatically finds tests to execute in your repo, mocks dependencies for you ...

Aurelia: A next-gen JavaScript client framework

Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript client framework that remains simple while fostering creativity. It's easy to get started and configure, and comes with full documentation.