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Four Shadows: Time-aware shadows with jQuery

Four Shadows: Time-aware shadows with jQuery

Four Shadows allows you to include time-aware shadows on your icons or other elements. Never again have a 5 o'clock shadow at 9 0'clock in the morning.

Contents: Automatically create a table of contents

Contents makes it simple to automatically create a table of contents based on the headings within a document. The resulting TOC is generated as an ordered list, appended ...

Prototype your next mobile app with Mobile UX Tiles - only $24!

If you're looking for a faster, easier way to create quick sitemaps or flowcharts for your clients, then this Mighty Deal has your name written all over it! ...

Lining.js: Easy down-to-the-line control

Lining.js makes it easy to apply CSS to any individual lines within your text, rather than just the first line. It does so by creating an ::nth-line selector, ...

JuliusJS: Speech recognition for the web

JuliusJS: Speech recognition for the web

JuliusJS is a speech recognition library for the web. It includes real-time transcription, and you can even write your own grammar for it.

Purplecoat.js: Create triggerable labeled overlays

Purplecoat.js lets you create labeled overlays that can be triggered with a click.

Vivus: An SVG animation library

Vivus is a JavaScript class for animating SVGs with no dependencies necessary. It offers asynchronous animations, delayed animations, and line-by-line animations.

Angular-kickstart: Develop with AngularJS faster

Angular-kickstart makes it faster to develop with AngularJS. It combines AngularJS, GulpJS, and Bower, while also keeping your code reusable and with a modular structure.

Rekapi: Keyframe animations library for JavaScript

Rekapi is a JavaScript library for making canvas and DOM animations, as well as CSS keyframe animations. It's perfect for working with complex animation timelines.