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Pakyow: A modern open-source Ruby framework

Pakyow is an open-source Ruby framework for the modern web. The front-end and back-end are isolated from one another, offering more UI control to the designer, while logicless ...

TukTuk: A responsive 12-column grid

TukTuk is a responsive 12-colum grid framework with plenty of flexibility. It's suitable for blogs, landing pages, profile pages, and web apps, among other types of sites.

The Ultimate Designer Toolkit: Over 60,000 Designer Items - only $27!

Another mega-popular deal returns and it now has even more awesome content! Some deals are just too darn awesome for their own good, like this Ultimate Designer Toolkit! ...

Active Admin: Admin framework for business-critical apps

Active Admin is a framework for business-critical Ruby on Rails applications. It includes global navigation, user authentication, filters, index styles, and much more.

Concise: A better front-end CSS framework

Concise is a front-end CSS framework that has a number of preprocessors built-in, including Vanilla CSS, SASS, and LESS. It's mobile-first and includes tons of components like buttons, ...

Clank: HTML/CSS framework for prototyping mobile apps

Clank is an open source HTML and CSS framework for prototyping native mobile and tablet apps. It uses modern CSS techniques, with Sass and Compass, and it's component ...

Epoch: A real-time charting library

Epoch is a real-time, general purpose charting library for building high-performance visualizations. It's built for developers and is easy to extend and adapt, and offers unified styling with ...

Agile CSS3 Engine: Generate pure CSS3 with JavaScript

Agile CSS3 Engine lets you generate pure CSS3 animations using JavaScript. It's easy to use and cross platform compatible.

Ampersand.js: A non-frameworky JavaScript framework

Ampersand.js is a "non-frameworky" framework for building advanced JavaScript apps. It's simple but designed for rich app experiences, while being loosely coupled and highly modular.