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jQuery.localizationTool creates a simple localization dropdown for your website, and translates strings in the languages you provide. It's built with single page websites in mind.

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Timesheet.js: Data and event visualizations

Timesheet.js makes it easy to visualize data and events using HTML5 and CSS3, with no external dependencies. Create timelines with JavaScript and then style them with CSS.

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Bragi: JavaScript logging in your browser

Bragi is a browser tool for JavaScript logging, designed for Chrome (but at least somewhat compatible with other browsers). It includes colors, custom log levels, and server reporting ...

UILang: A UI-focused programming language

UILang is a UI-focused programming language specifically for web designers. It makes it easy to build interfaces with things like pop overs, galleries, tabs, overlays, and more.

Chartist.js: Simple responsive charts

Chartist.js makes it simple to create highly customizable responsive charts. It's completely built and customizable with SASS, uses SVG, and is DPI independent.

C3.js: A D3 reusable chart library

C3.js is a D3-based reusable chart library that doesn't require you to write any actual D3 code. It's fully controllable and easy to customize, too.

Duo.js: A next-gen front-end package manager

Duo.js is a next generation package manager for the front end that blends ideas from Component, Browserify, and Go. It makes writing and organizing front-end code fast and ...

PACE: Progress load bars with JavaScript and CSS

PACE (Progress Automatically. Certain to Entertain.) is an automatic page load progress bar built with JavaScript and CSS. There are a number of themes available, including barber shop, ...