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Vivus: An SVG animation library

Vivus is a JavaScript class for animating SVGs with no dependencies necessary. It offers asynchronous animations, delayed animations, and line-by-line animations.

Angular-kickstart: Develop with AngularJS faster

Angular-kickstart makes it faster to develop with AngularJS. It combines AngularJS, GulpJS, and Bower, while also keeping your code reusable and with a modular structure.

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Rekapi: Keyframe animations library for JavaScript

Rekapi is a JavaScript library for making canvas and DOM animations, as well as CSS keyframe animations. It's perfect for working with complex animation timelines.

Hamlet: Powerful reactive templates

Hamlet lets you create simple, powerful reactive templates. It uses CoffeeScript, has a small footprint, and is a great fit for smaller projects, as well as large ones.

Melchior.js: The most javascripty way to configure dependencies

Melchior.js is module loader with a Chainable Module Definition API that lets you get rid of long lines of AMD declaring and duplicate module names. It's easy to ...

Screenful.js: A simple wrapper for the Fullscreen API

Screenful.js is a simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the Fullscreen API. It smooths out all the implementation differences between browsers while letting you make any element or ...

Walkway.js: Easily animate SVG elements

Walkway.js is an easy way to animate your simple SVG elements. It includes built-in easing functions, and also has options for selector and duration.

NoMe: HTML5 geolocation and location services library

NoMe is a JavaScript library for using HTML5's geolocation and location data. It gives you access to location and weather information without having to install a bunch of ...