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Timesheet.js: Data and event visualizations

Timesheet.js makes it easy to visualize data and events using HTML5 and CSS3, with no external dependencies. Create timelines with JavaScript and then style them with CSS.

Bumpkit: A library for the Web Audio API

Bumpkit is a still-in-progress DAW-inspired library for the Web Audio API. It lets you create mixers, sampler instruments, and more.

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Smallworld.js: Generate GeoJSON map previews

Smallworld.js is a utility for generating simple map previews with GeoJSON and HTML5 Canvas. It has no dependencies, and comes with a simple wrapper for use with jQuery ...

CoverVid: HTML5 background videos

CoverVid is a simple jQuery extension that lets you use an HTML5 video as a cover-size background image on a website. It's easy to use and scales to ...

Crosswalk: A web runtime for ambitious HTML5 apps

Crosswalk is a complete web runtime environment for ambitious HTML5 applications. It offers up all the features of a modern browser along with an API for adding native ...

Webix: A JavaScript UI library for app development

Webix, released under the GNU GPLv3, is a JavaScript UI library and HTML5 widget framework for building applications. There are widgets for everything from calendars to data tables ...

Wad: Web Audio DAW

Wad is a JavaScript library for manipulating audio using the HTML5 Web Audio API. It simplifies creating, playing, and manipulating audio files, with an interface much like a ...

Seen.js: 3D renders in SVG or HTML5 canvas

Seen.js is a dependency-free JavaScript library that lets you render 3D animations into SVG or HTML5 canvas. It's fully documented and there are tons of demos available.