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FlowupLabels.js: Form labels that behave like placeholders

FlowupLabels.js augments your form labels so they behave like placeholders, shrinking and moving out of the way on active fields. It uses semantic labels, rather than actual placeholders.

BootstrapValidator: A jQuery form validator for Bootstrap 3

BootstrapValidator is a jQuery form field validator built for use with Bootstrap 3. It includes 48 built-in validators, and it's easy to write new validators to meet your ...

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jCalculator: Calculator inputs with jQuery

jCalculator is a jQuery plugin for inserting calculator functionality into your site or app. It's simple to use and easy to install, with no configuration required.

Politespace: Add spaces to your forms

Politespace lets you add spaces to numeric entries in your forms, like credit cards, to make them easier to read. You can easily configure it to put spaces ...

Card: Friendlier credit card forms for your users

Card makes your credit card forms way friendlier with just a single line of code. It's all pure HTML, CSS,  and JavaScript, with no images or other dependencies.

Parse-Form: A micro-library for form manipulation

Parse-Form is a micro-library for parsing and manipulating forms using JavaScript. It includes helper methods to grab both raw nodes and jQuery wrapped nodes.

Garlic.js: Persistent local form data

There's little more frustrating for your users than accidentally closing a browser tab mid-way through filling out a form, losing whatever they've input so far. Garlic.js prevents this, ...

Select-switch: Convert a select box to a switch

Select-switch makes it easy to convert a select box into a switch. It simply hides the select box, so you can still reference the "select" element to retrieve ...