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MUI: Material Design CSS framework

MUI is a Material Design framework that includes HTML, CSS, and JS. It has a small footprint, no dependencies, and it's future-focused.

The Swarm Framework: Transparently scalable web applications

The Swarm Framework allows you to create transparently scalable web applications through a portable continuation-based approach. It's the ultimate platform-as-a-service, relieving the programmer from the difficulties of cloud ...

4 Best-Selling Retro Photoshop Actions - only $14!

Give your latest projects some serious pop with any one of the incredible actions included in this deal from RetroSupply. This RetroBundle includes 4 top-selling actions designed to ...

Origami: Design prototyping from Facebook

Origami is a design prototyping tool from Facebook. It includes easy to use gestures, tools to present your designs in style, and export your code.

Vafpress Framework: Build a better WP admin side

The Vafpress Framework is an admin-side framework for WordPress. It includes client-side validation, tons of special fields, a theme option builder, metabox builder, and more.

Lotus: A web framework for Ruby

Lotus is a complete web framework for Ruby that's lightweight, fast, and testable. It brings Object Oriented Programming back to web development.

Reapp: Fast hybrid app creation

Reapp makes it quick and easy to create hybrid apps with React, Webpack and ES6. It includes a UI kit, modules, and simple CLI for creating web-based mobile ...

MontageJS: Modern frontend HTML5 framework

MontageJS: Modern frontend HTML5 framework

MontageJS is a modern, HTML5 frontend framework for creating single-page applications fast. It uses established design patterns and software principles that allow you to easily create a modular ...

Ratchet: Build mobile apps with simple components

Ratchet gives you simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components for building mobile apps. It's quick to get started with and thoroughly documented.