Category → Framework A rust web app framework is a web application framework for the rust programming language. It includes a custom error handler, JSON handling, and more.

FastShell: Quick front-end boilerplate and workflow

FastShell is an opinionated framework built for modern developers that encourages a better workflow. It includes an HTML5 boilerplate, a Sass OOCSS setup, and Gulpjs.

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If there's one thing Facebook users love doing, it's sharing. Especially when it comes to videos. So why not take advantage and start customizing your videos to increase ...

Refills: Prepackaged patterns and components

Refills is a set of prepackaged components and patterns built on top of Bourbon, Bitters, and Neat. Beyond the basics, Refills includes things like side images, devices, hero ...

Flux: App architecture for user interfaces

Flux, from Facebook, is an application architecture for building user interfaces, and more pattern than formal framework. It complements React's composable view components via a unidirectional data flow.

Pakyow: A modern open-source Ruby framework

Pakyow is an open-source Ruby framework for the modern web. The front-end and back-end are isolated from one another, offering more UI control to the designer, while logicless ...

TukTuk: A responsive 12-column grid

TukTuk is a responsive 12-colum grid framework with plenty of flexibility. It's suitable for blogs, landing pages, profile pages, and web apps, among other types of sites.

Active Admin: Admin framework for business-critical apps

Active Admin is a framework for business-critical Ruby on Rails applications. It includes global navigation, user authentication, filters, index styles, and much more.

Concise: A better front-end CSS framework

Concise is a front-end CSS framework that has a number of preprocessors built-in, including Vanilla CSS, SASS, and LESS. It's mobile-first and includes tons of components like buttons, ...