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NoMe: HTML5 geolocation and location services library

NoMe is a JavaScript library for using HTML5's geolocation and location data. It gives you access to location and weather information without having to install a bunch of ...

Snap Tomato: Easy HTML5 testing on your device

Snap Tomato is an easy-to-use app for testing HTML5 on any device. Just open up the editor and the real time preview in separate tabs, and start coding.

100+ Essential 3D Mockups & Effects from IngImage - only $18!

This latest Mighty Deal from IngImage offers a pair of resourceful design tools, ready to beef up anyone's artistic toolbox. First up, you'll get 67 professional 3D mockups ...

Gridscrolling.js: Help for HTML5 article layouts

Gridscrolling.js is a jQuery plugin that helps layout HTML5 articles, especially those that include a lot of asides. You just focus on writing, and it will take care ...

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Timesheet.js: Data and event visualizations

Timesheet.js makes it easy to visualize data and events using HTML5 and CSS3, with no external dependencies. Create timelines with JavaScript and then style them with CSS.

Bumpkit: A library for the Web Audio API

Bumpkit is a still-in-progress DAW-inspired library for the Web Audio API. It lets you create mixers, sampler instruments, and more.

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Smallworld.js: Generate GeoJSON map previews

Smallworld.js is a utility for generating simple map previews with GeoJSON and HTML5 Canvas. It has no dependencies, and comes with a simple wrapper for use with jQuery ...

CoverVid: HTML5 background videos

CoverVid is a simple jQuery extension that lets you use an HTML5 video as a cover-size background image on a website. It's easy to use and scales to ...

Crosswalk: A web runtime for ambitious HTML5 apps

Crosswalk is a complete web runtime environment for ambitious HTML5 applications. It offers up all the features of a modern browser along with an API for adding native ...