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Bedrock: Minimalist boilerplate for Express apps

Bedrock is a minimalist boilerplate for building Express apps. It sets up your views and layout files, sets up a place to store config data, loads popular front-end ...

Bootsy: A simple file organizer for small projects

Bootsy is a simple folder structure for your small projects. It includes versioning and templates folders to make your project easier to organize and maintain.

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Hardening Framework: Automatic server hardening

Hardening Framework: Automatic server hardening

The Hardening Framework adds a layer into your automation framework that automates server hardening for a variety of setups, strengthening your security. It's been verified on Ubuntu, RedHat, ...

Eskimo: Rapidly build Node.js apps and more

Eskimo makes it easier to rapidly build Node.js apps, online stores, APIs, and more. It's built with open-source packages, and can be used for everything from coming soon ...

LumX: A responsive front-end framework based on Google Material Design and Angular JS

LumX is a responsive front-end framework that's based on Google's Material Design specifications and Angular JS. It's built on Sass, Bourbon, and Neat, with just a bit of ...

Suave-UI: An AngularJS UI framework

Suave-UI is a UI framework for web applications based on AngularJS. It includes CSS definitions, directives and services, speeding up your UI build process.

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TouchstoneJS: A UI framework for hybrid apps

TouchstoneJS is a UI framework powered by React.js for developing hybrid mobile apps. It includes form components, navigation, transitions, native touch behaviors, and much more, with more features ... Event-driven framework for database applications is an open-source event-drive framework for developing database web and desktop applications. It's light but powerful, flexible, and secure.